Shoes are a vital part of every piece of clothing you wear. It doesn’t matter if the shoes are for sports or for formal occasions. It is critical to select the appropriate footwear because the shoes you wear can either make or ruin your appearance. 

Shoes also serve to complete and enhance any outfit you’re wearing, raising your style quotient. A shoe’s quality can be determined in a variety of ways, including the material used and the brand name. And to ensure your business is spending on the right manufacturer, contact one of the suppliers listed below!

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List of Top 10 Private Label Shoe Manufacturers In The USA:

  • Alanic Global
  • Otabo
  • American Shoe Factory
  • Mercury International
  • Fortune Footwear
  • Modern Vice
  • Clover and Cobbler
  • Coach
  • Steve Madden


Okabashi Brands, based in the small Georgia town of Buford, has been a family-owned and controlled shoe manufacturer since 1984.

With over 35 million pairs sold, their shoes have developed a devoted fanbase. Over 99 percent of the footwear worn in the United States is now created outside of the country. They are happy to be part of the 1% who have chosen to stay and prosper in the United States.

Okabashi’s flip flops and sandals are designed with foot health and wellness in mind. Support and comfort, we feel, are essential components of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Contact Info:

Address: 4823 Roy Carlson Blvd. Bulford, GA



2. Alanic Global

Alanic International has corporate headquarters in Sydney and Brisbane, as well as head offices around the world. Their mission is to – Dress the Universe – by opening Alanic International offices all over the world to deliver exceptional customer service to our customers and dealers.

Alanic International is a fast-growing fashion designer company that is sweeping the globe.

They create and market women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing, as well as a variety of other products, through a global network of licensing agreements and other arrangements.

Contact Info:

Address: Penthouse, 8730 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, California 90210, USA

TEL: + 1 855 525 2642



3. Otabo

Otabo is a full-service manufacturer and a reliable partner who enables brands to compete in ways they couldn’t before.

They collaborate with creatives who are passionate about what they do and are happy to offer a unique blend of passion and adaptability, combining practical knowledge with innovative brainpower to help their clients reach (and exceed) their goals.

Contact Info:


4. American Shoe Factory

For Brands, Retailers, Private Labels, Government Entities, and BEYOND, they design, supply, and manufacture shoes.

Nearly all 50 states in the United States have approved American Shoe Factory to offer shoes, boots, and MORE.

Strategic access to worldwide trade services, manufacturers, experienced designers, goods, raw materials, and components is provided through American Shoe Factory’s supply chain management and E*Procurement advantages.

The associated manufacturers, designers, and procurement staff at American Shoe Factory have been creating shoes, accessories, and more for special orders to mass production for global distribution.

The founding members of American Shoe Factory, which was founded in 2010, have a lengthy history of international trade competence.

Contact Info:

Address: 7200 NW 7th Ave., #4, Miami, FL 33150  



5. Mercury International

Mercury is a leading global brand and retailer’s end-to-end maker. From business analytics to expedited product development resources, their established footwear sourcing solutions improve your product management alternatives.

Mercury has an unique emphasis on effectively managing specific risks connected with entrepreneurial footwear manufacturing in order to meet aggressive branded goals for price, quality, delivery, and compliance with standards.

Contact Info:

Address: NORTH ATTLEBORO, MA 02763 U.S.A.

TEL: 508.699.9000


6. Fortune Footwear

Fortune Footwear focuses on four design essentials as a prominent designer of private label footwear and handbags: Trends, Specifications, Diversity, and Resources.

Styles that look good, feel well, and sell are the consequence of their ability to acquire the right goods from the right manufacturing at the right pricing.

Contact Info:


7. Modern Vice

Modern Vice’s highly trained shoemakers handcraft all Modern Vice Boots in their NYC factory. Their boots are created to order, which reduces waste and saves money. Primarily, they are a direct consumer brand, providing you, the customer, with a locally produced product at a reasonable price. 

Their leather is sourced from high-quality tanneries in the United States, Canada, and Italy. To complete the boots, leather soles are handcrafted in Italy and transported to the NYC workshop. 

Modern Vice’s boots are also embellished with Italian-made bespoke hardware. Everyone is welcome to visit their factory to get to know them better and to witness the care and genuine magic that goes into producing Modern Vice’s shoes.

Contact Info:

TEL: 1 212 777 1851


8. Clover and Cobbler

For decades, footwear manufacturing in the United States and elsewhere has failed to meet the technological, quality, and cleanliness standards that are expected from every other manufacturing business.

They’ve come to shatter the mold. They want to bring a new generation of artists into a centuries-old craft and pay tribute to the talented artisans who brought them here. Clover and Cobbler intend to reshape the future of shoe production together, with a strong focus on sustainability and ethical methods.

Contact Info:


TEL: (818) 767-2045

Address: 7765 Lemona Ave. Van Nuys, CA 91405



Coach is a multinational fashion business that was started in 1941 in New York. We design beautiful things, crafted to last—for you to be yourself in—inspired by Creative Director Stuart Vevers’ vision and the inclusive and fearless spirit of the community.

Contact Info:

TEL: +44203 205 2020


10. Steve Madden

What started as a modest $1100 investment in 1990 has grown into one of the most recognizable footwear brands. Steve Madden has transformed the shoe industry, combining years of experience with innovative and imaginative designs, all from a factory in Queens, New York. 

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His idea to provide on-trend women and men with an outlet to express their personality is inventive, adventurous, and motivating, and it is inspired by rock and roll and his New York heritage.

Steve’s uncanny sense of style and unwavering determination have earned him millions of fans across the world and brought his creations to the forefront of fashion.

He’s turned the Steve Madden brand into a true lifestyle and destination for footwear, handbags, and accessories, with products distributed in more than 80 countries across the world. It’s all about being genuine. It’s all about accepting one’s uniqueness.

Contact Info:

TEL: (1-888-762-3336)




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