Are you a jewelry lover? Do you want to invest in jewelry that is both worth your money and time?

Finding a trustworthy jeweler who also has incredible designs and quality in store for you can almost be a dream come true for jewelry lovers like yourself.

But isn’t it more often than not that you find yourself caught up in the frenzy of “who to trust” when it comes to something as valuable as high-end jewelry?

If the answer to all these questions was yes, then this article is for you. We’ll talk about the most reliable jewelry brand on the market- Tiffany’s! We’ll discuss its products’ amazing quality, affordable price, and breathtaking designs.

After all, when it comes to jewelry, picking the best and reliable choice will pay you off in the long term, and Tiffany is a brand that we believe every jewelry-lover can rely on.

About The Brand

Tiffany & Co. (Often referred to as Tiffany’s) is a New York-based, American jewelry retailer.

Tiffany specialises in its luxury goods such as sterling silver, diamonds, crystals, gemstones as well as elegant, stylish, and trendy jewelry of all kinds.

Fragrances, watches, stationery items, leather products, and water bottles are also available at Tiffany’s outlets, which makes it all the more versatile to shop with.

Charles Lewis Tiffany launched Tiffany & Co. in 1837 and currently has up to 362 stores worldwide, including the United States, Canada, Japan, Europe, the Pacific Asia regions and Latin America.

Tiffany’s international brand equity was estimated to be worth 5.5 billion USD in 2021. And with a score of 166.4, it was placed number one in top luxury brands.

About Tiffany’s Diamonds

As mentioned above, Tiffany is known for its unique jewelry. Their focus, however, is mostly on their exquisite diamonds which make the highlight of their best-selling jewelry.

The “Tiffany Yellow Diamond” is one of the finest yellow diamonds ever found. It is modified in antique cushion brilliant-cut and is found in South Africa.

It is often on display in Tiffany’s lead store in New York City and is extremely unique and one-of-a-kind, which says a lot about its incredibly high price as well.

Tiffany’s products, whether diamond engagement rings or silver chains have always been of the best quality. Their diamonds are unique and crafted in such a way that the natural beauty of the diamonds is enhanced.

Tiffany only buys diamonds from environmentally sustainable and ethical mines, by using the “Kimberley process”.

It is an American agreement used to remove the conflict diamonds and to improve the quality, clarity, and oversight in the diamond market.

Why Are Tiffany’s Diamonds So Pricey?

Tiffany’s diamonds are hand-picked with extreme care and are among the most thoroughly examined diamonds in the market.

Their diamond rings always sparkle and shine because their metal band is specially made of 925 sterling silver, not to mention the precisely cut and polished diamonds that leave you blinded by all its spark.

Purchasing a Tiffany diamond is costly since you’re buying a diamond from the world’s 2nd most popular jewelry brand, with over 180 years of experience, and the brand name always entails a price, too.

The prices of Tiffany’s engagement rings range from $1,500 to over $100,000. Though they are costly, considering what we now know about their quality, they are well worth it.

Feedback from Customers

Tiffany customers adore the brand, they have given some wonderful feedback. A few are listed below:

  1. “Wonderful service, very helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable team”.
  2. “I love every experience I have when I shop at Tiffany’s”.
  3. “Beautiful surroundings and great service alongside gorgeous jewelry”.
  4. “Stunning jewelry in a beautiful store. The staff were very professional and welcoming”.
  5. “Beautiful timeless jewelry, and friendly gorgeous staff”.
  6. “Very beautiful in the shop. Quick delivery and pretty packaging”.
  7. “Tiffany is a fantastic website for purchasing any kind of jewelry”.
  8. “I always order my jewelry through Tiffany & Co. and it is amazing”.
  9. “The high prices will buy you longevity in your jewelry and guarantee good quality”“.
  10. “Thanks for supporting customers’ needs. This is a very efficient team”.

What Benefits Tiffany Offers?

Your Tiffany order arrives in a very beautiful box that is unique in colour. This blue box is known as Tiffany Blue, and sometimes known as robin’ s-egg blue or forget-me-not-blue.

Tiffany not only delivers you the order but also the GIA Certificate of Authenticity, and the Tiffany’s Certificate, which comes with a lifetime warranty.

Tiffany also provides a free lifetime resizing, tightening, and cleaning service for your jewelry.

All of Tiffany’s diamonds are certified in-house in their “Tiffany Gemological Laboratory”.

Tiffany also offers a gift catalog to its customers every year. They use their products for company rewards, staff services, and achievements awards.

Shipping And Returning Orders

Standard shipping is available on all purchases under $1000 and it takes 3-5 business days to deliver your order.

Express shipping is available on all purchases above $1000, which takes 1-2 business days to deliver your order.

Free shipping is provided for domestic deliveries in the United States.

Free shipping is also provided for any item you want to return. Just drop off your order at the nearest store by using the return label provided on their website.

We hope this article has assisted you in picking the best brand for your jewelry and has given you complete satisfaction that Tiffany is worth your money and time.



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