If you are looking for leather handbags that incorporate both vintage and modernistic elements into their design, Fossil is the perfect company for you.

Fossil is an American fashion company established by Tony Kartsotis in 1984, with its headquarters in Richardson, Texas.

Kosta Kartsotis, Tony’s brother, is the CEO of Fossil and owns approximately 12.5% of its stocks.

Brands that fall under the umbrella of Fossil include Fossil, Relic, Michele Watch, Skagen Denmark, Misfit, WSI, and Zodiac Watches.

Apart from these proprietary brands, Fossil also manufactures licensed accessories for companies such as BMW, Puma, Emporio Armani, Michael Kors, DKNY, Diesel, Kate Spade New York, Tory Burch, Chaps, and Armani Exchange.

The major purpose of this article is to answer the question, “Is Fossil a good brand for bags?”In short, yes it is. Continue reading this post to learn more about Fossil bags.

Is Fossil A Luxury Brand?

Fossil products personify luxury, in every meaning of the word.

Despite starting as a company importing moderately priced retro fashion watches from the Far East, Fossil soon began expanding its scope to include luxury products as part of their offerings.

In pursuit of this endeavour, major acquisitions were made, starting with Zodiac Watches in 2001.

Zodiac was a Swiss watchmaker operating since 1882, and Fossil acquired it for $4.7 million from Genender International.

Fossil revamped Zodiac to accomplish its goals of providing a brand of supremely fine-tuned and luxurious watches with a retro spin.

Furthermore, Fossil acquired Michele Watch in 2004, a brand synonymous with high-end, top of the line watches with a designer flair.

December 2007 saw The Watch International being bought from Luxottica/Sunglass Hut, and in 2012, Fossil purchased Skagen Designs and some of its partners for approximately $236.8 million.

The price paid for these brands is indicative of their quality and their luxurious nature.

To top it all off, Fossil launched its in-house line of watches made in Switzerland, which is the standard for contemporary luxury among the elite.

Named “Fossil Swiss”, this line of watches is the flagship, upscaled and extremely expensive sibling of the other lines manufactured by Fossil.

It is highly finished, long-lasting and of supreme quality, placing it in the upper echelons of luxury brands.

Do Fossil Bags Last Long?

To turn a long answer short, yes.

Fossil is a brand that places the customer above all else, and part of this mission also includes the reliability and perseverance of Fossil handbags to stand the test of time.

Nothing short of the finest leather available worldwide is used to manufacture these bags, and they are thoroughly inspected and reinspected before, during and after the manufacturing process.

This ensures the bags reaching the customer’s doorsteps are of the highest quality and will maintain their lustre against the wear and tear of everyday life.

This promotes customer goodwill and establishes a relationship of trust between the consumer and Fossil. Whenever they buy a Fossil bag, they are free of the hassle of worrying about its longevity and just instinctively know that this bag is in for the long haul.

Fossils have been rewarded for striving towards these immaculate, long-lasting products with various awards from prestigious organizations.

In 2006, they swept both the ‘Best of Show’ and “Most Effective Use of Online Creative” awards at the 6th Annual DFWIMA Excellence in Interactive Marketing.

They have also been voted among the top 10 companies for career prospects in the UK in both 2013 and 2015.

Most recently, 2016 saw Fossil being awarded the Fashion Tech Collection of the Year for their connected designer smartwatches and jewellery.

This is testament to the longevity and time-tested quality of these handbags, so rest assured, a Fossil handbag is going to serve you for years to come and then some.

Are Fossil Bags Trendy?

Fashion trends are extremely volatile and are often privy to changes after short periods.

To counter this, Fossil is dedicated to designing handbags that are in line with what is currently trending, allowing its customers to stand out among the mundane and carve their own cultural identity.

Fossil handbags seamlessly exude simultaneously both a modern and vintage fashion sense and whoever carries one immediately becomes a fashion statement in his/her own right.

Although catering to the timely trends, Fossil is not content at stopping there and actively works towards pioneering its own identity and setting the standard for handbags of the time.

Nothing says keeping up with the modern trends is better than pop culture.

Pop culture defines the trends of the era, and Fossil is right up there with corporations pandering to these demands.

They have dabbled in the collectables market by commissioning collectables for various intellectual properties including, but not limited to Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Elvis Presley, Pirates of the Caribbean, Flash etc.

Another aspect of modern trends in technology, with each breakthrough in modern science and gadgets being hailed as the next big trend.

Fossil has also been the trendsetter in these waters, introducing the “Fossil Wrist PDA” wristwatch computer in 2006, one of the earliest known examples of a modern smartwatch.

Sports is monumental in defining the trends of the time, and in 2006, in a joint venture with the National Football League in the USA, Fossil designed the watch collection for the teams.

Fossil embodies the ideals of merging the nostalgia of the past, with the expectancy of the future, and strives to design products that are ground-breaking and era-defining.

They make a varied assortment of products including leather handbags, watches/smartwatches, wallets and jewellery, which are of high quality, yet accessible and pleasing to the eyes.

Fossil handbags are models of authenticity, a culmination of their creative spirit, and complement a wide variety of styles and modern fashion trends, allowing you to express your personality as freely as possible.




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