The fashion and movie industry have quite an intimate symbiotic relationship going on there, say for the clothes used in the movies that portray contemporary fashion, some movies remind us of our history, where we come from, and how far we have moved fashion wise. Designers are also taking advantage of this opportunity to introduce their new pieces to the world given that musicians and actors tend to have a larger audience thus the perfect marketing strategy for the high-end designers like Versace, Gucci, and Givenchy among others.

Infinite is the perfect word that we can use to describe this industry, however, one thing remains constant in the fashion circles is that history will always repeat itself, as you might have noticed that most of the contemporary clothes out here pay homage to old school fashion. We, however, have designers who get inspiration for their designs from nature, others have the knowledge of art thus easy to create unique pieces. Additionally, an awareness of contemporary art practice is the primary reason with which excellent work is produced.

Our mission, therefore, is to bring you up to speed with the latest happenings in the fashion world, and by this, we mean everything fashion from the companies that offer the best prices in specific garments concerning quality to those that might have you dent your bank balance. Remember however that the fashion industry consists of at least five different independent categories, which are the affordable luxury wear, haute couture, discount clothing, mainstream clothing, and luxury wear.

Haute Couture


Haute Couture are what are referred to as high-end fashion, for your piece to qualify as an Haute Couture it has to be approved by the French Ministry of Industry; the custom made garments are the works of the most experienced craftsman and artisans in the fashion industry. Haute Couture are made by hand from top to bottom and consists of high quality, very expensive, and unusual fabric that calls for laser-sharp attention to detail.

Some of the renowned couture designers are Chanel, Christian Dior, and Givenchy, we also have some new members who recently joined the Haute Couture house such as Ralph and Russo, Marco Zanini, and Zuhair Murad among others. A rough estimation of the value of an Haute Couture dress by Chanel ranges from $40,000-80,000, now you know whether you are putting on a Chanel dress or an imitation.

Mainstream clothing

How to style sweatpants to make them look better and more trendy ...Mainstream fashions is characterized by the ordinary clothes that many people where out here, and are mostly found in the malls made by your local designers some of who try to imitate the high-end designers. Still, under this subtopic, we have the mainstream individuals who are in the habit of jumping from one trend to another, as they try to fit in with the trending crowd.

A good example of mainstream fashion cloth are the joggers, since their re-invention joggers wormed their way to the New York and Paris fashion week and consequently to the mainstream fashion. Also, the hype around joggers comes with some pretty good reasons given that people have now found ways of pairing up the joggers without appearing sloppy or lazy.

Joggers are now worn to work, I mean they are totally functional in so many levels and the comfort that they offer is just out of this world. Who knew that the pajama-like piece of cloth could become so famous?

Discount clothing

Discounted clothes are sold at lower prices when compared to the typical market price. The shops run sales most of the time and here you will be able to get designer clothes at huge discounts for example clothes from Lacoste, Nike, and Timberland among others, and this goes for the men, kids, and women clothing.

Affordable Luxury wear

We all agree that the fashion industry has been very fair and did its level best to accommodate the low class, middle, and high-class individuals. Now you don’t have a reason for not donning the best attire that fits your budget. We, therefore, have some luxury brands which are affordable such as Norma Kamali, Kate spade New York and MSGM among others.

Luxury wear also lasts longer, so if you don’t mind paying a little more for a durable piece of cloth then just find one luxury wear store and treat yourself, after all, we do deserve it.

Luxury wear

Luxury wear are the high quality, creative ready to wear clothes, they are the type of clothes that when you wear give you the feeling of luxury, first because of the quality of manufacturing, and the way they have been made. So in the fashion industry, we have both the cheap and expensive luxury, some of the expensive luxury brands are such as Louis Vuitton, which is closely followed by Hermes.

And if we were to discuss clothing brands, the most expensive would be Chanel, which is followed closely by Burberry. For those who are more into Jewelry then the most expensive would be Harry Winston, followed by Cartier then Van Cleef.

The fashion industry has a chain of events, whose functioning can be compared to that of a food chain, so what happens is that when a product is complete it moves to marketing then fashion buying comes into play and the last process before we go back to production is fashion merchandising and retail.

Enough with the operations of the fashion industry; at Fashion manufacturing, we have, therefore, compiled extensive articles that offer insight on some of the fashion questions that you might have. Whether it is the clothing company comparison in terms of quality and prices, we have also consolidated reviews on some of the best products by specific companies, for example, we have the Ziya All-Star bra reviews, and here you will get insightful info on why you need to invest in this item for your work out sessions.

When it comes to fashion many people would prefer to dress for their body shape and still look amazingly beautiful. And since trends tend to change by the day it has been come impossible to keep up with it, mind you trends cut across the broad spectrum of fashion from sportswear, to office and casual among others.

Take for example the sportswear, did you know that there are sporting outfits made specifically for the fat guys, yes, there are and fashionably so. Remember that we have fat people who are very comfortable in their skin and they only work out to remain physically active and to ensure that they don’t grow out of shape, if you don’t believe check out the beautiful curvy women and our handsomely huge gents in the fashion magazines.

Well, the above category has been catered to in the sporting world, to which end we have compiled a well-researched document on the best running gear for the fat guy. Additionally, in the fashion world before you settle into buying a piece of cloth you must first know how it is supposed to fit, and the circumstances under which it is worn. So you don’t wear a running jacket to a school event imagining that you look dope.

Blazers are meant for the office, and we also have the fashionably casual blazers that you can wear to a casual gathering, the same goes for the leggings, for as much as they are comfortable and can be worn on the go, this piece of clothing is confined to the working out areas, the lazy weekends or just as home wear.

The challenge with leggings is finding the right fit, many people might brush this aside because after all there is nothing much going on there, all you got to do is stretch it and you will know whether it fits. Sadly the above is deceiving, as there is so much that you need to look out for before you settle for the perfect leggings failure to which you will end up with leggings that create artificial muffin tops once worn or ones that whisker around the crotch area, for more of the above information visit Fashion and Manufacturing.

Fashion Influence

How we dress tells a lot about our personality, and in other circles, fashion can be used as a powerful tool of influence. Take for example the policemen, at what time would you obey them if they stopped you, of course, if they have their uniform on, but if not then nothing they say to you will make sense, to say the least.

Meaning that when you dress elegantly or professionally people tend to accord you much respect than when you dress casually, unless they know you by person and even at that they will still associate your mode of dressing with a high fashion sense. Shoes are also part of fashion, and they are not only designed to look good from the outside but to also offer the necessary support and stability.

And that is why we have the official shoes, the sneakers, pumps, sandals, and slippers. All the above are to be worn on different occasions, for example, we have the sporting sneakers that are designed to work with different types of feet such as the pronated feet. And we also have factors that you need to look at if you were to settle on running sneakers, take for example the Under Armour charged pursuit 2.

The above running shoes have been made to take the beating or the running track while offering support and stability to the wearer.