Around the world, every day, people fall in love, and many find the courage to confess and propose to their loved ones.

On such majestic and auspicious occasions, people tend to choose the rings of the highest standard to not only showcase the love and adoration they hold for their partner but also to give them a gift that will survive the test of time.

In today’s article, we have compiled a list of the best Wholesale Diamond Rings suppliers from around the globe that can take your jewelry business to the absolute next level!

1. Richard Cannon Jewelry

For dominating the market these past few years, they had to make it to the top of our list!

Richard Canon Jewelry Company provides clients from around the world with diamond products, including highly crafted diamond-studded rings that are perfect for one’s valuable moments.

Not only are their white gold rings of the best quality, but they are also a pleasure to order from as their order is shipped and delivered smoothly right on time.

Head over to their website to learn more about their products and make your order right now!

2. DelMundo

Hailing from Lasvegas, Nevada, United States, DelMundo has been in the diamond jewelry wholesale market since 1984.

So yes, they do have a LOT of experience on their side.

Their jewelry focuses on environmental and mythical themes like forests, beaches, and other various animals.

However, the rings they manufacture are a symbol of bonding and comfortability.

As they’ve been around for so long, they have gathered the finest collection of artisans that constantly produce new and unique ring designs.

As their popularity is increasing day by day, we suggest you contact them asap at to get the best deals and to make your order!

3. Sonara Jewelry

Being operated in the famous city of Los Angeles, Sonara Jewellers are known as one of the reputable importers, manufacturers, and wholesalers of diamond rings and other diamond products.

They have a very wide diamond ring collection, including various kinds of white gold that have been neatly crafted to make rings that are not only breathtaking to look at but are also strong and durable to hold the test of hard times.

For further queries and order placement, they can be contacted at

We guarantee you’ll be surprised by the ease of transaction and their excellent customer service!

4. Designer Jewelry

Another age-old company you can trust with the biggest gift of your life is Designer Jewelry.

Indeed, a rather simple name for a company so sophisticatedly thoughtful about its clients.

Their Diamond encrusted rings have the perfect amount of golden color to them, which makes them stunning to see from a distance.

The company prides itself on producing unique, never before seen designs of various themes and ideas which are loved by all their customers!.

If you would like to see their collection for yourself, head over to now and find out about their deals yourself!

5. Patiala Diamonds

Patiala company hail from the subcontinent and have developed its craft to meet international standards of luxury jewelry.

It is one of the most famous diamond-making brands in Pakistan and is unique in its professionalism.

All their diamond jewelry is made with utmost care to accentuate white, yellow & rose gold with a warm tone and a lot of shine.

Diamond Jewellery is packaged in exquisite Patiala Diamond gift boxes.

The Brand also provides certificates of authenticity and also gives lifetime polish access to their esteemed pompous clients to deliver a luxury experience.

The brand operates via an excellently managed site,, which will surely alleviate all your worries about getting your next order placement!

6. Lavina Jewelry Company

Lavina’s diamond products are at another level entirely in terms of sophisticated and intricate diamond arrangements.

They have a large supply of diamond-encrusted jewelry that is available for sale around the world at a fair cost and in a relatively short amount of time.

The best thing about them is that they keep their quality high, but their prices are lower and more affordable than some of the leading names in the industry.

So if you also want to showcase their excellent products at your retail centers and earn big bucks from their very high-quality products, be sure to check their site now!

7. Brilliance

The staff at Brilliance are highly professional traders that take their business very seriously and are committed to providing the best value for money.

Their huge diamond rings collection includes a lot of heavy and light rings of variable price ranges for people belonging to all kinds of backgrounds and cultures.

They also refine your order based on diamond shape, carrot options, and ring size.

Hence, this explains the brand’s popularity and the speed with which orders are being placed for their products.

We are sure that their rings will instantly be a hit at your stores!

For more information and order placements, check out their site to learn more about their business and also have a detailed look at their products!

8. Prime Style

There’s a reason that the tagline of the company says: Luxury that you can afford.

This is a reality as many customers like you are looking for more economical options to source their diamond products.

Prime Style, in this regard, does its best to provide Jewelry that can be bought by the common man.

Their eternity diamond tings collection is pretty popular these days for its dazzle and compactedness with which it fits a lot of intricate work on a small area.

For all these reasons, we think they are an absolutely reliable wholesale service that can send you the best diamond rings in a short time.

Do check out their site for yourself and see if you like what they have to offer.

9. Firenze Jewellers

Being Operated from the diamond district of New York, Firenze can get you really authentic and appropriate rings at a low price.

They only sell GIA and EGL-certified diamonds, and even those go through the strictest of quality checks to ensure the product is original.

Not only are the diamonds original, but they offer them in all shapes and carrot options.

You may choose to get a transparent diamond-encrusted ring, but fancy colored diamond rings are available too on their site!

For more information, you can check out their website here:

10. Diamond and Gold Warehouse

Wedding, engagement, and custom diamond-laden jewelry are manufactured by this brand.

Diamonds of various natural properties are available to choose from.

The jewelry in itself has a lot of positive customer reviews to it, which makes the brand reliable and secure to order from.

For their custom orders, they don’t just mix and match other designs.

Instead, they have a team of designers who will listen to you and make you a design that would be just perfect for you.

All other product information is on their site

You may negotiate with them in terms of pricing, and we hope you get a pleasant deal!

11. Los Angeles Diamond Seller

Diamond Seller also goes by the name Gem Dynasty and offers many unique offers to its customers.

For starters, the most notable thing is that they can buy your old unsold pieces from you at reasonable prices and hook you up with a fresh supply of cool designs that are meant to be sold.

If you are a jeweler from Los Angeles, then buying from them will not only save you the shipping cost but will also allow you to cater right to the demand of the Los Angeles Jewelry taste.

They have a really professional site where you can see their designs for yourself and decide whether you want to work with them on your business endeavor or not.

12. Canada Diamond.Inc

Canada Diamonds are another great diamond ring wholesale service that gets you many offers with your order.

Firstly, they give free shipping to their clients that are from the United States and Canada. This can cut you a lot on the cost aspect and make your order more economical.

Secondly, there is a money-back guarantee for all buyers allowing you to return any damaged products back right away.

Thirdly, high-quality diamonds are sold purely at wholesale prices, meaning you don’t get ripped off by the high market prices.

Lastly, there is a 24/7 support option available to all potential clients as they have a built-in live chatbot on their website for a silky smooth customer service experience.

Their page has much more to tell you about them. Do give it a look!




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