A tight sports bra is dangerous to your health in more ways than one, as the tight strap around the ribcage has been known to interfere with lymphatic circulation, the latter is a system of fluid transport and drainage, lymph nodes help to filter out fluids that remove the abnormal cells, bacteria among other matter from the body.

So when you wear a tight bra either sports or casual wear, the above process is altered. Sports bras were invented back in 1975 and since then companies have been reinventing bras as they strive to achieve perfection. Well, there are so many retailers and companies that make the sports bra and it can be quite a hustle to narrow down to one that will offer the perfect fit.

So we did the market combing for you and came up with the Zyia All-Star Bra, the company does run quite a large collection of sports bras and one’s that you should be on the lookout for because they always have a new release every week and once the stock is finished, they rarely restock.

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Benefits of a right fitting sports bra

The struggle to find the right fitting sports bra is real out here and women are having a hard time holding their bust into position during work out. Some have thus been forced to wear at least two bras to prevent their bust from bouncing with them, which then puts a strain on their shoulders or at the ribcage area, and with the rubbing, the skin tends to peel.

Sports bras have proved to be effective in more ways than one, for example, women who have undergone cosmetic surgery are always advised to wear the sports bra, they also help to firm up the breast consequently reducing long term sagging; additionally, they help reduce discomfort and breast pain.

When worn during workouts, they offer maximum support, as they maintain the shape of the breast because the movements during exercising are bound to stretch and tear the ligaments surrounding the breasts. The above damages are irreversible and that is how women end up with sagging breasts.

Individuals with big busts also enjoy maximum support with the sports bras, especially now that they are made with a moisture-wicking fiber, which inadvertently helps encourage airflow to the skin, thus you can remain cool and dry as you work out. Some sports bras have also incorporated a storage compartment, so you can store your iPod, keys, or a small mobile phone safely without needing a waist pouch.

Many people have, therefore, moved from wearing the traditional bras to the sports bras full time, given that their design is more functional. Of late, however, sports bras also feature a flattering design and the best example is the zyia line of sports bras that come in all manner of colors and flattering designs, which has made women to sometimes wear them exposed, as they don’t leave out too much skin. So, all they need to do is throw in a shawl or a casual sports jacket and they are good to go.

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Zyia also runs a line of leggings and the best thing about it is that you can get a matching work out suit, of the sports bra that is available in the same color with the leggings.

What to expect from the Zyia All-Star Bra

The Zyia All-Star bra will hold you up no matter the type of exercise that you are doing, they have incorporated a removable pad, so you can customize it to achieve the perfect fit. The sports bra is not too bulky over the shoulders and all the way down the back to the band at the rib cage area; the material used in the making of the all-star bra is soft but sturdy and you will even forget you are wearing a bra.

Also, the design is not only cute but functional in that it effectively contains the whole breast and can be worn with the leggings only when in the gym, no need for a cover-up. Lastly, you can expect to find them in assorted colors, so the choice is yours, and if you are lucky enough you could even find matching leggings to pair up with your Zyia All-Star Bra.

What are the key features of the Zyia All-Star Bra

The Zyia All-Star bra has been established to offer maximum support when engaging the high impact exercises, such as kickboxing and Crossfit, with this set of bras there are no limits, as you can also use them when lounging or in the track during the running workouts.


A thick band around the ribcage – if you make a shift from the traditional bra to the Zyia bra, you could find yourself wearing them all day; because the thick band that holds the whole unit to your ribcage is very comfortable and you can even fit two fingers in between, meaning that it is breathable and doesn’t obstruct lymphatic circulation.

Traditional bras tend to be tight as they have a thin elastic strap, while the All-Star Bra features a thick band that does not constrict the blood vessels around the ribcage. A transition to the All-Stars Bra from time to time can, therefore, be a welcome relief.

Zipper detail at the back – the zipper detail at the back of the All-Star sports bra makes it easy to put on and remove, and when zipped up the bra comfortably provides a snug fit by pulling the busts to the chest firmly. The zipper is also highly functional for individuals who have a broad shoulder and comes convenient for those who want to zip up without messing their hair.

Breathable mesh detail– the upper part of the Zyia All-Star Bra features a mesh detail that runs all the way to the back, the above enables air to circulate on your skin and if you have any other clothing on top of the sports bra you can be sure of experiencing less heat. Additionally, the cute mesh detail flatters the bra qualifying it as home wear and all you have to do is find a complementing shawl to throw over it and you might just have turned it into a tank top.

Full Coverage– the problem with sports bras is that they allow the bust to pop out when you work out intensely, well this can be quite embarrassing, let alone annoying. But with the Zyia All-Stars, you get full coverage especially the people who have big boobs. From the image above you can see that the bra runs high on the front part with a nice mesh distinction that hides the bust from the upper part of your chest.

And on the sides, the sports bra offers complete coverage running all the way back to meet the zipper mid-back. In essence, is that the bra is breathable and will keep you cool all the time and is at the same time functional thus allows you to work out without worrying that your bust will bounce with you or pop out of the bra without notice.


  • Incorporated a breathable mesh
  • Easy to wear
  • The thick band offers comfort
  • Perfect for big busts


  • Colors are rarely restocked


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Final Verdict

Apart from Victoria’s secret, women have now been added another trustworthy bra company that produces different types of sports bra meant to suit the different categories of wearers and ones that match a variety of workouts, all you need to do is identify your needs and settle with the perfect bra. And on a need to know basis, if you spot a sports bra from Zyia grab it before it goes out of stock because it might never come back.


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