Crop tops have made their way back from the 90s, taking the fashion world by storm.

Not only are they incredibly stylish and flattering but also incredibly trendy where celebrities are seen flaunting them anywhere and everywhere. 

Including supermodels like Bella Hadid, kardashian sister, Kendall Jenner where they bare their rock shore abs, and even pop star and style icon for many, Selena Gomez.

Every once in a while, we have been tempted to wear but our insecurities get in the way where we are not willing to show much of our skin, or perhaps feel insecure about our body.

Is there a way where we can flaunt these shirts without baring much skin and still look fabulous?

Of course! All you need is a little creativity, the right mindset and confidence to rock this stylish trend back from the 90s.

Can Crop Tops Be Modest?

They can be modest if styled with accuracy and with proper adjustments. 

One way to do this is to layer it. 

How To Layer A Crop Top?

Top Layer

  1. Add a sweater or vest on top with a high waisted jean or skirt, where you can leave it open for laid back occasions and button it up for class, work and other formalities or whenever you don’t feel comfortable. 
  2. Go for a kimono, which offers coverage and keeps you looking sexy. 
  3. Overalls are also back in fashion bringing another excuse to cover up. Pair them up with sneakers to complete your 90s hip hop streetwear. 

What Should I Wear Underneath A Crop Top?

You can wear practically anything under your crop top or nothing at all, if your comfort level allows it. 

Pair it up with neutral colored camisoles if you are willing to conceal skin, but trying not to make it obvious.

White, black or beige are the choices you can go for depending on the color and style of your crop top as well as your overall look.

You can also go for a preppier style like mentioned earlier, incorporating them with white button ups, skirts or pants, and heeled boots. 

If your crop top is too revealing for your liking then you can just wear it over a t- shirt, which is an increasingly popular way to wear them. 

Since slip dresses are also back in fashion then you might as well just throw it on a crop top to create a glammed up yet casual look, perfect for concerts or going out with your friends and significant other.

How To Wear A Crop Top Without Revealing Too Much?

Your crop tops may have been sitting in the back of your wardrobe because your fear and insecurities have been stopping you all this time. 

Here are some ways where you can incorporate  your everyday style without revealing any skin.

Pick One That Suits Your Style

Since crop tops are available in many shapes, sizes and forms you can always find one that fits your style.

For example, crop sweaters in high collared styles are available where you can layer it with a button up shirt and pencil skirt and sheer leggings and heels for a dark academia look. 

More modest forms of crop tops include long sleeve crop top, retro sweet crop top as well as looser fitting crop tops.

These give you more coverage while allowing you to keep in with the current fashion trends.

Pair It With High Waisted Stuff

Whether it be jeans or skirts, high waisted is the way to go when it comes to crop tops especially when you’re not willing to show much skin.

This is the perfect hack to wear crop tops and keep your insecurities in check. 

You can wear it with long skirts to give you a more feminine and date night look or wide flare jeans (also back from 90s fashion) with a blazer or jacket on top for stylish, casual everyday wear.

Harem pants, which are loose fitting pants coming down to your ankles can also be used with crop tops for a laid back look. 

Cover It Up

High waisted skirts and jeans will provide more than enough coverage for your crop top.

However, if you are still scared about showing your skin then the small line visible above your pants or jeans can easily be covered by tying around a jacket or an accessory, like a belt bag.


These are just some of the ways you can use to wear crop tops modestly, and flaunt the 90s fashion that is back with a rage.

However if you’re feeling a little daring, then don’t let your insecurities stop you.

Go ahead and flaunt that stomach since we are all beautiful and we don’t need society telling us otherwise.