Traditional Christmas stockings are red, green, and white in color, and are constructed of polyester or knitted material with a traditional Christmas theme like Santa, trees, or reindeer. What if you want something a little more unique?

Maybe you’re looking for a gift for a family member or friend, or you just want to have some fun with your holiday decorations.

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Fortunately for you, there are exclusive Christmas stockings for almost any style or theme, and we’ve compiled the best stockings suppliers just for you.

List of Wholesale Christmas Stockings Vendors & Suppliers:

  • Callie
  • Merry Stockings
  • Annie’s Woolens
  • Personal Creations
  • Front Gate

1. Callie

After you define the occasion and the recipients’ preferences, Callie’s gift assistant will instantly suggest the greatest gift ideas for any recipients.

All year long, shop for everyone on your list. They have a wide range of gift options for a variety of events.

They can create your one-of-a-kind present for every occasion and recipient. Personalized gifts for any recipient and any activity are simple to create; Callie will work with you to create a thoughtful and meaningful gift.

They’ve come to share all of the significant moments in your life with you and your loved ones. Their gift is created with care and attention to detail in every detail.

Contact Info:



2. Merry Stockings

They’ve recently created a limited-edition selection of Needlepoint Christmas stockings that may be customised. All of their prices include personalization and embroidery. The majority of their bespoke stockings include toes that may point in any direction.

If you’re seeking for goods made in the United States to decorate your home with this Christmas, look no further than MerryStockings’ exclusive assortment of wool Christmas stockings.

These lined stockings, knit in Iowa with Nebraska wool, will last a lifetime and provide you with the elegant, traditional style you’ve been seeking for. MerryStockings has over 15 customized Wool Christmas stockings to choose from.

Unlike other wool stockings, theirs are lined, so you can stuff them with Christmas goodies without snagging your fingers on the wool strands on the inside.

Add some heritage stockings to your home this year; you won’t be disappointed!

Contact Info:

TEL: (888) 764-2271


3. Annie’s Woolens

With Annie’s Woolens’ handmade personalized Christmas stockings, you may start a new family tradition. Each 100% wool monogrammed stocking is hand knit or hand sewn using the highest quality materials to assure quality that will last for generations.

Embroidered names offer a personal touch to these gifts, making them ideal for any occasion. With their customizable date option on the back, you may remember a memorable birthday or wedding day.

All of their personalized Christmas stockings are produced on site in Eagle River, Wisconsin, in the United States of America.

Create knitted wool items and gifts for family and friends and enjoy the process! Knitting kits and patterns for mittens, rolling brim hats, vests, and personalized Christmas stockings are offered.

Contact Info:

TEL: (715)-479-7185 



4. Personal Creations

The intimate ties we form with others define each moment. The laughs we have together, the unique occasions we mark, and the embraces we give and receive. These moments come together to build the bonds that become the threads that weave our lives together.

Personal Creations offers over 10,000 methods to strengthen these bonds by making the presents you give and the memories you share even more memorable.

Let’s make the present personal, because every great story begins with the present.

Make sure the stockings on the mantel represent all of your family members. Christmas stockings come in a variety of styles, from newborn baby stockings to personalized stockings for the family matriarch.

Their beautiful monogrammed Christmas stockings are sure to please. You may get personalized stockings with your family name embroidered on them, or make your own with each family member’s initials. Make your own Christmas stockings and make this — and every holiday after that — a memorable one!

Are you doing some last-minute Christmas shopping? Don’t be concerned! Their Christmas stockings are available for immediate delivery. They can also send Christmas gifts to relatives and friends, whether you require Christmas mugs for a favorite coworker or wonderful Christmas gifts for mums.

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They have a range of styles and materials for custom Christmas stockings.

Traditional knit Christmas stockings are available, as well as patchwork stockings for the tiny one’s first Christmas. Check out their personalized Christmas ornaments as well for extra Christmas decor!

Contact Info:

TEL: 1.888.741.0508


5. Front Gate

They think there’s no better feeling than being surrounded by the people and things you care about. And it’s their mission to assist you in creating a house you’ll like living in, whether you’re entertaining the whole family or getting some alone time.

They provide everything you need, from Christmas stockings and accessories to pool floats and seasonal decor. 

Contact Info:

TEL: (888) 263.9850



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