San Diego has the most beautiful weather. The sun is scorching and brilliant all year in Southern California, yet there is almost always a refreshing wind. Regardless of when you arrive, the majority of people will find it relaxing.

San Diego is a well-known, laid-back beach town in Southern California. The beach is accessible and delightful throughout the year. If you don’t want to go to the beach, there are plenty of other things to do in San Diego, including museums, galleries, live music, and, of course, the world-famous San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park. San Diego is also the country’s craft beer capital!

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People love dressing up in San Diego, and to get a sense of their taste, take a look at the following list of clothing manufacturers in San Diego.

List of Clothing Manufacturers In San Diego:

  • Profade
  • Wearcode Manufacturing
  • Planet Apparel
  • Savi Customs
  • Mad Engine

1.      Profade

Profade Apparel was formed by Zee Field in 2011 with the objective of creating private label product lines for current brands and retailers, as well as assisting start-up firms in turning their ideas into finished products.

They provide a comprehensive variety of services, including the creation of new design concepts and collections, product development, manufacturing, and logistics management for delivery to the end destination anywhere in the world. Their clients can be as active in the process as they like, or they can leave it entirely up to them with ultimate approval.

When you partner with Profade Apparel, your company will have access to the most cutting-edge technical fabrics and designs available. Furthermore, they are dedicated to seeing their clientele flourish.

They always keep their clients’ best interests in mind, from the initial concept generation with their designers and graphic artists to the administration of product development, production, shipping, and warehousing.

Profade Apparel uses the most cost-effective materials, production methods, and delivery methods while keeping the highest level of quality. This equates to reduced prices without sacrificing the quality of the finished product.

New and existing clients, buyers, designers, and anybody involved in product development are all encouraged to contact them with any questions.

Profade Apparel’s mission is to develop long-term business ties with all of its clients, large and small, and to assist them in producing high-quality items at a fair price.

Contact Info:

Address: 3830 Valley Centre Drive, Suite 705 Box 602, San Diego CA 92130

Phone: 858.210.5364


2.      Wearcode Manufacturing

WEAR CODE is a market leader in contract cut and sew clothing production. They provide creative design and development from concept to production to distribution for your clothes line or label, as well as apparel development, sample, and production services.

WEAR CODE has more than 40 years of expertise in the cut and sew garment industry and is dedicated to producing high-quality cut and sew clothes. Their cutting-edge cut-and-sew contracting facility can handle large-scale contract cut-and-sew projects, but they can also deal with small enterprises and start-up fashion lines.

You receive entirely bespoke outfits manufactured from raw fabrics and sewed to perfection by WEAR CODE’s professional and dedicated seamstresses using cut and sew manufacturing.

With cut and sew garment production, you’re not just screen printing a mass-produced blank t-shirt; you’re designing the item from fabric selection through stitching to finishing embellishments. Go above and beyond the competition by creating really personalized gear for your company.

Contact Info:

Address: 105 West 35th Street #E, National City, CA 91950



3.      Planet Apparel

Planet Clothes works with a wide range of clients, including corporations, small businesses, clothing lines, clubs, and schools, as well as events, military, family reunions, and end users, to provide high-quality personalized apparel, promotional products, and brand recognition.

They work with people just like you, whether you’re starting a new business or are dissatisfied with the output of your previous printer. They get results when their clients are dedicated to service, quality, and a long-term connection.

For your next bespoke order, consider Planet Apparel. Custom T-shirts, polo shirts, corporate gifts, T-shirt designs, embroidery for polos, and corporate identification and branding are all available.

You’ve come to the perfect place whether you’re looking for executive business gifts, promotional products, advertising specialities, tradeshow handouts, premiums, or chachkies.

Give them a call for any of your custom garment and printing needs, whether it’s something corporate or just basic T-shirt screen printing.

Planet Apparel is conveniently located in the Mission Valley neighborhood of San Diego, near Mission Gorge and Friars Road.

The majority of their silkscreen, embroidered, and promotional product orders are placed via phone or email. If you live outside of town, items are shipped daily via Fedex or UPS.

Contact Info:

Address: 6308 Riverdale Street, San Diego CA 92120

TEL: (858) 569-2090


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4.      Savi Customs

Savi Customs, a uniform firm that produces crew uniforms, varsity jackets, and camp shirts, was created in 2003. They soon moved their focus to dye sublimation decoration and manufacturing after an opportunity with the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association), discovering the correct niche at the right moment.

Savi Customs has spent the last 13 years developing their expertise in order to be the best at what they do and to give merchandise to some of the greatest names in racing and athletics.

Production quality is more consistent and exact than ever with Savi Custom’s new state-of-the-art facility, which uses the latest in print, cut, and sew technology, making them the ideal candidate for team orders as well as OEM manufacturing.

Savi Customs stands behind their high-quality California-made items, ensuring that they look their best when they leave the shop and that they can withstand use in the field and an active lifestyle. Their main goal is to produce the finest quality sublimated products for all of their customers in an ongoing attempt to stay at the top of their class.

Contact Info:


Address: 8675 Avenida Costa Norte, San Diego, CA 92154

TEL: 866.783.6489

5.      Mad Engine

Mad Engine, which was founded in 1987, has grown to become the world’s largest licensed garment reseller, featuring top brands such as Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, and Nickelodeon. Mad Engine has offices on four continents, each with its own design, customer support, production, quality assurance, and distribution teams. This allows them to fully address the needs of each and every consumer, resulting in the finest possible customer experience.

Mad Engine has a reputation for foreseeing industry trends and being a step ahead of the competition. Every day, they strive to provide thousands of customers across the United States and Canada with new products in every category–from loungewear to t-shirts.

Mad Engine is happy to have created the best designs and styles for over 100 of the world’s most well-known brand licenses, and we look forward to continued growth and amazing collaborations.

They are equipped to create everything imaginable, with six design offices and over 100 designers, artists, merchandisers, and product developers. T-shirts, fashion tops and bottoms, denim, dresses, outerwear, pajamas, underwear, hats and beanies, backpacks, purses, watches, sunglasses, and more in any category. Men, Women, Juniors, Boys, Girls, Infants & Toddlers, Maternity, and Big & Tall are all categories.

With faster fulfillment, unique licensed product options, and Private Label programs, the sales team is strategically situated across North America to assist boutique stores, eCommerce, and big box retailers.

Because of its vertically integrated business, they offer unrivaled flexibility and speed to market. Mad Engine creates products from the ground up, eliminating 3rd party dependencies and associated bottlenecks that most competitors face.

From thread spools to knitting (112 machines), dyeing (21 machines), cutting (4 automated machines), sewing, and screen printing (3 million units per month), Mad Engine creates products from the ground up.

Contact Info:

TEL: 858.558.5270



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