Knitting yarn is the basic material from which textiles and fabrics are made.

They are the primary materials because of which million-dollar, as well as small-scale textile industries, are thriving.

Hand-knitted products like crocheted appliques and patchwork are also quite famous in the fashion market.

Stocking knitting yarns can be a profitable way to help fabric retailers increase their sales.

Purchasing raw materials from wholesalers serves to be beneficial for the retailers as they get products at lower prices and often have an extensive collection to choose from.

To aid retailers, we have compiled a list of wholesale knitting yarn distributors in America who provide high-quality knitting yarns at affordable rates.

Row House Yarn

Row House Yarn was founded by two friends based in Seattle in 2016.

The main intention behind launching this brand was to supply ethical knitting yarn to those who have a deep love for knitting.

The yarns at Row House are all supplied by famous brands like Alba and more. The yarns are all specifically hand-dyed into new colors at the store of Row House.

You can even customize the yarns into the colors you like.

However, it is advised to buy all the yarns required for a particular project at the same time as it can be difficult for them to make another batch of yarns in the same color tone.

The products are fairly priced per the ethics and quality of the products.

They also provide free shipping above $100 in the US.

Check out their website:

Silk City Fibers

Silk City Fibers has an experience of more than forty years in manufacturing high-quality yarns.

Silk City is one of the leading suppliers of yarns to top designers.

They provide yarns in more than 1000 different colors and 50 different styles. You can find yarns for knitting, weaving, crochet, embroidery, and basically, for any other purpose that you like.

They even offer the service of customization to their customers upon 50% advance payment.

They have a no minimum order policy, which means you can buy their products in whichever quantity is needed by you.

However, the prices at Silk City are at the high-end as their quality is unmatched in the whole yarn industry, quite literally.

Check out their website:

Made In America Yarns

Made In America Yarns is a Family operated online business which supplies high-quality yarns at factory prices.

They are associated with and operated under the skilled leadership of Huntington Yarn Mill, which is why they have access to all the new hi-tech machinery needed to provide exemplary yarns.

They provide a wide variety of knitting yarns based on weights, materials, shapes, and colors. They even offer the service of color customization to their customers.

Their metallic knitting yarn, which is made up of wool crepe and chenille yarns twisted in a complex manner, is one of the “hot-sellers” on their website.

The prices at Made In America Yarns are reasonable but certainly not one of the lowest.

Check out their website:

Smileys Yarn

Founded in 1935, Smileys Yarn is one of the top knitting yarn suppliers in America.

They provide all kinds of knitting yarns from top brands like Red Heart, Plymouth, Patons, Bernet, and more.

They have yarns available in almost all kinds of materials like wool, cashmere, cotton, tweed, chenille, and more.

Smileys Yarn has a minimum order quantity of fifty items and a fixed shipping fee of $12.95.

They are one of the most pocket-friendly suppliers of knitting yarns, starting from just $0.99 per roll of yarn.

Check out their website:

Bartlett Yarns

Bartlett Yarns is America’s oldest yarn-producing brand. They have been producing wool yarns since the 1800s.

Bartlett has a range of different collections of wool yarns categorized by color and weight. The Fisherman has been their best-selling collection of yarn since its inception.

The best part about Bartlett is that they have three different types of wholesale deals so that they can cover as many customers as possible.

They also offer 20% discounts on wholesale buying to non-profit organizations and certified designers.

Check out their website:

Simple Socks Yarn

Simple Socks Yarn has a wide variety of high-quality yarns, with their specialty lying in sock yarns.

Simple Socks has yarns from all the top brands like Cascade Yarns, Malabrigo Yarns, and more.

The prices at Simple Socks Yarn are also very budget-friendly.

They also offer the service of winding yarns upon request. However, winded yarns cannot be returned or refunded.

Simple Socks offers free shipping over $100 in the US.

Check out their website:

Jagger Spun Yarn

Jagger Spun Yarn is one of the leading brands manufacturing worsted spun yarns. They provide yarns made up of wool, organic, and synthetic fibers.

They have a large assortment of colors in every yarn type.

Customers can buy as many yarns from Jagger Spun Yarn as they have a no minimum order policy.

They also have one of the fastest shipping services, shipping products within just 2-3 days.

The prices may not be the lowest, but they are still affordable when compared to other brands providing similar quality yarns.

Check out their website:

Yarnia’s Custom Yarn

Yarnia’s Custom Yarn is Portland’s largest yarn shop and the only brand providing the service of customization to their customers.

Yarnia has a policy of selling yarns in pounds rather than selling them based on the number of skeins and cones.

This makes Yarnia’s products much cheaper than other brands since customers do not have to pay for individual sets of skeins and cones, minimizing the overall costs incurred.

The unique thing about Yarnia’s yarn is that the threads are not twisted together but instead wound together at even tension. This helps the yarn to unknot evenly when knitting products.

They have many versions of yarns available, categorized based on weight, colors, patterns, materials, and more.

Check out their website:

Brown Sheep

Brown Sheep is a family-operated business supplying wool and natural fiber yarns for more than 100 years.

They have 12 lines of yarns, each offering a prominent hue of colors.

The color palettes are consistently updated so customers can get the latest trends in colored yarns at Brown Sheep.

Brown Sheep has a unique portal for wholesalers on which they provide additional discounts and incentives to customers who buy in bulk.

They even offer free shipping over orders above $100.

Check out their website:



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