Wondering where to find the best Bed sheet suppliers in the USA? Find out your answer in our List of Wholesale Bed Sheets USA Suppliers.

List of Wholesale Bed Sheets USA Vendors & Suppliers:

  • Direct Textile Store
  • InnStyle
  • A1 American 
  • GlobalTex
  • Centuryimports 2010
  • Paradise Pillow
  • Wholesale Linens Supply Inc.
  • Palmetto Linen Distributors
  • Linen Choice

1. Direct Textile Store

Direct Textile Store is well-balanced globally, with 32 mills — vertical, captive, or partnering – spread throughout several nations and continents. They have complete control over their fate, ensuring that you receive high-quality goods on schedule, every time. Direct Textile Store’s product line ranges from low-cost to high-end, with everything in between, ensuring that you have a wide range of options to meet your budget and life-cycle requirements.

With over 100,000 active skus, their inventory of over $500 million in their 40 US service distribution locations is the deepest in the industry.

Their service distribution centers’ operations ensure that you receive available goods – wherever in the globe – on time, every time, via the most efficient route.

Contact Info:

Address: 1527 West State Hwy 114, STE 500-273

TEL: +1-800-615-5822

Website: https://directtextilestore.com/

2. InnStyle

In 1952, InnStyle began providing excellent linens and other supplies to homeowners, local innkeepers, and other hospitality businesses in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

InnStyle and its parent firm, County Linen, have been family owned and operated for over six decades. They expanded their scope in 1988 to address a national need among innkeepers for stylish, high-quality hospitality supplies at wholesale prices.

Contact Info:

TEL: 267-354-6020

Website: https://www.innstyle.com/

3. A1 American

A1 American is a significant global manufacturer, distributor, and single supply source for items in the Hospitality, Vacation Rental, Healthcare, Commercial Laundry, and Fitness markets, with roots dating back to 1911.

A1 American is ideally positioned in the industry to deliver top-tier products with competitive pricing and the highest level of customer satisfaction to their clientele, including custom branded items, thanks to its vertically integrated manufacturing supply chain process.

Towels, sheets, ornamental bed coverings, bulk and bottled luxuries, small appliances, paper products, drapes, furniture case goods, and much more are all available through their extensive product line.

Contact Info:

Email: sales@a1americangroup.com

TEL: 833-205-2200

Website: https://www.a1americangroup.com/

4. Globaltex

Ramazan Patak launched Globaltex Fine Linens in 2015. His goal was to provide the hotel industry with a solution that would outperform whatever they had previously utilized.

He began developing such a product after recognizing the critical need for luxury linens that could withstand commercial-grade washing. Returning to Denizli, Turkey, regarded as the world’s textile heartland, he began working directly with local manufacturers to realize his idea.

Ramazan wanted to ensure that every detail of the manufacturing stage was of the utmost quality. When Globaltex Fine Linens first opened its doors, it rapidly became a sensation in South Florida.

Contact Info:

Email: sales@globaltexusa.com

Phone: 305 751 2343

Website: https://globaltexusa.com/

5. Bare

The most crucial component of Bare’s business is relationships. They endeavor to deliver high-quality, elegant service to its customers. Their ultimate goal is to improve the lives of their families, communities, and country.

Bare offers high-quality items at a reasonable price. From their sheet sets and comforters to their mattress pads and blankets, they are innovative in offering the best luxury bedding to their clients’ homes.

Above all, what Bare Home does revolves on their customers’ needs.

Their “Bare Home Promise” is backed up with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Because of their excellent customer service and attention to detail, Bare Home is the preferred Quality bedding supply provider.

Individual clients, 5-star luxury hotels and resorts around the country trust Bare’s highest rated sheets and extremely thick mattress pads, as well as their super soft microfiber sheets and 100 percent Egyptian cotton sheet set bedding.

Contact Info:

TEL: 1.888.649.6609

Email: hello@barehome.com

Website: https://barehome.com/

6. Centuryimports 2010

Centuryimports 2010 delivers outstanding service by combining the highest quality and style in home décor to deliver luxury bedding and china customised to you at a very reasonable price.

Their goal is to make your personal style more ageless by enhancing it. The company’s objective is to build an eclectic and aesthetic, uniting quality things ranging from rare antiques to quality designer goods so that your home can be a reflection of your own style.

Century Imports’ narrative is unique in that it arose from a keen sense of value, elegance, and quality, as well as a love of collecting. The company grew as a result of its founder’s enthusiasm for his personal style and home décor. Women began to inquire about where they could get certain products.

What began as a Saturday morning custom of pals gathering around a cup of coffee to obtain help renovating their home décor grew into connections with shops. Informal knowledge and relationships grew into on-line sales in 2001, and then became the Centuryimports business that exists today.

Century has a unique relationship with a number of manufacturers and wholesalers that has lasted over a decade.

This allows them to offer a wide range of high-end products to their customers, including china, beds, and tableware, without charging outrageous costs.

Contact Info:

Address: PO BOX 604872, Bayside, NY 11360, United States of America

TEL: 646-573-0105

Website: https://www.centuryimports2010.com/

7. Paradise Pillow

For almost 30 years, Paradise Pillow Inc. has been producing linen and textile products in the United States. With one little pillow machine, the company began in the late 1980s in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.

Freddy Halfon, the founder and proprietor, had moved to a larger facility in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood within a few years. He swiftly expanded the company from just making pillows to offering a whole line of bedding and linens.

Sheets, comforters, bedspreads, mattress pads, colorful shams and dust ruffles, and more were among the items available.

Contact Info:

Email: rh@paradisepillow.com

Address: 2207 W Glenwood Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19132

Website: https://thelinenfactory.com/

8. Wholesale Linens Supply Inc.

For over 15 years, Wholesale Linens Supply Company has provided quality wholesale linens and good service to hotels, hospitals, camps, and a variety of other businesses.

Their headquarters are in St. Louis, but they ship straight from mills and industrial plants around the United States. Customers save time and money by shipping from many locations.

Wholesale Linens Supply provides a wide range of products to today’s wholesale linen purchasers to help them supply their facilities while staying on budget.

For the hospitality and medical industries, they offer a large assortment of high-quality domestic and international linens. Bed linens, bath linens, bed foundations and bases, metal bunk beds, mattresses, and table linens are among their offerings.

Contact Info:

Address: 2659 Washington Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63103

TEL: 314-533-1005 fax

Email: sales@wholesalelinenssupply.com

Website: https://wholesalelinenssupply.com/

9. Palmetto Linen Distributors

They specialize in providing wholesale linens and housewares for the hospitality and lodging industries, with all orders receiving free shipping. Palmetto Linen Distributors is to be your go-to wholesaler for bedding, sheets, bath towels, kitchen linens, kitchen accessories, and other hospitality items.

They understand that when it comes to finding a wholesale supply partner for your business, you have a lot of options. If given the chance, they will make it their primary priority to get your order to you as soon and precisely as possible.

Palmetto Linen Distributors hopes that by doing so, you will think of them the next time you need bed, bath, or kitchen linens or housewares in bulk.

Contact Info:

TEL:  (803) 599-5410

Website: https://www.palmettolinen.com/

10. Linen Choice

Millions of repeat customers and thousands of bedding partners are delighted by Linen Choice’s exceptional bedding products.

All of their bed sheets and duvet covers are made of superior soft, comfy materials that exude quality and opulence. Discover the Linen Choice distinction by looking over their whole product collection.

Contact Info:

Address: 1425 37th Street Suite 614, Brooklyn N.Y. 11218

Email: info@linenchoice.com

Website: https://linenchoice.com/


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