When Paula Kent and Jheri Redding created the “Scientific Approach to Beauty” in 1960, the product was born. Paula Kent’s delicate hair has created the need to create a low-pH hair treatment by Redding, a chemist.

Kent, who was also an actor and model, was impressed with Jheri Redding’s scientific approach and decided to start Redken with her.

The successful hair products developed by this company were immediately popular with professional salons. The company grew so fast that Paula Kent was able to buy part of Jheri’s company in 1965 and became the sole owner of Redken.

Under the direction of Paula Kent, the company grew rapidly and in 1966 reached a total of $ 1.5 million.

By 1968, the company had grown into a professional brand and needed an industry icon to represent the product. Redken then opted to contact Vidal Sassoon, a British-American hairdresser best known for broadcasting Bob’s haircut at the time.

Paula had fully embraced the position of a successful female entrepreneur in 1977 when she was nominated as one of Business Week’s “100 Top Corporate Women.” Redken became an international personality in 1980 when it was released in thirteen countries.

You may know the name Redken if you visit a hairdresser regularly. All Currie Hair, skin, and nail brands enjoy selling Redken colour and hair care products! They are well-known for their hair care products, especially among professional salons.

It is an American hair care brand part of L’Oreal Group’s Professional Products business. They have a great product list that covers everything from hair care to head and hair colour, so you can keep your hair looking beautiful.

Is Redken actually good for your hair?

Thanks to a unique recipe and application method, Redkin was created to restore the sensation of freshness, volume, and fullness. It displays hair that is lustrous, colourful, silky, and bouncy.

The Redken series of hair products was created to solve hair problems and give specific hair advantages.

Shampoos, conditioners, detangling sprays, styling products, and more are all part of the brand. Many of the products on this list are designed for certain hair types, such as thin, damaged, or chemically treated hair.

Redken’s All Soft brand has been around for more than two decades, and it is one of the oldest and most trusted names in the hair care market.

Two shampoos and three conditioners are now available, all of which are meant to soften, smooth, and condition hair.

The shampoo is mild enough for all hair types and leaves hair smooth and lustrous, as well as reducing hair breakage and giving your strands a thicker appearance. All Soft Shampoo smoothes and detangles hair while sealing in natural moisture for a healthy-looking sheen.

Redken All Soft Conditioner is a colour-safe conditioner that strengthens, detangles, and smooths the cuticle to prevent hair fall.

The humectants in Redken All Soft Conditioner soften and hydrate dry, brittle, and damaged hair while preventing split ends. Redken All Soft Conditioner absorbs fast to rebuild the hair’s protective layer, increasing elasticity and giving up to ten days of damage prevention.

Redken’s All Soft Conditioner replaces the natural oil that hydrates your hair and protects it from environmental harm, making it a fantastic choice for dry or brittle hair. Redken All Soft Conditioner is a luxurious daily conditioning product that softens and smooths hair from root to tip.

Dry, damaged hair is softened and detangled for a salon-like sensation, leaving hair appearing healthy, lustrous, and full of body.

Why you’ll like it: This conditioner has a progressive formula that softens damaged hair while also locking in moisture. It detangles and smooths the strands as though adding a touch of silkiness to each one.

Is Redken good quality?

There is not a single good product of Redkin, but all of them.

When every good is produced in a way it is, without a doubt, effective both at low cost and function-wise. Redken produces much-needed goods for the general audience of men and women, especially the All-In-One Conditioner, which sells well in the market.

The One United All-In-One Leave-In Conditioner from Redken is a lightweight, universal formula that works with any other style product.

You will always be ready for the weather if you add it to your shampoo to make it wet or oily to your hair to make it more secure.

The low molecular weight of the components allows it to quickly penetrate the hair, fill in any weak spots and leave the hair feeling firm. One United also protects colored hair from drying out and removes moisture, so it is not visible on the hair.

Is Redken a professional brand?

Established in 1960, Redken is a professional haircare company that has been inventing breakthrough hair care, colour, and style products ever since. Through the website, blog, and e-mail, a team of pharmacists and beauty and customer service specialists informs, clarifies, and advises you.

Is Redken a clean brand?

Redken isn’t a cruelty-free company. They may do animal testing on their own, through suppliers, or through a third party. Animal testing may be required by law for items sold by brands that fall into this category.

Although Redken does not test its final products or components on animals, they do pay others to do so “when needed by law.” As a result, Redken isn’t cruelty-free.

When firms say they test on animals “where required by law,” they usually imply they sell their products in mainland China, where animal testing is mandated by law for cosmetics.

Although Redken may have some vegan items, it should be noted that the brand is not cruelty-free.

The majority of companies do not make their comprehensive animal experimentation protocols available to the public. They are personally approached with queries to obtain their whole policy. If a company says they, their suppliers, or a third party test on animals, the company is labelled “cruelty-free.”

All in all, Redkin is a brand that has been known for its impressive achievement of satisfying the customers, which, no doubt, means that the brand is as good as it is advertised.



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