Plus size individuals have one problem with running gear, and that is they wear out pretty fast because of constant washing and chaffing. And, while getting on to the running track might be easy, getting the right gear that would complement your body with zero instances of discomfort is not an easy job. However, we do appreciate the effort that the sportswear companies have put in to cater to this demography of plus-size individuals.

The plus-size demography not only wants to shed some weight on the track, but they also want to do it in style, remember that this is a journey that needs motivation to get up the next morning, and the lack of proper gear can be enough reason to skip the running sessions. The excerpt below will, therefore, consolidate some of the best running gear for the fat guys, so you quit the baggy t-shirts and shorts.

Running gear for fat guys

INOV 8 Race Elite Running Tights

Compression tights can be worn under the shorts it all depends on your style, and will also come in very handy if you don’t want to stop exercising during winter. The reason why we recommend this gear for the fat guys is because they allow a wider range of movement, courtesy of the incorporated stretchy fabric.

The tights also keep your muscles warm and tight thus eliminate the chances of developing muscle soreness. The material is tough but light in weight and will let you finish races much quicker because it does not add extra load to your legs. The Inov 8 Race elite has incorporated a gripper tape at the high back waist to prevent the pants from rolling off when you are running.

You also won’t have to burden yourself with your valuables when working out as the running tights have a rear pocket with which you can store your keys phone and some emergency cash.

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ViiViiKay Men’s Active Running Mesh Shorts with Pockets

So, as we said earlier we are going to hit the track in style and this time we are introducing comfortable running shorts that will not cause discomfort between your thighs by trying to climb up. ViiVii kay’s shorts are made from 100% polyester and have been made with a quick-drying fabric that will keep you cool and dry if you wish to add the distance.

Additionally, you get two slide free side pockets for your running essentials such as the house or car keys, mobile phones, and some cash. Hmmm and you know about that problem of pulling your shorts up every time you are on the track, well that problem went with your old house shorts because the ViiViiKay Men’s Active running mesh shorts have incorporated a drawstring at the waistline area to help ensure that the shorts stay in place as you run.

The workmanship on this shorts is meant to give you a long service as the areas that experience the most strain either in the road or during washing have been reinforced, for example, the hem of the running mesh shorts have been double stitched.

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DRIEQUIP Men’s Big & Tall Short Sleeve Moisture Wicking shirt

The Driequip men’s shirt comes in a wide variety of 45 colors, so you can get as many as you want, like one for each day. The fabric used in its construction is stretchable thus allows full range movement and moisture-wicking thus will keep you dry, cool and comfortable if you decide to add a few kilometers to your training.

The moisture-wicking shirts are available for up to sizes 4XLT (54-57), so you don’t have an excuse for missing training.

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Karrimor Mens Running Jacket Performance Coat
The general running rule dictates that you need to be slightly colder before you get into the running track, and as you start running your body temperature should rise but if you cannot achieve the above as fast as you want to, you can always invest in a sleek running jacket. The jackets have been designed keep out rain and will additionally move sweat away from your body.

The Karrimor Men’s running jacket can be won with the plus-size individuals and come in three different colors. The jacket can be fully zipped up and machine washed. Additionally, the 100% polyester material used in the making of the jacket is light in weight and has incorporated an adjustable toggle on the hem. At the back, there are two vents to keep your body cool as you run, and you have also been provided with two zipped pockets for the storage of your valuables.

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ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 26 Running Shoes

Running in general, puts a strain on your joints especially the knee, ankles and the lower back and for the plus-size individuals the strain is double thus they need shoes that can offer proper shock absorption and support. The Asics Gel Kayan 26 are the perfect example of stability shoes that have incorporated the latest technology to offer maximum support to different feet types.

For example, the Trusstic system technology helps reduce the weight of the sole and still retain the structural integrity of the shoe. The rearfoot and forefoot technology helps attenuate shock during impact, thus enabling movement in multiple planes.

The shoe has also incorporated the flytefoarm lyte technology which is a lightweight midsole formulation that provides continuous cushioning because of the organinanoon fibers. In essence is that the shoes are highly functional for fat guys especially since the sole has been designed to offer increased shock absorption and has a foot roll prevention detail on the side (the dynamic duomax technology).

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Fat guys now have an assortment of running gear and therefore, have no excuse for missing the running classes, be it the shirts, shorts, jackets or shorts, all you have to do is choose one that you are comfortable with and create a routine. Runners should however, note that running gear should not be too tight or too lose, it should cool your body by allowing air circulation and not retain sweat.


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