Jade is one of the multi-layered gems that is considered more valuable than gold and silver in many cultures.

Jade can be of varying quality, starting from $3 per piece to thousands of dollars per stone.

Jewelry retailers nowadays include jade jewelry in their products, as it helps them attract more customers and increase their sales.

As jade is available at a range of different prices, every kind of jewelry retailer, whether big or small, can afford to include them as one of their products.

To help jewelry retailers lay their hands on the best jade jewelry, we have gathered a list of wholesale jade jewelry suppliers who offer the best quality at the best prices.

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Jade Jewelry Store

Jade Jewelry store is a family-owned online business based in Florida.

They have an extensive collection of jade jewelry, be it necklaces, pendants, bracelets, charms, earrings, rings, and so much more.

Each jewelry piece is further divided into different designs and styles. For example, jade necklaces are found in the beads, butterfly, and Buddha styles.

Jade Jewelry Store provides average-quality jade jewelry. Hence its products are not very expensive.

They also offer occasional discounts to customers who buy in bulk or those who have placed multiple orders at Jade Jewelry Store.

Check out their website: https://jadejewelrystore.com/

Turgeon Raine

Turgeon Raine has offered all kinds of metal and gem jewelry, including jade, since 1982.

There is not much of a collection available when it comes to jade jewelry at Turgeon Raine. However, the quality provided is exceptional. They offer you the best quality jade stones intricately crafted into jewelry by skilled craftsmen.

As the quality is uncompromised, the prices tend to be at the very far end.

Turgeon Raine also offers a thirty-day return policy with no return shipping fee.

Check out their website: https://turgeonraine.com/


Macy’s is an online and in-shop company dealing in apparel and jewelry, including jade jewelry.

Macy’s sources its products from reliable brands; hence the quality provided is the one you can trust blindly.

They do offer an adequate variety of jade jewelry like earrings, bangles, rings, pendants, etc.

Macy’s also has different colors of jade available to choose from.

The prices of jade jewelry at Macy’s are very high, as the jade used is of the best quality, and the metals used are often gold and silver.

They also offer free shipping for purchases over $25 in America.

Check out their website: https://www.macys.com/

Baikalla Jewelry

Baikalla Jewelry sells all kinds of gem jewelry, specializing in jade jewelry.

They provide high-quality authentic jade jewelry of any type, be it bangles, earrings, necklaces, brooches, or literally anything else that qualifies.

To back up their jade-stone products, they even provide a 100% authenticity card with a money-return guarantee.

Baikalla encompasses almost every kind of price budget by selling affordable as well as luxurious jade jewelry.

They provide free shipping across the whole of America within 2-3 days with the service of tracking.

Check out their website: https://www.baikalla.com/

Jade Brothers

Jade Brothers specialize in hand-crafted jade jewelry.

The jades provided are personally selected by the company’s owners so that their customers can get high-quality, authentic stones.

They offer a variety of colors in jade stones, such as green, black, and purple.

The prices at Jade Brothers are at the far end because the stones used are 100% authentic and of the best quality.

They also offer the service of customization to their customers.

Jade brothers have a standard domestic shipping rate of $45.

Check out their website: https://jadebrothers.com/

H & F Jewelry

H & F has been providing diamond and jade jewelry for over fifty years.

Each of their jewelry pieces is designed and crafted by skilled craftsmen ensuring precision.

They claim their jades to be 100% authentic “A” quality stones. They even provide a 10x price return if their jade is verified to be unauthentic.

H & F offers a large collection of jade jewelry in every style and type that a customer may want.

The products may be expensive as the materials used are authentic and precious.

However, H & F does provide wholesalers and customers who buy in bulk with occasional discounts and incentives.

Check out their website: https://hnfjewellery.com/

Oriental Jade Jewelry

Oriental Jade has been a family-owned business dealing in jade jewelry for more than 26 years.

They use authentic jades in their jewelry which are specially hand-picked from China and Burma.

They have all kinds of jade jewelry like bangles, earrings, necklaces, rings, and more.

Oriental also takes pride in crafting one-of-a-kind, exclusive pieces of jewelry crafted by skilled craftsmen in Asia.

Oriental offers affordable as well as expensive jade jewelry to accommodate every kind of customer’s budget.

In addition to jewelry, they also offer a huge collection of jade figures on their website.

Check out their website: https://orientaljadejewelry.com/



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