If you walk into many jewelry stores or are a big fan of aesthetic jewelry sets, you must have probably seen engravings on the inside of your rings or even the backside of your earrings.

Have you ever wondered the meaning behind these brandings?

Are they just random intricate texts?

Is it a symbol of bad luck?

Are these engravings some sort of mystical code used to dupe people?

Many things come to mind when we observe these engravings on our ornaments.

But do not worry, for we have got just the right article for you.

Keep reading to unveil the mystery behind these weird texts.

What does the G stamp mean on gold?

On a gold product, the consumer must especially be on the lookout for G-engravings.

These can be classified into three types: “GP,” “GF,” and “HE or HGE.”

The first type is GP or Gold Plated, as the name suggests, a process of plating a very thin layer of gold over a cheap metal is represented by the initials. These metals may be copper, silver, or other alloys.

The karats of purity of the gold are sometimes also labeled with the branding.

These products discolor after a brief period, and the metal color becomes prominently visible.

The next one is GF or Gold Filled. It refers to gold being attached chemically to a base layer of metal. A thick layer of gold is used in HGE so that the jewelry can be used for a long time.

This process usually results in the end-product being highly durable, resistant to tarnish (discoloration), and suited for all sorts of people due to non-reactive properties.

The last one, HGE or HE, means that the product has undergone High-Grade Electroplating. What differentiates it from gold-plating is that a thicker layer is deposited in this type.

However, these are also cheap kinds and not relevant for resale.

What does G 14K mean on a ring?

G refers to gold, and 14 K refers to the purity of the gold used in making the ring. The composition of 14 karat gold is 58.5% of pure gold. The remaining 41.5% are metal alloys.

What does GS mean on silver?

GS means Gold Shell. On silver, indicates using a layer of gold or gold plating a thin layer over a silver compound.

So, what does 14k gs mean on Jewelry?

The engraved text lets the consumer know about the quality of the gold used. 14 karat is primarily used for jewelry making. GS refers to an item being gold-plated.

14 KGS would thus mean that on a silver ring, a thin layer of 14 karat gold has been added.




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