Customs labels are becoming more and more in demand as it makes your clothing brand stand apart from the rest of the apparel industry. 

Clothing labels give you additional information about the items you are going to purchase or browsing through a shopping rack. 

When you start your own clothing brand, Custom labeling is an excellent way of adding a finishing touch to your apparel. 

It reflects your vision and represents your brand’s identity. The intuitive design process eases the method of translating your ideas into modified clothing labels and professional tags. 

Labels assist the consumer in opting for the best apparel. E.g., the labels may take size descriptions, brand tags, washing advice, or sometimes just a creative or a friendly note. 

Wondering where to buy labels for clothing?

In this article, we have come up with the top 5 websites from which you can buy labels for your clothing brand.

1. Wunderlabel:

With the Sales & Marketing office in Wuerzburg, Germany, the Wunderlabel Company is led by cofounder Marcus Bjornesson and Philip Linde.

The company was established to fill the sky-high needs of artisans, designers, and crafters in the world of fashion with their high-quality professional branding materials. 

The company serves its clients with a wide variety of labeling options on diverse products, including clothes, wrist bands, gift cards, hand tags, and gift ribbons. 

The company offers personalized labels and has the main goal to please all the creative geniuses and DIY enthusiasts with motivational content about the latest trends and topics, free tutorials, valuable tips, and expert advice suitable for promoting your clothing brand. 

Since 2004, the company continued to flourish from a small staff to an ever-increasing team and a product range based on five fundamental principles: quality, affordability, customer service, reliability, and high-speed service.


  • Woven labels
  • Logo labels
  • Laundry labels
  • Printed labels
  • Leather labels


  • Eco-friendly branding services
  • Shipping services
  • 100% standard certification from raw material to end-product


Wunderlabel GmbH Eichendorffstr. 12a 97072 Würzburg Germany

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2. NameMAKER:

Namemaker was established in 1938 in New York and has been a specialized manufacturer of small and large personalized clothing labels.

They offer various labeling options for your clothing line, including sew-on, iron-on labels, cotton woven labels, knitting labels, logo or text labels, and many more.

Namemaker is an economical custom label solution as you can purchase the minimum order quantity of just 10 iron-on personalized clothing labels. 

Namemaker offers a wide assortment of custom printed clothing labels available in different fabrics like linen and cotton and various other colors and text styles. 

They believe that every product deserves to have an equally beautiful label, whether you design a custom-labeled product for your loved one or want it to sell your own apparel collection.

They have a long list of cloth labeling options such as vintage sewing labels, logo and text labels, size and care clothing tags, prayer shawl labels, personalized woven labels for gifts, stickers, ribbons, etc.


  • Personalized woven labels
  • Cotton woven labels
  • Iron or sew on name labels
  • Personalized satin labels
  • Size care content labels
  • Knitting labels


  • Custom clothing labels and tags
  • Personalized ribbons
  • Kids labels and stickers


5390 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard Suite 210 Norcross, GA 30071

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Satin Garment Labels -Luxurious & Elegant Fabric Labels


3. Dodofy:

Dodofy is the safest online labeling website for your clothing brand. It is the easiest way to buy 100% pure OEKO-TEX certified and Egyptian cotton-crafted labels. 

Dodofy offers cotton clothing labels with an iron-on labeling option that lasts forever, providing comfort and durability at the same time. 

Thousands of people get their personalized clothing labels done through Dodofy labeling options with a fast turnaround. 

In addition to being comfortable and durable, the woven clothing labels are totally customizable. You can browse through their design catalog to create the labels according to your choices right from start to end.

The customization options include 40+ design templates, non-polyester Egyptian cotton, 13 label colors, 13 Text colors, hundreds of symbols, 3 label sizes, 25 characters per line, up to 4 lines of texts, and 100 % made in Europe clothing labels.

They put extra effort and exceptional care while creating each label to ensure the highest quality.

Each tag is made in its old-fashioned jacquard looms in Germany that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use of the product. 


  • Iron-on labels
  • Cotton labels
  • Woven clothing labels
  • logo labels


  • Shipping services


Vestergade 29 1456 Copenhagen K Denmark

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4. Super Label Store:

The prompt upsurge of fast fashion during the last few decades has made DIY enthusiasts more dominant than ever before. 

Super label store started as a labeling manufacturer for clothing brands, textile fanatics, seamstresses, and fashion designers, but now they are creating labels for the hospitality industry, hotels, importers, and many more.

Noor- the founder of Super Label Store, was the daughter of two goldsmiths, but she gave vent to her creativity behind drawing boards and sewing machines. 

She noticed how difficult it is to place an order for a small number of high-quality clothing labels through online sites at attractive prices. 

Super Label supplies sustainable, affordable, and customized clothing labels to its valued customers worldwide. 


  • Woven labels
  • Hand tags
  • Care labels
  • Pre-made labels


  • Shipping services
  • Knitting and sewing patterns
  • Tips and advice


Eikendonkplein 12, 5215 XL ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

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5. Dutch Label Shop:

Whether you want limited woven clothing labels or unlimited labeling options, Dutch Label Shop has got it all covered for you. 

They offer you the most premium quality and beautiful woven labeling options for your clothing brand, and the entire production team crafts labels that last the whole life of your garment. 

They are producing iron-on labels, size labels, and fabric labels with polyester so that they may bear thousands of washes and remain soft at every touch. 

Their labels come into three categories like no-fold, flat-fold, or center-fold, apt for the category of your sewing project that you like to undertake. 

Their specialized staff and designers are always there to guide you on which label fold or design tool will be appropriate for showcasing your brand name on each clothing item.


  • Artwork label
  • Custom hand tag
  • Care labels
  • Size labels


  • Shipping services
  • Accepts multiple payment methods


BOMA USA LP 2929 Arch St, Suite 1700 Philadelphia, PA 19104 United States

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