Since ever, watches have been an icon of class and fashion. The market now is flooded with various types of watches, and there’s a wide range to choose from.

Although it may appear an easygoing thing but it’s pretty enervating to select from such a plethora of online choices.

And that decision can only be taken if you’re well-versed with the intricate operations of the particular brand and simply know if the brand is worth it.

Or it’s just the hype built up for nothing.

To help you decide this, we’ve presented our detailed analysis of the Nixon Watches and we’ll guide you if it’s a brand you shout opt for!

The brand started off humbly when Chad DiNenna thought of launching a watch brand.

The thing was, he couldn’t find a watch that could speak for his personality and resonate with his style in the market. So, he thought, why not create one?

The idea then might have sounded dumb, but this thought created the destiny of the most successful watches brand then.

Whether it’s a party next street or a skating event next month, are you in need of a watch suitable for the events aforementioned?

The Nixon has got you covered, and it has it all for everything for anyone from any background in the world.

There’s a wide range of products covering from digital smartwatches to headphones, speakers, etc.

Initially, the brand only dealt in watches, but over time, it expanded and introduced other accessories on its website, enlarging the spectrum of its audience.

Another incredible feature that we explored while conducting our research on Nixon was that the brand offers custom designs of watches where customers have their say on the watch’s design.

Not only can people create a MasterCraft synchronizing with their personality but that too at a reasonable price.

This brings us to another important factor.

Maintaining the quality by not upgrading the price is a challenging task and many brands fail in this stage.

That’s the prime reason for the brands to go bankrupt because they don’t consider buying power of the masses.

Thus, they end up inviting the damage. This isn’t the case with Nixon, as it looks like they’ve given it a thought before launching Nixon.

The prices vary from 100 USD to 200 USD in the men’s category.

Quality-wise, Nixon backs the argument that their watches would any day make it to the top watches brands across the USA.

All this by not augmenting the price but maintaining it at its lowest possible rate.

This is an achievement and Nixon must be acknowledged for that!

Final Verdict: One, the brand has watches available covering each stratum of the society. Secondly, the price factor hasn’t been turned a blind eye to. It’s kept into consideration, thus meeting the needs of a large group. So, we may endorse that Nixon is overall a Good brand.

Is Nixon a Luxury Brand?

Prices and the material used are the defining factors and straightaway depict if a particular brand is luxury or not.

As far as Nixon is concerned, the prices discussed earlier lie somewhere between 100-200 USD for most of the men’s category, which generally are expensive.

When compared on these grounds with other luxury brand watches, it’s evident that Nixon isn’t a luxury brand price-wise.

In most of the watches at Nixon, 360L steel is used, whereas the luxury brand watches mostly opt for either 904L steel or 18k Gold.

That clears us on one point that Nixon matches the criteria set by Luxury watches neither price-wise nor material-wise.

It would definitely be a wrong statement to quote Nixon as a Luxury while it’s just a brand offering top-notch products staying in its price range, hitting a specific layer of the community.

Does Nixon Make Good Watches?

Luxury? No! But the quality is something that we have never experienced Nixon compromising on.

Most of the time, people confuse “Luxury” with “Good” watches. But that’s entirely not the case because altogether different factors fall under these tags.

Skimming through the reviews people have shared after having brought Nixon watches, we clearly could sense that the majority wasn’t content with the quality they got their hands on.

Some found it minimalistic and conflicting with one’s nature if one’s more of a maximalist sort of guy.

Another thing that we found people complaining about is the price. Although the price Nixon quotes is way less than the luxury brands, people still believe they are overpriced.

We believe we’re the reflection of the masses’ take over a particular thing. Good? YES! But overpriced.

Are Nixon Watches better than Casio?

Both brands are different in so many ways. Casio watches are old-school in design. So, for a guy who’s not into fancy stuff and likes to keep the originality without demanding an additional spicy touch – in this case, Casio would suit him.

Nixon watch is classical, fancy, and minimalist in its appearance. This category would be more suitable for a business person who likes to keep it simple.

If there need be for a luxurious brand, Nixon definitely isn’t the way to go!

If we were to select one between Nixon and Casio, we would definitely go with Nixon as those are more youthful, stylish and fancy.

Is Nixon a Fashion Watch Brand?

Spend your money wisely and if you’re a real fashion enthusiast – You definitely should bring the Nixon watch home.

First, there’s a wide variety available, so you’d easily find something aligned with your preferences and style. And if not, you’ve got the liberty to custom design one for yourself, which is a rare feature that most brands do not offer.

If it’s stylish? Well and good.

If not? Design it yourself.

Nixon has got you covered from head to toe. Be it any gender – Nixon has it all.



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