San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in California.

The city is so rich in its culture and history that it can get hard not to be influenced by it.

Apart from being deeply rooted in its history, the state is also quite modern and liberal.

People living there are free to do whatever they wish to do.

There are many famous places in the state of San Francisco, but it is most known for its popular Golden Gate Bridge.

The bridge has been spotted in many Hollywood movies, and folks all around the world love to drive around it during sunset.

San Francisco’s weather is also known to be pleasant and moderate.

In July, the weather is a mix of hot and cold winds.

During the day, the sun shines brightly, so the weather is hot, but at night it is chilly and cold.

Due to this moderate temperature, many people prefer visiting the city from June to November.

During July, not many tourists are out exploring the city, so if you don’t mind the sunny weather, you can tour the place when the crowds are sparse.

While visiting San Francisco, make sure to visit all these beautiful places, and it is best to tour the city on foot, so you don’t miss anything.

People love to visit the Palace of Fine Arts and Alcatraz Island, so these places are a must-visit.

San Francisco Weather in July

The city’s weather in July is known to be mild and moderate during the day but chilly at night.

The whole city is covered in fog during the evening, which is why it is mostly cold after the sun goes down.

During the day, the fog clears off, showing an uncovered sun, so the days in the city during this month can be pretty hot.

The average daytime temperature can be up to 65-70 Fahrenheit, while the average nighttime temperature can be up to 50-60 Fahrenheit.

To cope with this changing weather, it is best to carry a warm jacket or a shawl.

Dressing in layers would also be sensible since you could take the layers on and off depending on what the weather is.

What to Pack for Your Daytime Activities in San Francisco?

When keeping San Francisco’s weather in mind, make sure you pack some layers.

If you are looking to go out during the day, then some half-sleeved shirts with jeans or shorts would be perfect.

You can also pack some warm jeans lined with fleece, so you don’t freeze off in the cold.

The go-to outfit would be wearing comfortable jeans with a blouse and some jackets, so you can take your jackets off in case you feel warm.

If you are into the arts, then visiting the Palace of Fine Arts would be the best way to start your day.

The place is free to visit, and normally it would only take up to 30 minutes to wait before going inside.

The place is huge and overlooks a beautiful lake.

The whole place is an architectural masterpiece.

For this visit, you can either dress a little extra by wearing a knee-length dress with some boots, or you can keep it pretty casual by wearing a blouse and jeans.

If you are looking for a more fun time, how about visiting Pier 39?

This place is a famous tourist attraction.

Pier 39 includes many shops, street performances, and even a marina where you can see different sea creatures.

Since you will be walking a lot, make sure you wear your comfy shoes and dress in something casual like a jumpsuit or a sweatshirt with some jeans.

What to Pack for Your Nighttime Activities in San Francisco?

The nights in San Francisco can be chilly and cold during July.

Making sure that you are dressed stylishly is just as important as keeping yourself warm.

Depending on what you have planned for your night, incorporating something warm into your plans is important if you want to save yourself from the cold.

If you are thinking of driving down the Golden Gate Bridge to see the beautiful sunset, then you can wear a pretty crop top with some mom jeans and an oversized jacket.

If you are thinking of going out for dinner or to a party, a simple long dress with a long coat would be just perfect.

You can also go for a high-cut blouse and a skirt if you are thinking of going clubbing.

To look extra chic and put together, wear a matching set of earrings and a cute little necklace, and you are ready to go.

If you are thinking of visiting Alcatraz Island, be prepared to have your mind blown away.

The island is famous for its prison, but now it is one of the top tourist attractions in the city.

You can wear a t-shirt with your favorite jeans and some comfortable shoes.

Make sure you pack a warm jacket or a hoodie, so you don’t catch a cold.

Additional Things to Pack for Your Trip

The number one rule for packing for San Francisco is to pack in layers.

Keep an extra pair of warm leggings, and make sure you take a long coat and a jacket with you so you are prepared to dress both fancy and casually while staying warm.

Keeping yourself protected and safe from the climate should be your number one priority.

Some other things you should pack for your trip are:

1.     Warm undergarments

2.     Sunblock

3.     A pair of comfortable shoes and some fancy shoes

4.     A portable charger with a power bank

5.     Your travel wallet to keep everything in one place.

6.     A scarf or some warm gloves

San Francisco is a beautiful city filled with art, landscapes, and gorgeous tourist sites.

When packing for your trip, make sure you check the weather in July beforehand and prepare according to what the temperature would be in the city.

Keep a sunblock on hand at all times to protect yourself from the harsh summer rays, and a warm jacket nearby to keep you comfortable and cozy at night.



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