Shopping for biker shorts that are comfortable, soft, breathable, sweat-friendly, stylish, and ideal for cycling or any kind of workout is both tiring and hard to find. If one fits you well, its fabric may not be the one you prefer and vice versa. The offerings are few and far between.  Biker shorts shopping has become all the more important now that we are dealing with a global pandemic and managing everything whilst staying fit and healthy. So to make your life a little easier, we have rounded up the Top 7 Plus-Size Biker Shorts and also gathered information about what to look for while purchasing one.

Just My Size Women’s Stretch Jersey Plus-Size Biker Short

The first one on our list is the buyer’s top choice in the ‘Plus-Size Biker Shorts’ category. The material is 90% Cotton and 10% Spandex. It has a classic 9-inch inseam. The fabric has large elongation, good shape, and wrinkle-free texture. It has super soft and elastic material. It is available in two colors; black and charcoal heather.

The shorts are comfortable to wear and ensure a perfect fit. They are acid and alkali-resistant and easily machine washable so it is quite convenient to wash and clean them after a long sweaty day of cycling.

It has non-chafe seams which help you achieve that hassle-free active lifestyle you crave for. Without the thick threading running along the inseam, you don’t have to encounter unnecessary friction during your workouts or while you’re running errands. Without the seams digging in, these shorts will leave you feeling smooth all day long.


  • Stretchable material
  • Tag-free elastic waist
  • Flat-locked, non-chafe seams go easy on your skin
  • Anti-wearing
  • Anti-aging


  • No pockets
  • Not too resistant to heat

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Hanes Women’s Jersey Plus-Size Biker Short

The second one on the list is the buyer’s preferred choice in ‘Plus-Size Shorts’. It has a drawstring closure and is available in four classy colors; black, charcoal heather, light steel, and navy. It has a 7″ inseam.

The material is 100% cotton. It is ideal for all seasons. It can keep you cool on a hot summer day and provide insulation on a cold winter day. The fabric is soft, breathable, and super comfortable.

The texture of the cloth is hypoallergenic and rarely causes irritations or any allergic reactions. Since it is entirely made up of natural fiber (cotton), it hardly has any harmful chemicals as compared to synthetic fibers such as polyester and acrylic.


  • Machine washable
  • Soft stretch cotton jersey fabric keeps you comfortable
  • Wide, ribbed waistband with adjustable outer draw cord
  • Roomy side pockets for storage
  • Tag-free waist


  • The fabric may shrink after multiple washes
  • Wrinkles easily and needs ironing every time before wearing
  • It can get damaged by damp conditions

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Hanes Women’s Stretch Jersey Plus-Size Biker Short

The next on our list is the buyer’s top choice in ‘Plus-Size Spandex Biker Shorts’. The material is 90% Cotton and 10% Spandex. It fits true to size. The shorts are available in two colors; black and charcoal heather. It has an elastic closure and a 7″ inseam.

The fabric is soft, breathable, and wrinkle-free. It is resistant to perspiration, seawater, and the majority of dry cleaners and suntan lotions. The texture is super comfortable and easy to wear. It also resists fading and is easy to wash.


  • Machine washable
  • Heavier fabric weight to prevent show-through
  • Flattering fit
  • Comfortable elastic waistband
  • Soft, cotton stretch material with a touch of spandex for unmatched comfort
  • The material is wrinkle-free and requires minimum ironing


  • The fabric may shrink after several washes
  • Easily absorbs moisture from the air
  • Not resistant to heat so better to be placed in the shade to dry and avoid exposure to the sun

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Danskin Women’s Essentials Plus-Size Biker Short

The next on the list is a super trendy piece. It is available in two classy colors; black and charcoal heather. It has a 7-inch inseam. It is a good blend of three high-quality fabrics. The material is 57% Cotton, 37% Polyester, and 6% Spandex.

The stuff is ideal to wear in all seasons. The texture is smooth, breathable, and comfortable so it is a suitable choice for all-day wear. It is hypoallergenic and does not irritate the skin. It has large elongation, good shape, perfect fit, and a wrinkle-free look.

It is mildew resistant and so is long-lasting. The fabric is durable and lightweight which makes it quite useful for cycling and work-out purposes. It dries very quickly making it ideal for outerwear. It retains its shape well and is highly resistant to stains.


  • Machine washable
  • Elegant side seam detail
  • Wicking gusset to add breadth and reduce stress from tight-fitting
  • Non-shrinkable fabric


  • The color may fade after several washes
  • Poor pile retention
  • Tends to hold odors

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DEAR SPARKLE Yoga Plus-Size Biker Short

This one is a multi-purpose article. It can be used for cycling, running, jogging, workout, sports, and even yoga. It has a zipper closure and fits true to size. It has a comfortable and high-waist. The fabric is breathable, non-see-through, and super stretchable which makes it ideal for all sizes.

It is available in a variety of unique and eye-catchy colors. You name it, we have it. The colors include black, charcoal, grey, neon pink, navy, purple, royal blue, dark navy, mint, neon lime, green, aqua, and dark grey. What else can one ask for, right?


  • A small waistband pocket with no zippers and easy access keeps your basics while you are away from home
  • Anti-camel toe crotch protection
  • No visible logos
  • Ensures freedom of movement


  • The waistband pocket does not have a zipper so your things may fall while jogging, running, or workout
  • Prone to static build-up
  • The fabric may shrink after multiple washes if not handled with care

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Danskin Women’s Essential Bermuda Plus-Size Biker Short

Next up, we have a simple yet elegant piece. It has a 10″ inseam and fits true to size. It is available in three beautiful colors; black, charcoal heather, and midnight navy. It has a ribbed draw cord waistband and slanted front pockets with rib trim. It is easily machine washable.

The fabric is 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex. It has a soft, elastic, and comfortable material. It is durable, lightweight, wrinkle-free, and highly stain resistant. It can be worn for jogging, running, work out, and even a day out with your girls at the beach.

It has non-chafe seams which will help you bend backward and forward without a hitch. Without the thick threading running along the inseam, you don’t have to encounter unnecessary friction during your workouts or while you’re running errands.


  • Soft and breathable material
  • The color doesn’t fade even after multiple washes
  • Easy to iron


  • It can absorb moisture from the air and get damaged by damp conditions
  • May hold odors if worn for longer periods

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Rainbeau Curves Women’s Plus-Size Biker Short

The last one on the list is the buyer’s go-to purchase for daily workouts. It has an elastic closure and fits true to size. It is available in two colors; black and charcoal. It has an inside waistband pocket of 5 inches.

The fabric is 88% Polyester and 12% Spandex. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool all day long. The stylish contrast flat-lock stitching prevents chafing and the mesh insets airflow.


  • Wide contoured waistband for the perfect controlled fit
  • Hidden elastic inside top waistband prevents from sliding down
  • Wide lined gusset for a good fit and also keeps you fresh throughout your workout


  • Limited color choices
  • Weak pile retention
  • Prone to static build-up

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Buyer’s Guide to the Best Plus-Size Biker Shorts

Wearing good quality biker shorts is one of the simplest ways to increase your cycling comfort. One of the main reasons that you need separate shorts for cycling apart from your gym or sports shorts is that most shorts, including those designed for sports such as running, have seams. When you’re sitting in a bike seat, these seams are right in your face, causing chafing and numbness.

Furthermore, gym and casual shorts aren’t designed to breathe, wick, or cover, and they don’t support the major muscles involved in pedaling. Below are some of the things you should always look for before purchasing a biker short:

Pay attention to the features

Look for the ones with enhanced features built to improve your comfort, in addition to style and fashion. A custom-feeling anatomic fit, top-notch freedom of movement for easier pedaling, stretch panels that compact and help your muscles, wicking and breathing fabrics to keep you dry, leg grippers to keep the shorts in place, pockets, and women’s-specific protective padding (chamois) that prevent chafing and decrease ride vibrations include some of the features to search for. Some shorts also have reflective detailing for added protection.

Look for the materials and construction

Choose the ones with a slightly higher back than the front, legs that don’t ride up, and shorts that are cut to follow your curves for a comfortable riding position. Manufacturers do this in a variety of ways. Shorts with panels, contoured shorts, and anatomic versions are all available options. To avoid chafing, several shorts are also sewn together with flat seams. You can select any of the available options based on your preference.

Tight-fitting shorts can be made of basic spandex, nylon, Lycra, or other patented fabrics that increase mobility, breathability, and support. In baggies designed for off-road and everyday riding, you see tougher fabrics in the outer short to withstand the rigors of trail riding and often pockets to hold small essentials. Baggies sometimes have mesh inner shorts with padding, air vents, and gussets for added durability.

Buying Tip – If you ride several times a week, you’ll need multiple pairs of cycling shorts because they need to be washed after each ride.


Maybe the best reason to ride in cycling shorts is the padding most articles offer. Sometimes referred to as a “chamois,” this fabric lines the crotch area and provides a protective layer of padding between you and your seat that reduces friction and heat, avoids chafing, absorbs road and trail vibrations, and wicks and breathes to keep you dry and relaxed.

Women’s shorts have padding that is specifically tailored for your body, but you should always try them on to see if they fit. Different shapes, padding thicknesses, and materials are available. Depending on how upright or leaned over you sit, how fast you pedal, how far you ride, what types of riding you do, and even the seat you ride on, you will like some types of padding more than others.


Cycling shorts, like all forms of clothing, vary in fit from one manufacturer to the other. Selecting the type of short that appeals to you and then selecting a short, medium, or long inseam is a great place to start. This is determined by your leg length, whether you ride indoors or outdoors (or both), and how much leg coverage you desire. Long-distance road riders, for example, prefer longer inseams to accommodate their massive quadriceps muscles. You can also get away with less coverage if you’re riding shorter distances. However, this is a personal choice, and you can choose whatever you prefer.


We hope that you found the article interesting and it will help you the next time you go biker shorts shopping. We have described above a variety of high-quality biker shorts for different purposes.

If you want to have one that serves multiple purposes such as cycling, jogging, running, workout, and yoga you can go with the fifth one, ‘DEAR SPARKLE Yoga Shorts Running Short for Women High Waist Workout 5 Inch Bike Shorts with Pockets’.  On the other hand, if you strictly want one for bicycling your preferred choice would be the fourth one, ‘Danskin Women’s Essentials Seven Inch Bike Short’. Whichever you choose depends on your preference and how you want to style it.



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