Sportswear has the potential to be one of the textile industry’s fastest expanding segments. The worldwide sportswear market is now valued at $6.40 billion and is predicted to reach $7.60 billion by 2014.

To assist the wearer to increase his performance, new and novel fabric technologies are being applied. Lightweight, soft, easy-to-maintain fibers that don’t shrink and dry rapidly are commonly employed.

Polyester remains a universal preferred component of all sportswear manufacturers, thanks to its excellent moisture resistance and greater durability, which are two of the most important characteristics of textiles used in athletic gear.

Below you will find sportswear manufacturers based in South Africa that offer amazing quality sportswear and also provide custom design options.

List of sportswear manufacturers in South Africa:

  • Benchmark Sports Apparel
  • Link Sportswear
  • Lara Fay Activewear
  • Venom Sportwear
  • VIWA Custom
  • Impahla Clothing Factory
  • AC Activewear

1. Benchmark Sports Apparel

Benchmark Sports Apparel is a specialist sportswear manufacturer that produces everything from team uniforms to matric jackets.

Their sportswear manufacturing firm is situated in Johannesburg. They sublimate and manufacture soccer kits, cricket kits, rugby kits, netball dresses, boxing clothing, tracksuits, gym wear, MMA apparel, matric jackets, and school sportswear.

Not only do they take pleasure in their custom-designed sportswear, but they also use the highest-quality technical fabrics from both domestic and foreign sources.

Contact info:

Tel: +27-81-477-6313



Address: Joannesburg 2000 Johannesburg, South Africa.

2. Link Sportswear

Link Sportswear takes pride in providing personalized sportswear at a reasonable price. With over 25 years of manufacturing experience, the provision of sports and business clothes is an easy choice.

They take pleasure in giving devoted levels of service with cost-effective solutions since they have over 25 years of expertise in sublimation sportswear manufacturing and delivery of sports and corporate attire.

Most importantly, all of their items are made to order in the colors you specify. They cater to all athletic codes, so whether you need paneled or sublimated sportswear, you may select a pattern in your colors from their wide library or have their designers develop a custom design for you.

Link Sportswear specializes in custom-designed sublimated sportswear such as rugby kit, netball kit, hockey kit, and soccer kit for schools, clubs, corporate, and international markets.

Contact info:

Tel: 082 772 5017



Address: Frame Industrial Park, Manchester Rd, Chiselhurst, East London, 5206, South Africa.

3. Lara Fay Activewear

Lara Fay Activewear is based in Cape Town and is always on a quest to design attractive and technical sportswear.

They want you to look and feel great in their gear. Everything is put through its paces numerous times in-house before signing it off to ensure that it works properly.

They put a lot of effort into improving all of their designs so that you feel confident and comfortable. They never stop striving for the highest level of excellence.

They use fabrics that are luxurious such as luxe fabric, second-skin fabric, shine fabric, Italian skin fabric, and prints that are unique to them.

Contact info:



Address: Cape Town, South Africa.

4. Venom Sportwear

Venom Sportwear is Johannesburg-based bespoke sportswear and casual corporate attire manufacturer that was founded in 1999.

National and provincial organizations, sports clubs, corporate clients, and schools all rely on them to custom make and deliver high-quality sports and related gear.

Athletics, cycling, triathlon, rowing, canoeing, hockey, soccer, rugby, netball, cricket, basketball, motocross, swimming, and water polo are just a few of the sports for which they manufacture unique gear.

Tracksuits, sports jackets, hoodies, pennants, pit shirts, fleece tops, golf shirts, cotton and moisture management t-shirts, backpacks, kit bags, buffs, beanies, bandannas, hats, peaks, and other items are also manufactured and supplied by them.

Fabrics they use for manufacturing are purchased locally and globally, depending on whether natural or polyester is required. Polyester fabrics of varied weights are used to make all sublimated apparel.

Contact info:

Tel: +27833250571



Address: 7 Sherwell St, Doornfontein, Johannesburg, 2028, South Africa.

5. VIWA Custom

VIWA Custom offers high-quality sportswear with a tinge of South African flavor in their designs, they cater to all South African body types.

Their products are all one-of-a-kind and developed, with inspiration drawn from their lovely surroundings, nature, and culture.

They can develop, produce, and sublimate whatever you can imagine. They provide the option of modifying and customizing your size or clothing. Simply provide them with your measurements and, for a modest extra price, they will do the rest.

Contact info:

Tel: +27 84 530 7006



6. Impahla Clothing Factory

Impahla Clothing Factory is a South African firm that produces sports and leisure clothes, as well as textiles at competitive rates since 2004.

They manufacture and sell branded sportswear in Sub-Saharan Africa. The firm has complete control over its supply chain, from knitting materials for its own use and for external clients to producing whole rugby (and other sports) team strips, comprising tops, shorts, socks, collars, and trimmings.

They are the first carbon-neutral clothing manufacturer in South Africa, according to the Western Cape government’s 110 percent Green project. The plant has earned a reputation for producing high-quality products that meet international requirements.

Contact info:

Tel: +087 467 2452


Address: 3rd Floor Park Terraces, Golf Park, 1 Raapenberg Road, Mowbray, 7405, Cape Town, South Africa.

7. AC Activewear

AC Activewear has been manufacturing sportswear and swimwear for over two decades. They are quality-obsessed, and many local businesses and designers entrust them for their work.

All of their garments are made in Cape Town, South Africa. They provide a large selection of sportswear for teams, gyms, and schools, as well as swimwear for women, children, teens, and men.

They also offer a large selection of stretch fabrics for sportswear and swimsuits manufacturing, as well as a high-quality polyester for printing and sublimation.

Since expanding into fabric sales, they have established themselves as the “go-to” supplier in the Western Cape, and now nationally.

Contact info:

Tel: +27 (0) 21 592 6230



Address: 36 Third Avenue, Elsies River, 7490, Western Province, South Africa.

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