Looking to get custom jewellery made in Adelaide? 

This article should be enough to get you started. We’ll be covering five jewellery manufacturers from Adelaide!

Christopher Green Jewellers

Christopher has thirty-one years of experience as a jeweller. From the first consultation through the final result, he has established his firm by providing the highest level of services to his clientele.

All of their employees were hand-picked from the industry to uphold their excellence in all areas of the jewellery industry.

They have exclusive, dazzling jewellery that mesmerises everybody. So, if you want to buy from here, it would be an excellent choice. Plus, their prices are pretty reasonable.

(08) 8231 6464 | chris@christophergreen.com.au

Website: www.christophergreen.com.au/

Address: Level 1, 55 Gawler Place, Adelaide SA 5000

DDS: Diamond Design Studios

A whole lot of their rings are individually designed and handcrafted in their Burnside, South Australia studio workshop.

Hand-making jewellery ensures that the metal used is hardened and that the piece will last a lifetime by paying attention to details and craftsmanship.

Some of their Men’s line is also created in Australia with the finest materials. This jewellery is spun rather than cast, resulting in a flawless, long-lasting polish.

Those stunning designs get a ten out of ten. Check it out for yourself!


Website: www.ddsdiamonds.com.au

Address: 46 High St, Burnside SA 5066, Australia

McIntosh Jewellers

McIntosh, founded in 1984 by David McIntosh, are manufacturers of high-quality handcrafted jewellery known for its remarkable design and craftsmanship.

Their custom-made jewellery (to fit your taste) has been loved by many, so you will too! They offer beautiful gemstones of extreme rarity, and you will be mesmerized by their varieties.

08 8232 0452 | info@mcintoshjewellers.com.au

Website: http://www.mcintoshjewellers.com.au/

Address: Shop 5 Ground Floor Gay’s Arcade, Adelaide, SA, 5000

Everett Brookes Custom Jewellers Hand-Made

Everett Brookes, with top Adelaide studios, has years of jewels and goldsmithing experience that go into your ring.

As a part of the Association, they also commit to following a code of conduct designed to safeguard jewellery buyers and maintain the industry’s high level of integrity.

A jeweller with a JAA Member badge on their door, as the Everett Brookes folks do, may be trusted.

Quality that is kept top-notch and ethics that is respected in the whole of Australia, if you shop from them, you’d be sure to become a customer forever.


Website: everettbrookes.com.au

Address: 90 Gawler Place Adelaide SA 5000

Bell & Brunt

Bell & Brunt’s jewellery sommeliers inspire your creativity and bring your vision to life with knowledge spanning 122 years, from customised design and gem selection to the finest diamonds.

Their dedicated staff of professional jewellers, gemologists, and designers work tirelessly to produce stunning jewellery that you will cherish forever.

The best-seller: they are committed to not only crafting timeless jewellery but also to building long-term connections with our consumers. So you will find amazing customer service here!

(08) 8231 9997 | sales@bellandbrunt.com.au

Website: www.bellandbrunt.com.au

Address: 14A James Place, Adelaide SA 5000



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