If you’re looking to purchase gold jewelry, then you may want to consider purchasing it online.

There are many reputable sites that sell high-quality gold jewelry, and most of them offer free shipping.

You can also find great deals on jewelry if you search for sales or clearance items.

From online goldsmiths to large-scale dealers, here are six of the best places to buy gold jewelry online.

Difference Between 24 Karat Gold and Plated Gold

Gold is an element naturally found in the color yellow, but oftentimes you might come across gold jewelry that is silver in color. This is white gold. It is yellow gold covered in rhodium plating.

If you are someone who has little idea when it comes to buying jewelry online, you should know that high karat gold does not necessarily signify that it is better than the low karat one.

In fact, high karat gold, such as 24 or 22 karats, is less durable when compared to low karat gold. This is because pure gold is a very soft and malleable naturally occurring element.

Hence, jewelry that is 24 karats is very fragile and not at all durable for everyday wear. This is because 24 karat gold is completely pure.

The number of karats decides the price of the gold rather than its strength. A high karat of gold is more expensive because it simply weighs more.

There are multiple types of jewelry available online. Some places sell solid gold along with sterling silver and jewelry covered with gold plating. Gold-plated jewelry tends to be less expensive. It is real but not solid gold.

Below are some of the best online sites that sell gold jewelry online:

Blue Nile

In the online jewelry business, Blue Nile stands in a reputable position at being a legitimate gold business. Along with gold, Blue Nile is also a famous merchant that deals with diamond jewelry.

They have a fine range of solid gold collections available for all sorts of jewelry that you might need.

The Blue Nile sells gold in all three colors, rose gold, white gold, and the original yellow gold.

Other than these three conventional gold types, the site even sells Italian gold, which is made specifically in the city, hence the name.

Since the website sells only solid gold, all of their jewelry is sold in either 14 or 18 karats.

If there is some sort of manufacturing defect in the gold jewelry you buy from the Blue Nile, like a fault in the crafting of the ornament or an issue with the design, the site offers a free lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

The only conditions that do not fall under manufacturing defects are the damages or wear and tear caused by wearing the jewelry.

Apart from the special orders, you can return any jewelry within thirty days if you do not like them.


This online business is based in Toronto, Canada. Mejuri is the best place to buy minimalist gold jewelry online.

They sell an extremely wide variety of gold jewelry that is loved by the site’s female clientele.

All their jewelry is available in 14 to 18 karats. Apart from this, they even sell gold vermeil and sterling silver jewelry.

A lot of their options are available for under a hundred dollars, and that attracts its customers the most.

The pieces are available with a two-year warranty. This warranty applies to any damage that occurs to the ornament within this time. The gold hoops that the brand sells are something that each one of its customers swears by.

James Allen

James Allen is yet another great online jewelry business available in the market. They sell real solid gold in all three major categories; rose gold, white gold, and the original yellow gold.

Like the others, this site also sells 14 karats and 18 karats of gold jewelry.

The best part about purchasing from James Allen is that all their jewelry comes with a lifetime warranty. This even includes any rhodium plating you might need over the years for your white gold jewelry.

You can even get your stones re-tightened, and your ornaments polished under this warranty offered by the website.

The company also sells diamond jewelry that is beautiful beyond expectations.

This diamond collection includes solitaires and simple, subtle diamond designs too. For the first year, they even offer one free ring sizing.

All of this, and if you still do not feel satisfied with their jewelry, they offer a thirty days money-back guarantee too!


Another one of the best-selling gold jewelers in the online market is Catbird. They sell designs that are unique and vintage.

They offer free appointments and guide to style and personally size all your jewelry according to your preference.

The site sells ornaments that are presented complete with the purchasing guide so that the customer knows where the product came from.

They have a vast variety of jewelry ranging from forty-four dollars to even a whopping price of fourteen thousand dollars.


From affordable gold plated pieces to solid 14 karats and 18 karats gold jewelry, this site sells them all. The brand is based in Laguna Beach.

They have really good online reviews, and customers are satisfied with their products.

Apart from expensive gold ornaments that are made of solid gold, the brand also sells dainty pieces of jewelry that you would just wear for an everyday chic look.

All of these pieces are usually under a hundred dollars.

If you want, you can customize the pieces by engraving your design or letters on the ornaments to give them a personal touch.

Brilliant Earth

This site has been in business since 2005, so it is a brand worth your money when it comes to buying gold jewelry online.

Apart from selling gold jewelry, the brand specializes in selling diamonds.

It has been a leader in the market for many years when it comes to selling diamond jewelry.

The site does not sell gold pieces in every color category available, but all of its pieces have the utmost premium quality.

To cover for any routine polishing or repairs, the brand offers a free lifetime warranty like James Allen and thus is a competitor for such brands.

When it comes to buying jewelry online that can cost you your savings worth of money, you should opt for websites that offer great customer services.

If the company is ill-responsive, you might not get your warranty claimed at all.

You must make sure that your products carry a GIA certification for any stones that are embedded in the ornaments.

This is important for future reasons when you might want to resell the ornament.



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