MeUndies is one of the most popularly growing brands in the United States. It was founded by Jonathan Shokrian and Barak Diskin in 2011.

Jonathan embarked on this journey of finding a millennial-appropriate and millennial-friendly underwear brand that encompasses all features any human needs in their undergarments.

After being fed up with uncomfortable undies, he decided to loan out money from his friends and family and start a brand that has a unique sense of style to it, so that the products never go out of fashion.

Shokrian explains MeUndies has presently sold more than ten million sets of undergarments and has retained earnings in all of the prior three years.

MeUndies has earned more than 10.4 million dollars through external investors and the Los Angeles-based firm projected that it will end 2019 with a minimum of 75 million dollars in yearly profit.

Is the Brand MeUndies Any Good?

MeUndies has some pretty funky and wonky designs that attract every age and gender. The reason why they are a successful lingerie and underpants company is due to their attractive designs only.

Customers of the brand even claim that there are lazy days when they just want to stay at home in their cozy set of ‘pizza-themed’ underwear and enjoy their actual pizzas while sitting on a couch.

Essentially, all customers rate MeUndies five stars and leave positive reviews for the materials used to make the undergarments.

Like every other brand, no company can deliver 100% and thus leave every customer satisfied, this is why MeUndies has received a couple of bad reviews that claim that the delicates go bad after one year or so.

The items are a bit pricey but they are worth the money if you want both comfort and versatile lingerie and underpants.

Are the Undergarments From MeUndies Comfortable?

The brand sells loungewear and undergarments for both men and women. Their target audience is the generation of people that are interested in both style and comfort and are crazy fans of owning fancy underpants and undergarments.

But, the main purpose of an undergarment is that it should be comfortable enough to keep you at ease throughout the day.

Constantly itching your crotch or adjusting your bra is not an ideal situation that you would like your co-workers and family members to see you in!

This is why the products are manufactured utilizing Lenzing MicroModal, an innately fluffy and delicate fiber that originates from the beechwood trees. Hence, the material is of outstanding quality and the fabric is extremely light-weight.

What Is So Special About MeUndies?

If you are an underwear aesthete, you can subscribe for a MeUndies membership. Consumers collect mail of either an order of a set of underwear or a set of stockings every month.

Subscribers select their category of intimates and store up to 30 percent on every order contradicting regular pricing:

Underclothes: 16 dollars (savings of 8 dollars)

Socks: 8 dollars (savings of 4 dollars)

MeUndies’ membership underlines three prime benefits:

  • Deluxe Prints: Members possess access to specified monthly patterns and can decide amongst the brand’s Classic, Adventurous, and Bold styles.
  • Pricing on the Items: Members are allotted personal pricing on each item MeUndies carries.
  • Your membership, your Choice: The membership’s adaptable essence enables customers to trade styles, hop a month, or discontinue the membership at any moment.

Do the Boxers from MeUndies Ride Up?

As per the reviews, the boxers from MeUndies are tighter than the usual boxers available in the market.

Due to this reason, they tend to ride up and that is not a comfortable feeling when it comes to your boxer briefs.

Where Can You Buy MeUndies’ Items From?

The company extends the entire breadth of its merchandise on its online website.

You can even pay for MeUndies at their commercial shops in Century City and Del Amo, where the brand offers options for their great conventional clothes and patterns.

You can moreover purchase MeUndies from Amazon, but it is accessible merely in the United States.

Where Does the Brand Ship the Items To?

The company ships every order from its current storehouse located in Los Angeles, CA to every location on earth! This includes P.O. Boxes and even martial areas.

Further taxes and delivery charges will be applicable in all international orders.

MeUndies gives complimentary shipping on all orders of the U.S. For orders outside of the States, filtering shipping is applied:

  • Three dollars for Members from Canada
  • Six dollars for Canadians who are Non-Members
  • Twelve dollars for all further global territories

To sum it up, if you are someone who is not too old to play around with some colors and designs, then this is the right site for you. Choose the best fit and the most appealing design from their selection.

If at any point you feel like the website does not do justice in explaining the product details, you can read live reviews from articles that are available under Google search; “Are MeUndies Good Enough?”



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