While starting a new jewelry business, it is imperative to put in a good collection of a variety of earrings to attract the vast number of women who use earrings to express their personalities.

However, finding cheap and good-quality wholesalers is a challenge that every new business owners have to go through.

In this article, we have found you a completely reliable list of wholesale earring suppliers, which will save you a lot of time worth finding and researching so many options and will hopefully get your business the products it needs to thrive.

1. Pink Town

Pinetown is a wholesale earring vendor based in the USA.

They have a large collection of earrings of various styles, such as hoops earrings, bamboo earrings, statement earrings, druzy earrings, crystals, wood, tassel, and beaded earrings.

All their designs are available in many different color combinations for people with varying preferences of color.

Their products are priced competitively and are also made while keeping environmental and social responsibilities in mind.

You better head over to their site https://www.pinktownusa.com/jewelry/earrings to see their earrings collection and see if any of their products fit your desired niche.

2. Judson and Company

Based in Alabama and been in the business since 1989, Judson and Co is a family-operated company with a lot of experience in the business.

Earrings are just one of the small items from their vast wholesale inventory.

Their Earring collections are based on various themes and designs and are destined to make you get hooked.

To further facilitate a smooth digital transaction, you can make your personal account on their ever-expanding site and order with ease.

Their website https://judson.biz/wholesale-earrings/c/412 has more information and product preview for you to see and choose from.

3. Jewelry Bund

Jewelry Bund is also a US-based wholesaler that has products made in both USA and China.

They have a huge stock of earrings ready to be shipped with a lot of variety.

Hoop Earrings, Boutique Earrings, Korean Earrings, Tassel Earrings, Drop Earrings, Dangle Earrings, Pearl Earrings, Leather Earrings, Statement Earrings, Huggie Earrings, and many other earrings are on display.

Not just are earrings of various colors and shapes exported, but they also have sterling silver-made products for those interested.

They can be contacted at https://www.jewelrybund.com/9-fashion-earrings for orders and queries.

4. Fame Accessories

As a huge wholesale company with businesses worldwide, Fame accessories is not your local wholesale company but rather a reliable brand with many trusted clients.

Their earrings are mostly metal-based, but you can find plastic ones easily too.

The best thing about their products is that not only are they trendy and easy to style, but they are also durable and will be a good value for your money.

All of their available supply is listed at https://www.fameaccessories.com/earrings, and they also have a built-in chat automated for optimal customer experience. You can make an account to get registered with the company.

5. Hola More

Modern, Posh, and classy are the perfect words to describe Hola More as a wholesale company.

They take design and aesthetics very seriously not only with their articles but also with their customer experience.

They are not the ones that produce ripoffs of other designs, but with R&D expertise, they train people to produce new modern and sleek designs to be released into the market.

Their earrings have metallic designs combined with various colors that add a luxurious feel to their products.

Check out their website: https://www.holamorejewelry.com/new-release/ which lets you build your own custom jewelry designs too.


Faire is a wholesale brand for handcrafted earrings that lets you order designs made by artists around the world.

The multitude of designs are mostly nature-inspired, but you will find lots of minimal and modern designed earrings too.

Around 450,000 retailers are profiting from Faire products currently.

Their products are supplied to retailers around the world, but mainly Europe holds a central position in their exports.

Take a look at their website https://www.faire.com/ and see for yourself if their products are worth spending on.

7. Js World Trading Inc

Js World can hook you up with a lot of new designs in the market.

They not only cater to the usual designs but also have hipster and bold designs that can be very appealing to the rebellious younger generation in expressing their interests.

Their earrings are a mix of various cultures as they sell shapes like bulls, flowers, stars, etc.

The products are priced competitively, and the transaction process is a fairly smooth one.

Check out their website at: https://www.m.jsworldtrading.com/index.php

8. Element Body Jewelry

Want your earring products to feature old victorian royal designs? Well, Element body Jewellers can hook you up with exactly these kinds of products.

They supply both artificial and gem-encrusted earrings, each of which comes in a lot of different styles.

The one thing that makes them stand out is their efficiency. They supply orders at the most urgent of timelines while still keeping the price nominal.

Make sure to have a look at their products at https://elementbodyjewelry.com/ and see how well made their products are. Other contact options are further listed on their site.

9. CC Wholesale Clothing

For our last pick, we bring you a giant in the wholesale world with trades around the globe.

CC wholesale company specializes in supplying metallic and gemstone encrusted products for the younger generation. The earrings are mainly made for everyday use or for daytime informal get-togethers.

Formal dinner earrings are also available, with gold playing a central role in their color scheme.

There are options for both gold and silver available for all luxury designs to get you exactly what you need on the right budget.

Head over to https://www.ccwholesaleclothing.com/ to learn more and order.



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