Costco jewelry is jewelry by Costco wholesale, an American multinational corporation that launched its collection in 2007. 

Ranked #10 on Fortune 500 in 2021, the brand has yet to see its full potential, where it’s continuously expanding in new areas and niches including jewelry. 

So what does Costco jewelry have to offer? And is it worth it?

Are Diamonds From Costco’s Real?

Costco offers GIA certification of the diamonds they use in their jewelry which they claim to be 100% real.

No use of artificial or lab grown diamonds where they are inspected by their team of professional gemologists, where they are of a value of 1.00 carat or higher. 

However, speculations have been raised considering the nature of Costco’s diamonds where recent reviews of the brand claim that they no longer offer GIA certificates implying a degradation in their quality. 

Inadequate Staff

Apart from that their jewelry stores do not have professional jewelers to help customers with their expert advice on the pieces of jewelry they are willing to buy. 

That is why it is recommended to get a check in with a professional jeweler right before or after buying jewelry from Costco.

They also have relaxed return and refund policies so there isn’t much to worry about. 

Better Options 

You could also buy from more specialized stores like James Allen where professional jewelers are there to guide you on your choice as well as offer more variety for you to choose from.   

Does Costco Have Good Gold?


The gold that they use ranges from 14 C to 18C which is a pretty good percentage, if we are talking in jewelry terms.

This is because some percentage of other metals is important to use since pure gold is too soft to form jewelry. 

Types Of Gold Used

They have jewelry available in white gold, rose gold as well as yellow gold.

However, they don’t have customizable options if you want a specific jewelry design that is available in yellow gold but you want it in rose or white gold, that wouldn’t be possible if you’re buying from Costco. 

Their lack of variety and choice is a serious drawback when it comes to jewelry.

There have also been claims that their jewelry isn’t worth the price especially when there are much better options available.

Is Costco A Good Place To Get An Engagement Ring?

Limited Choice 

Since the quality at Costco is pretty good, buying your engagement ring at Costco might not be a bad idea.

However, the variety they have is pretty limited. 

The fact that you don’t have many options where you can customize their original designs to your preference just adds to the further desperation one might feel while shopping for jewelry at Costco.

They don’t even have much variety in their ring sizes so you might need to get it fixed by another jewelry store. 

Nice Price Range

They have a wide range of prices available ranging from a few hundred dollars to a +100k range, so basically, anyone who’s on a budget or is willing to go all out on their engagement ring can find their pick at Costco.

Your Decision 

If you’re sure that you’ll find a ring design at Costco or are happy with whatever they have available then, sure.

You can buy your engagement ring at Costco.

However, if you’re pickier with the kind of ring you want then you might not want to consider buying from Costco. 

Does Costco Do Jewelry Cleaning?

Costco denies any type of jewelry maintenance including cleaning or any kind of alterations that you may require.

However, there are a few ways you can manage the cleaning yourself and make them shine as good as new. 

  • Pour some dishwashing liquid within lukewarm water in a container 
  • Put your jewelry within the water and let it soak for at least over 30 minutes
  • Sprinkle baking soda over the jewelry and scrub with a soft bristled toothbrush
  • Continue doing so until you’ve gotten rid of any impurities and until you are satisfied with the result
  • Rinse your jewelry as you normally would and leave them on a towel to dry

Word Of Caution 

However, Costco warns against the use of chlorine-based cleaning products as this can cause your jewelry to lose shine or even damage them further.

You’ll also need to be careful while using a toothbrush and baking soda since this can also be harmful to your jewelry, especially to sensitive stones that are prone to scratches. 


Buying from Costco’s jewelry is a good choice overall if you know that you’re going to get what you are looking for at Costco.

They give a nice value for money where there is an affordable jewelry piece for anyone who comes there, with GIA certification for their diamonds.

However, things that they could work on are their variety and selection, as well as upgrading their retail stores with knowledgeable staff.