From being a traditional and cultural practice, nose rings have evolved into a jewelry piece worn for fun and showcasing renunciation of societal norms.

Wholesale nose rings are perfect for retailers who are looking to add a little bit of flair to their merchandising.

These rings are also a great way for retailers to dress up their displays, attract new customers and add a bit of excitement to their sales.

These rings come in a variety of colors and styles and can be easily incorporated into a store’s existing inventory.

Retailers can choose from traditional nose rings such as hoops and cartilage noses to more unique designs such as spiders or feathers.

This article aims at assisting jewelry retailers in sourcing the highest quality nose rings from reputable vendors at reasonable wholesale rates.

Salamander Jewelry

Salamander Jewelry has a wide range of nose rings and studs available on their website.

They sell nose rings in almost all the materials that are deemed safe by the piercing industry, including gold, silver, titanium, surgical steel, pyrex, and more.

Although Salamander has been accused of high prices, the higher cost of their jewelry is justified by the superior quality they offer in all their products. It’d be safe to say that this quality is quite literally unmatched by any other brand in the business.

They also offer curated customization services if the overall order meets their required minimum order quantity.

Check out their website:

Everybody Jewelry

Everybody Jewelry is the very first body piercing store in California.

They sell every kind of body piercing jewelry, including nose rings. They have nose piercings available in the form of rings, studs, screws, fishtails, and more.

They also offer nose piercings made of different metals such as titanium, white gold, yellow gold, silver, and sterilized silver.

Everybody Jewelry offers an extensive range of designs you can choose from and even keeps updating its catalog to keep up with the current trends.

The best part? They offer free shipping in the US for orders above $300.

International orders can also avail of free shipping above $700 of purchases made.

Check out their website:

Rebel Bod

Rebel Bod is an online company dealing in body jewelry, including piercings.

They offer one of the largest varieties available in nose piercings, be it studs, screws, C-shaped, captive beads, or any style you want.

They also offer nose piercing in various authentic materials, all certified by the body piercing industry.

The prices at Rebel Bod vary according to the type of material used and the complexity of the nose piercing design.

However, Rebel Bod has been reproached for its inefficient delivery system.

According to customer reviews, they usually require a lot of time to deliver goods to the address mentioned.

This con is often overlooked by customers who are impressed by the fact that Rebel Bod offers free shipping on domestic orders above $50.

Check out their website:

Shining Light

Shining Light is amongst the leading wholesalers of nose piercing and other body piercing jewelry in the US.

They have been in business since 1999 and have more than 20 years of experience on their hands.

Shining Light has about one million different kinds of nose studs and piercings available in as many materials, colors, and designs as imaginably possible.

To add on, they have very budget-friendly prices and offer incentives to bulk customers as well.

The best part about shining Light is that they offer a lifetime guarantee on all of their products.

Check out their website:

Wholesale Nose Studs

Wholesale Nose Studs specialize in designing and manufacturing nose studs made up of high-quality materials like sterling silver and 18K gold.

They have more than 2000 different designs of nose studs available at pocket-friendly prices.

The best part about Wholesale Nose Studs is that they have a no minimum order policy, which lets you order as many pieces of jewelry as you want according to your needs.

However, Wholesale Nose Studs only ships its products across North America and the Caribbean, so buyers of other regions may have to scout for other shipment routes.

Check out their website:


Covet is all about body piercings with quality. They provide exceptional high-quality nose rings in various styles and designs.

Covet provides nose piercings made up of several different materials, including gold, silver, titanium, wood, stone, silicone, and many more.

Every piece of their piercing can be customized in any color according to the customer’s choice.

They also offer a thirty-day return policy, where you can return your product in case of any reason within thirty days of receiving it.

However, the product should be unused and in its original form when requesting a refund.

One downside is that Covet’s prices are slightly higher when compared to other body piercing brands.

Check out their website:

Rock Your Nose

Just like the name suggests, wearing this brand’s product will help rock your nose!

Rock Your Nose makes high-quality, hand-crafted nose studs in gold and silver at reasonable rates.

Although their prices may not be the lowest in the market, they are still fairly priced according to the quality they maintain.

To add more exquisiteness to their products, they also offer precious stones like emeralds, amethyst, ruby, diamonds, and many more engraved into the nose studs.

They also offer the service of customization to their customers.

Check out your products:


Glamira is an online jewelry shop supplying all kinds of luxury jewelry, including nose piercings.

They have a one-of-a-kind collection of nose piercings in almost every style and design. Plus, they also offer the service of color customization to their customers.

They have a sixty-day return policy and a lifetime guarantee for their products.

Glamira’s nose piercings are made up of precious metals like gold and silver, while some of their piercings may contain precious stones like diamonds, rubies, and many more.

This is why their prices are often in the high-end range compared to other brands.

Check out their website:


Claire has been manufacturing fun pieces of nose piercings for kids and teens since 1974.

They are a one shop-stop for trendy, cute nose piercings, especially designed and made for young girls.

They offer a wide variety of styles for nose piercings, such as studs, hooks, rings, hoops, balls, and many more.

The prices at Claire’s are very pocket-friendly, and they offer occasional discounts and sales on their products.

Check out their website:

Alluring Body

Alluring Body specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality, precious diamond nose studs and rings. However, they also offer nose piercings made up of gold and silver on their website.

Alluring Body has a wide range of nose piercings available, with most of its collection concentrated around elements from nature and nature itself.

As their products are made up of precious metals and stones, the prices fall on the high-end side.

They also offer free shipping all over America with no minimum order policy.

Alluring Body also offers a sixty-day return policy and a lifetime of guarantee for its products.

Check out their website:



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