Moschino is an Italian luxury fashion brand founded by Franco Moschino in 1963. It specializes in alluring leather accessories, shoes, luggage, and fragrances.

The brand is one of the reasonable and affordable luxury brands which has caused quite a buzz in the fashion industry.

Moschino and his creative work became widely recognized due to his eccentric, colorful, and innovative designs. Franco even admitted that fairies were his inspiration for the first set design.

What kind of luxury brand is Moschino?

Moschino is undoubtedly a luxury brand that offers quite attractive and fabulous designs.

The top-ranking brand is, in fact, quite famous for its intriguing color choice and spectacular products.

It is also pretty famous among the various Western pop icons such as Miley Cyrus, Winnie Harlow, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and many more.

It collaborated with H&M in the past years to sell its luxury designs at affordable prices.

Moschino has several labels under it where the designs represent different age groups and different social statuses. So people old and young can all shop here and dress according to their aesthetics.

What does the brand represent?

Moschino as a brand is what artists call a “futuristic version of pop culture.”

It is a connection between our childhood and adulthood. If we were to describe the brand in one word, it would be called “fun.”

The design aesthetic is all about striking patterns and outrageous, bold colors.

As a matter of fact, the brand collaborated with Adidas to create vibrant and fun sneakers.

The brand isn’t just about selling pretty clothes. It is all about how people of different age groups, races, and tribes can express themselves openly.

It believes in inclusivity and diversity. It is much more than simple attires and accessories that we put on our bodies.

Is Moschino Expensive?

This luxury fashion brand is one of the few brands which sells affordable fashion items with great quality.

That does not mean that the products are cheap. It can be quite heavy on your pockets, but it is certainly worth it in the end.

These products are iconic statement pieces that are set to stand out everywhere they go.

Considering the high quality of these products, it is truly a wonder how this brand meets luxury with affordability.

Moschino may not be such a high-end luxury brand yet, but it is most definitely in the making. Having a Moschino piece is considered owning luxury.

Brand quality of Moschino

The products Moschino manufactures are made of extremely high-quality materials.

For a brand that is known for creating affordable yet exquisite pieces, it certainly does not place unreasonable price tags on its products.

They may be cheap compared to other high-end brands, but the quality of the products is never compromised. Moschino bags have been confirmed to be of extremely good quality all while being affordable.

Some of the bags that they sell are prepared from pure lambskin leather, while others are made from coated canvas with delicate leather trim.

These bags are said to be seamlessly made of perfect quality to ensure that people get exactly what they are paying for.

Love Moschino

Love Moschino is one of the secondary brands of Moschino. It was launched in 2008 by Jeremy Scott, the head of Moschino.

The love Moschino introduced vibrant and chic designs which were specifically for people who were not scared to dress out of the usual standard dress codes.

This subsidiary took women’s fashion to an entirely new diverse level.

Although the designs did not stray from the main brand goal, “to be bold and fearless,” they created a new buzz in the fashion industry, due to which Love Moschino gathered a following of its own.

It got pretty popular among the youth and our beloved influencers.

Final verdict

Moschino may not be a high-end brand, but it is categorized as an Italian luxury fashion brand and falls in the same category as Escada, Dolce & Gabbana.

The main focus of Moschino is to make individuals feel empowered and confident.

The designs also reflect that fierceness and boldness, which helps people embrace their inner uniqueness. We can bet that this enthralling Italian fashion brand has achieved to do exactly this but with style.

Fashion is all about dressing up as you want to and wearing clothes you feel comfortable in.

The standard trends and rules do not conform to us all because we all are unique in our way.

In the end, it’s all about turning trends and fashion upside down and playing with the brand perception.



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