A fedora is a hat with a snap-brim. It’s usually pinched in the middle and then again at the front.

Because it’s made up of soft felt, it may be fashioned in a variety of ways.

Fedora hats have been popular for decades and are likely to remain so for the foreseeable future.

If you are a retailer dealing in fedora hats, finding a golden goose in the form of a reliable wholesale provider can help you make a fortune.

Hence, in this piece, we have listed a few places where you can buy high-quality fedora hats at wholesale prices.

1. Huayi Hats

Huayi Hats is a custom fedora hat maker that offers a variety of fedora hat types, including boater fedoras, Panama fedoras, trilby fedoras, bowler hats, and cowboy hats among others.

Huayi Hats has a large selection of wholesale fedora hats on sale all the time.

You have the option of purchasing in-stock hats or getting them tailored to your specifications.

The wholesale minimum order quantity varies by style. If you choose their in-stock items, however, there is no minimum purchase requirement.

If you want to buy high-end fedora hats at cheap wholesale rates, check out their website.

2. Dynamic Asia

It is located in Los Angeles, California, and has been a major fashion importer and wholesaler since 1990.

They deal in women’s accessories such as bags, scarves, sunglasses, hats, etc.

Their website has a wide collection of different styles of Fedora hats.

The minimum order quantity varies as per the product. You can find out MOQ and other details about the product by clicking on it on the website.

All the items displayed are being offered at wholesale prices. However, The minimum order limit is $150.

For more information and details, visit:



It is a headwear company based in China. It specializes in the production of hats and has been committed to this business since 2000.

They have a large selection of hats to choose from, including the most popular Fedora Hats.

YXHATS can offer factory direct pricing because it has its own manufacturing company in China.

They use the most advanced screen printing and embroidery technology for the production of hats.

The minimum order quantity is 1200 pieces. However, if you order a large number of customized hats, you will enjoy a higher discount.


4. Wholesale Hats

This company has been manufacturing, importing, and embroidering a wide variety of headwear and caps since 1979.

As the name entails, all the products here are offered at wholesale prices.

They also provide custom embroidery for the majority of their products.

The designs, however, are copyrighted and only available to its customers for use with their name drops.

They send you a model for evaluation and approval via email and only begin manufacturing when you approve it.

The minimum order quantity is 12 pieces per color and design. The prices are based on the quantity you order.

If you order a large quantity, the cost per piece will decrease, and you will be able to get a higher discount.

To order a bulk quantity of premium quality Fedora Hats, visit their website now.

5. Shanghai Jianglong Imp & Exp Corp.

This is a manufacturing and trading company based in China.

They mainly deal in products such as kimonos, scarves, gloves, hats, and earmuffs.

They have a wide selection of fedora hats that you may customize with your company’s logo or graphic designs of your choice.

The minimum order quantity differs from product to product.

If you are interested in buying a large quantity of fashionable, high-end fedora hats, check them out on Alibaba.com

6. Buytshirtsonline

Buytshirtsonline is a family-run business that distributes branded activewear at discounted prices.

The brand, contrary to its name, sells a variety of products from several labels.

Here you can find wholesale hats from reputable manufacturers in the industry, such as Beechfield.

Buytshirtsonline’s hats and caps can also be customized with a bespoke design or your company’s logos.

Fedora Hats can be purchased in bulk from them at low wholesale prices to assure strong profit margins for your retail business.

To check their in-stock Fedora Hats, head over to their website now:


7. Fame Accessories

Fame Accessories is a well-known accessory and jewelry supplier situated in Los Angeles.

Bryan Lee launched Fame Accessories in 2010 after recognizing a need in the wholesale accessories industry for small businesses in terms of customer service.

On their website, they provide a large selection of fedora hats to choose from.

If you wish to buy from them, you must be a registered vendor or have a tax ID or company license.

If you want to buy good quality, trendy fedora hats at reasonable prices, check their website:


8. Fuzhou Haomin Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd

It is a Manufacturing and Trading Company based in China that was established in 1981.

They specialize in producing different kinds of bags, hats, accessories, and other promotional gifts.

They offer the best, individualized service at the most reasonable wholesale prices.

You can choose from their products as well as request custom designs.

A minimum order quantity of 100 items is required.

They are a vendor selling on the Global Sources website. For more information and details, visit them at:


9. Wholesale Fashion Square

WFS works with popular brands in Los Angeles and several importers to bring you high-quality women’s fashion.

They have one of the largest selections of items to choose from and provide excellent customer service.

WFS collaborates with its partners to reduce design and manufacturing expenses so that small businesses that buy from them can benefit.

They usually sell orders in bundles of six, but if you need to test their products before buying in bulk, they also provide bundles in three.

To buy in-stock fedora hats at highly affordable prices, check their website:




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