Based in Columbus, Ohio, Designer Shoes Warehouse or more commonly known as DSW is an American company that specializes in shoes and footwear accessories.

DSW offers a wide range of products at fair prices that appeal to all customers.

Culminating a wide range of brands such as Nike, Dr. Martins, Merell, etc., DSW is a marketplace that shoe-lovers often gush about.

DSW has impacted people differently and has left different impressions on everyone.

Some might argue that the brand offers excellent service with the best shoes.

Others might disagree with the argument that DSW is not a legit brand and sells fake shoes.

This article will discuss the authenticity of DSW and if the brand sells fake shoes or not.

Is DSW a Legit Site?

While many people argue that DSW is not a legit site and actually sells fake shoes, it is not valid. DSW is a legit site.

The site has been in business for many decades. Steve Nacht discovered DSW in 1991.

The owner of the Shonac retail firm, Steve Nacht, used to sell shoe collections.

He visited a store in Atlanta and observed how his inventories were being sold at steep discounts.

When he returned home to Dublin, Ohio, he decided to open a footwear store in his town.

His plan was successfully executed within six months.

DSW often suffers from low ratings given by its customers and reviewers.

However, that does not automatically imply that the site isn’t legit. The regular disputes between the customers and the brand are significant reasons people often rate the brand low.

As opposed to this, several reasons show that DSW is a legit site.

The disputes between customers and DSW were because DSW did not directly sell the products they offered.

These products belonged to different brands, and DSW served merely as a means by which people could get through to other brands.

This caused havoc because DSW had to depend on these brands whenever a customer problem arose.

The difficulty in communication and third-party interference impaired the relationship between DSW and its customers.

DSW launched its collection of shoes that depended on no other third party to improve this damaged relationship.

They could now control their customer interactions which boosted the latter’s faith in the company.

Another reason that supports the legitimacy of DSW is that DSW does not shy away from offering a full refund on damaged or faulty products.

The company has a quick return policy that allows customers to send back products if they discover faults in the products.

However, you should be careful that you send the products back in the required time.

Another tip is that you make a video of unboxing the parcel to strengthen your case to the company and prove that it was damaged at the time of receiving.

Does DSW Carry Real Brands?

DSW offers shoes from several renowned brands such as Gucci, Steve Maddens, Nike, Adidas, and Cole Haan. These designer brands are popular and are primarily sold on the website.

Recently, DSW has also started its collection of shoes to improve customer relations. These shoes include wedges, heels, pumps, stilettos, boots, and sneakers.

The collection is available in all sizes, for all genders, and for all ages.

You can also find an extensive range of sports shoes here since the company sponsors a lot of athletic brands.

Is DSW Good Quality?

DSW is a trustworthy brand that cares about its customers and sells shoes and footwear items in an extensive range.

The company offers a number of credible brands that provide excellent quality shoes.

As long as you shop from a designer brand, you will not be disappointed.

The prices are fair and even lower than you would expect from designer brands while maintaining the quality of their products.

There is a massive number of shoes, extensive choices, and a tempting clearance sale.

DSW is an excellent store overall with an easy-to-use website, good quality products, and commendable service.

Their store policies, including a quick return policy, ensure that their customers maintain their trust in the company.

Is DSW the Same as Shoe Company?

Designer Brands Inc. owns the DSW and operates several retail stores in Canada, including The Shoe Company and Shoe Warehouse.

While DSW is owned by the same corporation that owns the Shoe Company, they are not the same companies.

Does DSW Sell Fake Shoes?

No, DSW does not sell fake shoes. While there are a number of allegations and assumptions around DSW not being legit, they are all untrue.

The company is dedicated to providing high-quality designer shoes in their original forms but at lower prices.

DSW basically serves as a third party between the customers and the original brands.

They don’t make fake shoes themselves.


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