Fast fashion is a growing trend among the youth and adults alike all over the world.

To keep up with the trends, brands are inclined towards introducing new collections with every rising trend, irrespective of their niche. You will find clothes, accessories, and other fashion items that are trending at the moment at the lowest prices.

Among these, Shein is an emerging fast fashion brand where you can shop to your heart’s desire.

The motto of Shein is that everybody can indulge in fashion and wear the kind of clothes they like with the type of jewelry they like without going broke. Their upstanding collection attracts everyone to shop at the Shein store.

If you have never shopped at Shein and want to know if you can trust the brand and what they offer, this article will provide you with all the knowledge you need.

Is it Safe to Buy From Shein?

One of the questions new potential customers of Shein ask is if the brand is legit and if it is okay to shop from them. Since fast fashion brands are known for their scams and frauds, people are hesitant to shop at their stores.

When we researched the market and the reviews, there were a lot of mixed reviews. Some customers enthusiastically recommended Shein, while others had their reservations.

The latter share stories of that one time when Shein scammed them of their money as they placed an order. Sometimes their deliveries got lost in the mail. Other times, they never replied.

However, these incidents are scarce and not enough to suggest that Shein is a scam or that ordering from their website would lead you to be stripped of your savings.

As opposed to these reviews, we know that Shein delivers many orders every day. Millions of customers are satisfied with their service.

As far as being legit is concerned, the truth is that Shein is not BBB accredited. What does that mean? Being BBB accredited would mean that Shein has additional customer satisfaction support. But that’s not the case here.

Shein is safe to shop at because they are not known for stealing your identity or payment information. People from all over the world buy Shein products and don’t face any fraud.

Most people who order from the UK, Canada, South Africa, and Australia receive their products without any mishappenings. This is a good sign for the new customers at Shein.

Why is the Store Shein So Cheap?

A fast-fashion brand with the trendiest clothes selling their goods at such low prices will raise some eyebrows. If Shein products are so up-to-date, why do they sell them so cheaply?

The answer is that people who have bought Shein products know that these products are not known for their durability.

If you buy their cheap jeans, hoping they will last at least two to three years, you will be disappointed.

Shein products are cheap for a reason. They come at a price, and that price is not cash. Instead, it is the poor quality they offer.

Customers often complain that the items they bought discolor quickly, lose their form easily, and show signs of wear and tear faster than they would like.

It implies that Shein products are not everlasting. You can only use them for specific occasions or short-term use, but they won’t be with you any longer.

Another infamous issue customers face with Shein is their lack of customer service. The customer service at Shein is awful. They are notorious for not responding to queries, returning or exchanging products, and catering to the needs of their customers.

Another reason why Shein products are so cheap is that the brand is based in China. The products are more affordable because the companies earn more than they pay.

While the labor laws in the USA or Canada are strict, China is starkly different in that regard.

It is easier for brands in China to exploit their employees, making them work more than they are paid.

Is Shein Good Quality?

While the amount of clothes and accessories available at Shein is overwhelming, the quality is not so excellent.

Shein is known for many things, such as its fast fashion, trendy clothes, low prices, and extensive collection but what it is not known for is good quality.

For most customers, the quality of Shein products varies as much as their trends. It’s a matter of luck when ordering at this website.

Many influencers and bloggers agree that their experience with Shein products is variable. Sometimes they get jeans, and it lasts for months, and sometimes a dress is discolored after a single wash. It’s a hit or miss with the actual quality of the products you order at Shein.

If you are the kind of person who loves to shop for stuff they want to last for a while, Shein is not the brand for you. Half of the products will fall apart after the first use, and it’s not ideal.

Shein is suitable for sparkly dresses and graphic t-shirts that you will only wear once or twice. The brand is not suitable for things you want to wear frequently and for a long time, such as jeans, jackets, boots, etc.

One of the great pieces of advice that influencers give new customers is to thoroughly research the items you are getting at the store.

Make sure that you get the right size, the right color, and the correct order. This is important because Shein has poor customer service, and you don’t want to be stuck in the loop of getting them to exchange what you bought.

Go through the reviews on the website before buying something, and prepare to deal with whatever comes at your doorstep.

The truth is, you can never know what to expect from Shein. The dilemma and uncertainty are the prices for Shein’s cheap products and huge variety.

So, Is Shein a Good Brand?

Whether Shein is a good brand or not is totally subjective. When it comes to quality, Shein is not trustworthy. So if you are looking for stuff that you only want to use infrequently, you would love shopping at Shein.

However, if you like your haul to last a while, Shein is not the brand for you.

Similarly, if you are looking for cheap products with a great collection, there is no store better than the one we are talking about.


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