In recent times, there has emerged a high demand for eco-friendly materials as more people opt for a sustainable lifestyle.

Hence, it’s no surprise that eco-friendliness has squirmed its way even into the world of eyewear.

Among these, bamboo is considered one of the most eco-friendly resources, and manufacturers have transitioned from plastic frames to bamboo frames for increased sustainability.

It is hence essential for retailers like yourself to include a collection of eco-friendly bamboo glasses and sunglasses in your inventory to maximize profits and meet customer demand.

However, with thousands of suppliers globally operating, finding the ideal sunglasses suppliers and vendors for your business may be a little tedious.

Therefore here is a list of USA’s reliable Wholesale Bamboo Sunglasses vendors and retailers you can partner with.


Miami sunglasses are the biggest online wholesalers with the best designer sunglasses. They are primarily located in San Diego, USA.

Their collection consists of thousands of designs, all made from the best quality materials.

They can be your source for naturally made Bamboo sunglasses, and there are various designs and shades to choose from.

All of their Bamboo sunglasses come from registered trademark brands, and so every pair of glasses will come with a branded hang tag.

Prices are not listed on these hang tags to make it easy for you to set your own price for retail.

Check out their website:


Frontier fashion has been a leading brand supplying quality eyewear fashion sunglasses since 2001. They are located in Jhonson Dr, City Of Industry, California.

They believe their customers are their assets and check every box on the reliable brand checklist.

They carry a wide variety of designs from popular brands and provide generous discounts on bulk orders.

All of their wholesale sunglasses are sold in bulk and are packaged in sets of twelve.

All international orders of sunglasses are shipped using USPS and UPS.

Their bamboo sunglasses are a smart, eco-friendly alternative to plastic eyewear.

Their bamboo aviators are EKO polarized and give UV400, UVA, and UVB protection from the sun.

Check out their website:


GotShades is a wholesale sunglasses distributor serving for 30 years in the City Of Industry, California.

Its main goal has always been to provide its customers with trendy, fashionable, and high-quality sunglasses at very affordable prices.

They have a range of eco-friendly bamboo temple sunglasses with a round double bridge aviator frame and lenses with different hues.

They sell to their customers at unbelievably low prices, which is why they keep wanting to return for more.

Stocking up on their smooth-finished and polished bamboo sunglasses will definitely become a wow factor for your store.

Check out their website:


Zibawood is yet another incredible eyewear supplier based in MacArthur Blvd, Newport Beach, USA.

Each pair of sunglasses is unique at Ziba Wood.

They all possess durability, flexibility, and strength, which a plastic frame can only try to replicate.

Their eco-friendly black bamboo polarized sunglasses are a great compliment to every outfit you wear.

Stainless steel spring hinges are used to hold them together.

For extra protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, polarized lenses are used in the frames.

Check out their website:


Surf Snow Promo has been dedicated to tailoring products exclusively for their dedicated customers since 1991.

They are primarily located in Colorado, USA but ship worldwide through their website.

They protect clients’ investments by offering high-quality products that are safe for everyday wear and use,

They make handmade sunglasses with eco-friendly materials like simple bamboo as well as coffee-colored bamboo that offer UV 400 protection from harmful sun rays.

These sustainable sunglasses have polarized lenses and spring-fit hinges.

They offer custom logo engraving on outside temples and lenses. All their sunglasses are FDA certified and registered and are impact resistant.

Check out their website:


KDEAM is your new retail destination that meets all eyewear needs.

Since its inception in 2013 in Colorado, they’ve been leaving no stone unturned in wowing its customers with incredible quality and the best service in town.

They offer exclusive styles of bamboo sunglasses, each with better style and performance than the previous.

The bamboo sunglasses are polished neat with a comfortable high nose cushion and a light sports hinge design that gives a smooth and clean appearance with a classy vibe.

Among the numerous advantages of going for KDeam’s bamboo sunglasses, the best benefit is that they are very lightweight.

All of the KDEAM eyewear offers protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Check out their website:


With a perfect mix of style and ergonomic design, RADSWEAR is a brand offering an exceptional eyewear experience.

They have created a line of wooden sunglasses and offer the best bamboo sunglasses that contain the essence of nature, are eco-friendly and durable, last longer, and focus on protecting the eye from damage.

All the different sunglasses collections at Radswear include UV400 polarized lenses.

The key features of their sunglasses are that they are shatter and scratch-resistant and contain spring hinges for maximum flexibility.

The amalgamation of the eye-striking design of the Bamboo sunglasses will help you take your style game to a new level.

Check out their website:



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