Who doesn’t want to save money on clothing and accessories? Manufacturers provide end-users with wholesale clothing and apparel, which benefits both parties. Manufacturers recognize that selling clothes in a market will be challenging owing to fierce competition.

People want to buy garments that are not only of good quality but also reasonably priced. “Made in the USA”  is a popular trend in the United States for this reason.

In 2019, the apparel market in the United States was estimated at 1.9 trillion dollars. Some of the industry’s major brands, such as TJX Companies, Nike, and Gap, all make significant revenue from the US retail market.

The American market is adaptable enough to adjust in response to client preferences and technological advancements in order to improve the customer buying experience. Many wholesalers and fashion businesses that supply wholesale apparel to clients have grown as a result of this.

So, if you’re looking to start your own hat and cap business, USA is the perfect place to start.

List Of Hat And Cap Manufacturers In USA:

  1. Classic Caps
  2. Graffiti Inc
  3. Wisconsin Knitwear Inc
  4. AmeriCap
  5. Artex Knitting Mills
  6. Wear-a-Knit
  7. Unionwear

Classic Caps

In 1928, founder Jacob Pasternak established Dallas Cap & Emblem in a one-room office in downtown Dallas, Texas, with just one sewing machine. Rosalie Pasternak, Jacob’s second daughter, began working part-time in his factory at the age of 16, eventually joining him full-time after college in 1950.

Rosalie, now Valerie R Granat, inherited her father’s firm after he died in 1963. It was known as Dallas Cap & Emblem Company until 1985 when it reopened as Classic Cap and Embroidery.

Classic, which currently operates 200 sewing machines, caters to the demands of local, national, and international customers. Their turn-key facility covers 40,000 square feet of manufacturing space and caters to a variety of vertical industries, including fashion wholesale, retail, sporting goods, promotional products, and custom decorators.

They now create custom-designed American-made and-sewn goods. Classic also uses embroidery, screen printing, or a mix of the two to embellish blank goods.

Going one step ahead, Classic’s warehouse can now fulfill orders both domestically and internationally, importing both merchandise and garments.

They are ecstatic to have the opportunity to deliver such services to your business.

Contact Info:

Office Address: 820 E. Walnut St., Garland TX 75040

Toll Free Order Number: 800-947-1339

Phone: 214-741-1555

Email: info@classicce.com

Fax: 214-748-3166

Website: https://www.classicce.com/contact-us

Graffiti Inc

Graffiti was founded in 1984 and is located in the Midwest’s heartland. Over 70 individuals work for them, and they manufacture over 10,000 pieces per week.

Graffiti was established with the obsession of providing the right cap, so they use the highest quality fabrics and cutting-edge technologies to make your cap look fantastic.

Their caps are cut, stitched, and constructed in the United States using domestic and international fabrics of the highest quality.

Contact Info:

3111 Carnegie Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44115

Toll-free: 800.992.8093

Cleveland area: 216.881.5550

Fax: 216.881.4043

Regular business hours 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. EST

Website: https://graffiticaps.com/

Wisconsin Knitwear Inc

Wisconsin Knitwear, Inc. has a long and illustrious history as a high-quality knitwear producer in the United States, dating back over 75 years. Julius Arenzon founded this family-owned business in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the 1940s.

Julius’ son, Mauricio, moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1963. After years of hard work and dedication, Mauricio and his wife, Sheila, launched Wisconsin Knitwear, Inc. in 1979, carrying on his family’s legacy.

Steven, their son, is now the company’s president and owner.

Wisconsin Knitwear is a prominent maker of custom jacquard winter knit hats, scarves, headbands, beanies, and other promotional goods in the United States. They are well-known in the textile business for their very high-quality knitwear, on-time delivery, and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction.

Make your own woven winter knit hats, caps, beanies, scarves, headbands, and other accessories. With their winter items, you may be your own walking billboard! With your choice of acrylic yarn colors, your name is knit straight into the material!

Wisconsin’s high-quality knit goods are custom-made to order and are ideal for any promotion or event.

Wisconsin Knitwear is certified as a Hispanic Minority-Owned and Operated company.

Thanks to this important certification, their manufacturing company can now play an essential part in a company’s diversity supplier strategy.

Contact Info:

Phone: 414-672-5288

Fax: 414-672-5312

Email: sales@knithats.com

Website: https://www.knithats.com/


Wouldn’t it be better if your cap was made in the United States?

Buy factory-direct headgear made to your specifications at our North Carolina factory to avoid middle-man markup. Their workers take great pride in creating an American-made cap for you that your consumer will be proud to wear.

Allow them to display their design talents and production procedures, which have resulted in pleased consumers wearing American-made caps since 1989.

In 1989, AmeriCap Co., Inc. was created by a small group of friends who had the below-mentioned beliefs:

  • Customers would welcome the chance to buy directly from the manufacturer.
  • Customers would return to a business that delivered actual value by delivering high-quality headgear on time and at a fair price.
  • Customers would appreciate a provider who provided excellent customer service while also employing hardworking Americans in the production of Made-in-America caps.

Many things have changed since our inception, but AmeriCap’s beliefs haven’t!

Please get in touch with them for more information if you are an independent sales representative who believes AmeriCap would complement your other product lines.

Contact Info:

Toll Free: 800-441-5810
Local: 252-445-2388
Fax: 252-445-2670
Website: https://americap.com/about.php

Artex Knitting Mills

Since 1926, Artex Knitting Mills has been knitting exquisite items in a family-owned enterprise.

One of the last significant knitting mills in the United States is Artex Knitting Mills. The corporation has made it through the Great Depression, two World Wars, one Cold War, and the turn of the century.

In 1926, Louis Gerbarg established Artex Knitting Mills, Inc. in Philadelphia’s Olde City, supplying high-quality trimming items to the city’s growing apparel sector. The plant then relocated to North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and eventually to West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania.

Artex produced high-quality, elegant cotton and wool knit ties for brands all throughout the United States in the 1960s and 1970s.

They updated their products as styles changed, but not their values. Artex concentrated its efforts on the rapidly expanding market for knit hats and beanies. Artex moved to its new 80,000 square foot building in Westville, New Jersey, in 1990 as it grew and expanded.

Today’s American business is confronted with a deluge of low-cost items from abroad, and Artex is up to the task. They specialize in custom orders and their consumers return to them because they are dependable and provide high-quality goods. Artex’s characteristics include quick turnaround, inventive styles, and low costs.

Contact Info:

Address: 300 Harvard Ave, Westville, NJ 08093
Tel: (856) 456-2800
Fax: (856) 456-4111
Email: joel@artexknit.com
Website: http://www.artexknit.com/


Wear-a-Knit is a quality, custom knitwear maker based in the United States. All of their products are made-to-order in their Cloquet, Minnesota factory. Jersey Cuff Stocking Caps, Deluxe Cuff Stocking Caps, Beanies, Cross Country Ski Hats, and Earbands are just a few of the headgear types they offer. In addition to that, they also produce scarves and mittens.

Wear-a-Knit, based in Cloquet, Minnesota, is a locally owned and run custom knitwear factory. They take great pride in the high quality of their products. The company was founded in 1977, and the original proprietors ran it until 1999, when David Leslie, the current owner, bought it. Their building has been expanded twice over the years to meet the company’s development.

Wear-a-Knit purchased Stitch-It Designs of Esko, Minnesota, and completed the most current makeover. They offer Embroidery, Digital Direct to Garment Printing, and Sublimation and are located in the same facility as Wear-a-Knit.

Contact Info:

Address: 1306 18th Street Cloquet, MN 55720

Phone: (800) 346-0748 or (218) 879-1203

Fax: (218) 879-1205

Email: teresa@wearaknit.com, sonja@wearaknit.com

Website: https://www.wearaknit.com/


Unionwear is the major supplier of promotional, fashion, and uniform hats, bags, and binders created in the United States. At its 70,000 square foot plant in Newark, NJ, they have currently employed over 175 workers.

Unionwear’s long-term viability is based on long-term client connections and employee happiness. They pay their garment workers union salaries and benefits so that they have a stake in their clients’ long-term success.

A living salary can buy an experienced seamstress’s skilled hands. On the shop floor, low personnel turnover equals know-how and resourcefulness. High morale translates to increased productivity, lower expenses, and faster deliveries. Company loyalty leads to pride in craftsmanship, which can mean treating every order and unit that bears their logo.

Contact Info:

Address: 305 3RD AVE W #5, NEWARK, NJ 07107

Tel: 877-932-7864

Website: https://unionwear.com/


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