In the modern fashion world, your clothing style options are not the only thing that matters anymore.

Rather, people nowadays pay more attention to the little things that depict your personality.

Accessories play a significant role in this representation, and among the many accessories worn by men, watches by far hold the most value.

For centuries, watches have played a crucial part not only as a functional time device but as a luxury product that is often even passed as an heirloom.

Indeed its luxury value has far surpassed its functional value, and therefore people nowadays see watches not just as an accessory but rather as an investment.

This article brings you a detailed review of Oris, a famous watch company.

Not only shall we be informing you of everything you need to know about it, but we will also discuss whether Oris watches are a good investment or not.

As a brand, what is Oris known for?

Oris is a Swiss-based luxury manufacturer of mechanical watches.

The company is more than a century old as it was founded back in early 1904.

The Brand currently sells watch pieces for various purposes, especially Aviation, Diving, Motorsport, and Culture. The watches are nevertheless full of versatility and unique class.

The Aviation collection has consists of mechanical pieces for pilots, aeronauts, and aviators that work in extreme pressure conditions.

The Motorsport Collection is for adventurists who like to cruise through at very high speeds.

The Diving Collection is for swimming enthusiasts who want watches that do not give up in aquatic conditions.

Lastly, the most famous of them all are the watches from the Culture collection.

These are classic pieces that are specially made for cultural tributes and artistic references. These also happen to be the most aesthetic of them all, as seen in the Oris Classic Date.

The watches carry luxury in their design with sleek shiny leather straps to complement the looks.

The watches that Oris manufactures not only have design aesthetics but are also meticulously crafted to be reliable and accurate to a very small degree.

This makes it perfect for people that really value their time.

The watches, depending on the category, are strong, durable, and resistant to extreme changes in the external environment despite working on only mechanical gears.

These very finely engineered details are what add monetary and artistic value to the watches and transcend them from the functional level to the luxury one.

The watches are long-lasting assets that people buy for very important occasions.

Does Rolex own Oris?

While Oris-made watches are indeed traded on various platforms, the company that owns Oris is not Rolex.

Swatch Group is the owners of the Oris Private Company, which employs around 800 highly specialized engineers and designers who work round the clock to produce high-grade watches that people love.

The company, only after a century of research and toil, has managed to carve its name in the list of top 10 watchmakers around the world and the stakeholders are all set to take it to new heights.

Is Oris a respected Brand?

With the price of watches starting from $1100 onwards and with a century of work behind them, to not call it a recognized brand would be an understatement.

Oris watches are worn by thousands around the world, and there is a huge market for them if you ever wish to re-sale your used Oris timepiece.

Due to the sheer complexity and creativity of the designs, it is even kept as an heirloom in many lower elite households and may serve as the perfect gift for your son, who has just reached legal age.

Are Oris Watches a Good Investment?

Oris is not a super luxury brand like Patek Philippe. In fact, it is even cheaper than mid-luxury brands like Rolex.

Still, relative to the common man, the Oris watches are luxurious indeed as they are, after all, original Swiss-made durable mechanical watches that serve their function well.

Compared to other brands in the same category, Oris does provide more value for a lesser price, making it a good value for your money.

But the question is, should you buy an Oris watch as an investment?

The most straightforward answer is no, please don’t.

Watches aren’t like real estate, meaning they don’t generally appreciate in value unless, of course, you attach something valuable to it (like wear it to the moon, or do something legendary wearing it).

But in most cases, some value fades away from the watch, so the only way you can make money out of an Oris watch is if you plan on renting it.

Other than that, the watches aren’t really a source of income but can buy you a good reputation if you are able to style them properly.



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