Caps have always been considered trendy since one can remember. The style of wearing them has drastically changed over the years along with color schemes, patterns, and shapes.

Wearing them the right way or the other way around has always been people’s favorite hobby to do according to the occasion or fashion.

Millennials have been enjoying the cap trend lately, there has been an addition of various colors and styles to caps like neon caps,  net mesh textured caps, blank caps, printed caps, and many more than one can list.

If you are searching for wholesale suppliers and vendors of caps in Atlanta, Georgia then you have landed on the right article. This article contains a list of suppliers and vendors of caps in Atlanta.

Top 5 suppliers and vendors of wholesale caps in Atlanta, Georgia:

. Choice Caps

. Buck Wholesales

. Atlanta Shirt

. The Adair Group

. Cap Wholesalers


1.    Choice Caps

Choice Caps is Georgia based wholesaler of headwear and military caps in the USA. They are direct importers of caps from all around the world.

They have multiple stores as well as an online store to ensure that their customers can reach them out easily and conveniently. They have also been licensed by the US army to print their logo on caps and other headgears.

They have a variety of headgears and caps available in a range of colors and designs, one can surely find what they’re looking for at Choice Caps, with new designs coming in every week.

Contact Details

Call: 770-455-0658


Address: 5728 Buford hwy NE # A Doraville, GA 30340.

Find the link to their page here.


2.    Buck Wholesale

Buck Wholesale has been serving its sincere and honorable clients since 2003 through its online store. The USA-based company sells a variety of wholesale caps and hats at the most competitive prices.

They do not only give a 100% guarantee of the quality and durability of their products but also they provide a 365 days return policy. They have only grown in their 10 years, making sure their customers get what’s best.

They have no minimum order requirement and also are very convenient to order from, their online page is fully updated and only a click away.

Contact Details

Call: 1-866-408-2825

Address: 380 Brogdon Road Suwanee, GA 30024.

Find the link to their page here.


3.    Atlanta Shirt

The Atlanta-based company has been selling quality apparel and printing services in the USA. Atlanta Shirt deals in a variety of apparel such as T-shirts, caps, jackets, and much more.

Their clothing is made with top-quality materials which makes them durable, and comfortable.

Along with selling their top quality products they provide customization services too, their clients can get their desired logos and prints printed on their selected apparel. They offer screen printing, embroidery service, direct-to-garment printing, and custom vinyl printing, all at affordable prices.

If you are searching for great quality caps you want to get customized, Atlanta Shirt is the perfect place for buying caps at wholesale rates.

Contact Details

Call: 770-580-4007


Find the link to their page here. 


4.    The Adair Group

The Adair Group is an Atlanta-based family business, selling wholesale T-shirts, caps, and other apparel at wholesale rates for over 50 excellent years. They strive to provide quality at the lowest price possible.

They have quality supplies which they supply to printers, schools, colleges, retailers, and drug-store owners all around the USA.

Their hats are made with fine material, which makes them as good-looking as they are, and durable as ever. These caps can be worn as it is and also be printed with the client’s desired logos and designs.

Adair Group guarantees the quality and standard of their products while being the most price competitive in the market.

Contact Details


Address: 1379 Logan Circle Atlanta, GA 30318.

Find the link to their page here.


5.    Cap Wholesalers

Cap Wholesalers is a USA-based company, situated in Atlanta. The company has been selling quality caps and hats to its customers since the beginning of its brand.

Cap Wholesalers have a variety of caps available in different designs and a range of colours. They have camo caps, sports performance caps, mesh caps, kids caps, women caps, and men caps. All their products are 100% guaranteed to be made with the best raw materials found.

They believe in customer satisfaction and thus maintain a healthy relationship with their clients delivering their products perfectly on time. Cap Wholesalers are one of the best-known wholesalers in the business of caps and hats.

Contact Details

Call: 877-984-CAPS

Find the link to their page here. 



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