The legs and feet complete the most sensitive parts of the human body and shoes are designed to protect these areas, so if you wear a wrong fitting shoe then there are a few parts of your body that will have to take the strain, the first one being your feet, your knee, hip, and back. Meaning that the type of shoes that you put on can alter your walking style or minimize mobility and that is why shoes undergo a variety of strength training tests before they are put on the shelves for sale.

The Under Armour Charged Pursuit 2, are a type of running shoes available in 7 different colors and we must say, these kickers do come with some aesthetics. Not meaning that they are a leisurely type of shoe but they can double up as weekend wear and complete your sporty weekend look.

Why you should wear the correct running shoes

There are so many benefits tied with wearing the correct type of running shoe, one is that they protect your feet from the impact realized when you land heavily on each foot, the above is achieved via the heavy midsole and outer sole cushioning. And unless you want to train for one week and quit, getting the right running shoe is vital.

Running specific shoes can affect your performance, and the last thing that you want to deal with when you are in the track, are the inadequacies of your shoes. Proper running shoes help improve arch support; the purpose of the arch is to evenly distribute pressure across your feet, consequently aligning your body. The arch helps provide stability and balance, where it improves on your posture and balance thus reducing foot pain among other problems that are caused by imbalance and poor support.

Also investing in more than one running shoe tends to impact your strides positively because you become less prone to injury, as your interaction with the ground slightly changes. Besides some people have gotten so addicted to running shoes thus they tend to wear them daily, the reason being that they offer comfort to the people who walk long distances. Besides, they also eliminate the fatigue that comes with almost stepping on concrete when you wear the less cushioned shoes.

What to expect from the Under Armour Charged Pursuit 2

If your performance graph has been declining then you can expect that to change, because the Under Armour Charged Pursuit 2 are high performance running shoes. The sneakers have been fitted with a comfortably sized tongue that perfectly sits under the shoelaces and offer stability when you are in the track.

The toe box is also wide enough to even fit the wide toe individuals, and allow you to flex your toes a bit when they feel like they need to be stretched out a bit. The padding on the collar of the shoe has a lot to do with comfort, more so if you were to put the shoes on for extended hours. The Under Armour charged Pursuit 2 has, therefore, been fitted with a thick but highly functional collar, which helps protects the Arches thus lead to high performance.

What are the key features of the Under Armour Charged Pursuit 2

Mesh upper- the upper mesh fabric on the top part is meant to wick out moisture that tends to accumulate with the intensity of activity. They, therefore, help to increase breathability while making the shoe as light as it can be, the mesh also offers strategic support where the runners need it. Additionally, the lightweight nature of the mesh upper should not deceive you into thinking that the shoe will rip apart under intense beating in the running tracks.

On the contrary, the material is durable and strong and can give you a long service before giving in.

Rubber outer sole– a rubber outer sole helps with traction when you are running or training on a slippery surface. It also offers stability if you are to make a sudden side move as you take on the sharp corners and with stability comes improved performance. The outer sole also helps with shock absorption, as the charged cushioning absorbs the impact that comes from increased activity, thus protects every stride that you make.

Also, the tire inspired outer sole design adds to the traction abilities of the shoe and allows flexibility in that the shoe will flex with your feet as you move leading to high performance. Cooperation from your shoe is a confidence booster while on the track and will even encourage you to run greater distances.

Foam padding- when incorporated in a shoe, foam padding enables the even distribution of balance, which consequently offers enhanced comfort when your foot is inside the shoe, depending on the positioning of the foam, it helps ease the pressure that you might feel on the ball of the foot. For the Under Armour Charged Pursuit 2, the foam padding has been incorporated in areas that tend to experience high friction during intense activity and that is in the ankle collar and under the tongue.

Comfort sockliner- the sock liner incorporated in this running shoes have been padded on the heal to offer extra cushioning at the heel strike, and even better is that they easily mold to the wearer’s foot offering maximum comfort. Sockliners in general help relieve pain, they also obliterate any chances of developing blisters, and if they have been made with a moisture-wicking material then they are perfect for odor control.

Midsole – the under armour charged pursuit two has been equipped with a charged cushioning midsole, which has utilized the compression molded foam. The above allows greater responsiveness, offers durability and energy return, and in overall is that it offers optimal cushioning.


  • The engineered upper mesh makes the shoes light in weight
  • Outer rubber sole enhances traction and contributes to the best overall performance
  • The Polyester and Elastane material used in making the shoe are durable
  • The material used offer versatility, cushioning and flexibility


  • Produces a squeaking noise
  • The mesh upper is not very durable


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Final thoughts

The reason anyone would go to the running track is because they know that they can offer good performance, however, if you have the wrong shoe then all the hours you spent training will have gone down the drain. Runners will agree that you cannot run and at the same time accommodate the inadequacies of your shoes.

And that is why we have presented you with the Under Armour Charged Pursuit 2, not only is the shoe functional but they have been created to complement the ergonomics of the wearer’s foot. Some of its strong points are the rubber outer sole complete with the tire detail that helps enhance traction, the cushioned and comfortable mid and outer sole, and lastly the breathable upper mesh.

The combination of the above features on one shoe can only spell success, and even better is that they come in a variety of colors, and you can, therefore, forget the traditional black and settle with the beautiful peach grey, Academy blue or versa blue, the choice is yours.


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