Having trouble finding a wholesale clothing supplier in Bali? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Check out our list of Wholesale Clothing in Bali.

List of Wholesale Clothing Suppliers in Bali:

  • Resort Wear Manufacture
  • Bali Kaftan Clothing
  • Bali Sarong
  • Indonesia Good Solution
  • Bali Clothing Exporter
  • Love Anchor
  • BaliActive

1.      Resort Wear Manufacture

Bali, Indonesia is home to Resort Wear Manufacture. They provide a whole range of services, from international trade to the creation of custom resort wear as their main product. Swimwear and beach sarongs, on the other hand, are secondary products.

Dresses, tops, kimono, kaftan, pants, shorts, woman shirt, man shirt, skirt, poncho, kimono, and other resort clothes are available.

Fabrics such as rayon, linen, cotton, georgette, lycra, voile, crinkle, and swimwear fabrics such as corvico vita, nylon spandex, and polyester are commonly used.

The capacity of Resort Wear Manufacture is 30.000 units per month.

They promise top-notch service, on-time delivery, and competitive pricing. They have established themselves as one of the most comprehensive and dependable sources for clothing manufacturers in Bali, Indonesia, during the last few years.

Contact Info:

TEL: +62 818-346-548

Email: marketing@asiagarmentinternasional.com

Website: http://resortwearmanufacture.com/

2.      Bali Kaftan Clothing

Bali Kaftan Clothing, formerly known as Bali Resort Wear Garments, has been producing clothing since 1998, as their name suggests. They’ve been in the fashion industry since 1992, and the family owns a number of apparel businesses.

Bali Kaftan Clothing has been a family company for generations, producing a wide range of garments.

They create and manufacture kaftan and kaftan fashion for women, including short and long kaftan dresses, sweet or plain, patterns or solid colors. They can create your clothing line for you or in collaboration with you.

Furthermore, Bali kaftan clothing has the ability to create and print their own materials on the island. That is their one-of-a-kind selling point.

This firm thrives on kaftans, resort wear, maxi dresses, kimono coats, kimono dresses, long shirt dresses, midi kaftans, sundresses, pants, resort pants, hippie pants, tops, resort wear shirts, and up to date and stylish women clothes.

Contact Info:

Address: Jalan Mertanadi 86b, Kerobokan. Bali. Indonesia.

Website: https://balikaftanclothing.com/contact-juwita-moon/

3.      Bali Sarong

Clients of Bali Sarong get orders from all over the world and sell items as wholesalers in mainland USA, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Bahamas, French Polynesia, Spain, and France.

They specialize in providing consumers with beach sarongs or pareos. They specialize in small to high-end mass bulk beach sarong production and take pleasure in recognizing customers’ requests for Western high quality and speed at a fair price.

Bali Sarong’s mission is to assist their local community by providing employment and assisting in the livelihood of the people in the area, particularly in Bali. They collaborate with others in the community to help grow the local economy while providing high-quality beachwear and satisfying the demands of its customers.

They repurpose the fabric to make patchworks of garments, toys, and carpets in order to reduce waste. Their organization strives to increase employee satisfaction, efficiency, and community contribution.

Bali Sarong maintains the well-being and pleasure of its employees by providing free health insurance, according to regulatory requirements, providing an annual bonus, providing an interest-free loan, implementing training, and organizing team outings.

They’ve also aided by distributing rice and other basic foods, donating to infrastructure projects, and granting scholarships to individuals who live in the town where they currently live and grew up, and will continue to do so.

Contact Info:

Address: Jl. Taman Pancing Timur No.48 Kepaon, Pemogan, Denpasar, Bali Indonesia 80221

Phone: +62818346548

Email: marketing@asiagarmentinternasional.com

Website: https://balisarong.com/

4.      Indonesia Good Solution

Indonesia Good Solution, based in Bali, Indonesia, provides business services/suppliers sourcing export for purchasing your goods, including wholesale hand painted sarongs batik printed, factory garment beach wear clothing, wholesale dresses, skirts, kimono-blouses, handbags, wallets, clutches, pouches, souvenir handicrafts-gifts, deco, cushions pillows, wood furniture, and wholesale nacre mother of pearl jewelry.

Clothing, beach wear, hand-painted sarongs pareos batik, bags and handbags, handicrafts souvenirs, deco, and other items are among their specialties.

Contact Info:

Address: Jl Bali Cliff 45 UNGASAN BALI

Email: cvjahitkan@gmail.com

WhatsApp: 6285237784579

Signal/Line/Viber :+6285237784579

Website: https://www.indonesia-good.com/

5.      Bali Clothing Exporter

Bali Clothing Exporter is an Indonesian firm that manufactures, sources, distributes, and exports local goods such as clothing, ethnic outfits, handicrafts, furniture, silver jewelry, and tribal costume jewelry.

Potential customers can see an online wholesale catalog at Baliclothingexporter.com. They sell high-quality sarongs, home décor, gifts, furniture, and Balinese crafts at affordable costs. Their items are made in Bali, a tropical island known for its vibrant culture, artistic people, and stunning surroundings.

Please go to www.baliclothingexporter.com to see a wide range of photographs of all of their products. They specialize in dresses, pareos, sarongs, stoles, ponchos, shawls, beach wear, bandanas, headwraps, wraps, triangles, handbags, purses, belts, caps, hair wear, ties, costume jewellery in a variety of styles, fabrics such as chiffon, georgette, cotton, rayon, polyester, silk, crochet in a variety of sizes and styles, fabrics such as chiffon, ge

For more than 5 years, all of their products have been exported and wholesaled to top-tier labels and wholesalers in Europe, North America, and Asia.

They would appreciate it if you could tell them more about your company and the products you sell, as well as some other information about your interests and needs.

Contact Info:

Address: Kuta 80361, Bali, Indonesia
Email: wholesale@baliclothingexporter.com

Website: https://www.baliclothingexporter.com

6.      Love Anchor

The Love Anchor is located in the middle of Canggu, Bali, Indonesia.

From its inception in 2012, a family-owned and controlled business has grown steadily and organically to become one of Bali’s most well-known shopping destinations and fashion brands.

The ‘wheel and anchor’ emblem in Gypsy mythicism inspired Love Anchor’s name.

The Love Anchor Canggu shopping complex is made up of eight different buildings, all of which are solid teak structures that were handcrafted from Teak trees. The two proprietors, who are now married, cut and hauled the cultivated wood personally, making 27 round trips from G-Land Banyuwangi Java to Canggu Bali. There was no actual strategy or concept. They simply wanted to make something that was anarchic, raw, and beautiful, like their love for each other. Canggu was not a popular tourist destination at the time, and the project was widely seen as a likely failure and an absurd undertaking.

The boutique offers a wide range of creative handmade goods for women, men, and children, including swimwear, resort wear, casual wear, surf wear, and jewelry. Local designers, tailors, and producers make Love Anchor goods with comfy fabrics to create one-of-a-kind pieces that are perfectly functional for everyday island life.

The Love Anchor Bazaar has grown into a world-famous daily and weekend market that is one of Canggu’s must-visit shopping destinations. Visitors may expect to see notable local artisans, the newest local and worldwide brands in Bali, an interactive shopping experience, and authentic modern and traditional Bali craftsmanship.

Contact Info:

TEL: +62 853-3399-9917

Website: https://loveanchorcanggu.com/

7.      BaliActive

ali Active is a division of Bali Swim that focuses on being the world’s leading activewear producer with low minimum orders – and works with hundreds of brands worldwide. Startup and established brands from the United States, Europe, and Australia are among them. They are a Swedish and Indonesian garment production team with over 25 years of experience.

Bali Active is committed to helping entrepreneurs thrive, and their Starter Kits and website are designed to offer you with the tools, resources, strategies, and assistance you need to build exceptional companies.

They aim to revolutionize the athletic business by providing affordable minimum orders, a unique online shop for sample and bulk purchases, on-trend and customisable ready-to-wear designs, eco-friendly solutions for practically everything they sell, and a transparent and open factory door policy.

Every time you shop from them, a portion of the proceeds goes to grassroots organizations that support women’s education and the environment, and they’ve established business development and recruiting methods that elevate the industry’s standards for women’s health and income.

They also go out of their way to bridge any gaps, with weekly Instagram Live Q&As, easy-to-schedule video conversations, and professionals on hand to walk you through every step.

They strive to make entrepreneurship accessible, dependable, and gratifying for you and their global community at Bali Active.

Contact Info:

Address: Jl Mahendradatta 86, 80119, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

Phone: +62 813-3888-8585

Website: https://baliactive.com/


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