If you are a watch enthusiast, you will have come across numerous name-worthy timepieces.

However, not every good brand likes to remain at the forefront. One of such brands is Zenith.

Formed in 1860, Zenith is a luxury Swiss watch brand that produces some stellar wristwatches that are getting quite popular lately.

The brand is one of the pioneers of introducing the renowned El Primero clock, used by other prominent brands as well.

Acquired by the French conglomerate LVMH in 1999, the brand is best known for producing the most precise chronometers in the world of watchmaking.

Is Zenith a high-end watch?

Zenith is a luxury and high-end brand in its truest sense. Although the prices of Zenith watches are not as high as other luxury brands, the quality of its products is incomparable.

From precision to durability to aesthetics, everything about this brand exhibits grace.

Is Zenith a Respected Watch Brand?

The exclusive brand is considered one of the notable names among the prominent luxury watchmakers of Switzerland. There is no doubt about it.

The founder of the brand, Mr. Jacot, established it at a very young age.

With his hard work and creativity, he brought the name of his brand into the limelight by introducing total in-house production and other innovative procedures, which several other watchmakers then adopted.

The primary movements introduced by the brand also paved the way for numerous other companies, including Rolex.

So, it goes without saying that it enjoys massive respect and reputation as a watch brand.

Where does A Zenith Watch Rank?

The brand ranks pretty high among the world’s best watch brands on various platforms, as rated by consumers.

However, how a brand is ranked is an arguable discussion as everybody has their own criteria for judging.

I believe the best way to rank a watch brand is by keeping all the major characteristics in mind. So, let’s take a detailed look at this brand from various perspectives and then rate it accordingly.

  • First and foremost, the brand enjoys an esteemed and long history that goes way back.
  • Although it’s not as recognized as a brand like Rolex, the true watch enthusiasts and collectors are well aware of it and have deep appreciation and respect for it.
  • To maintain its exclusivity, the brand keeps its supply limited, whereas the demand for its products is pretty high.
  • The material and build quality of the watches are exceptional. The brand uses high-grade steel to manufacture its products, making them highly durable and sturdy.
  • The brand features unique and innovative movement complications in its watches that haven’t only won the brand popularity but several accolades as well.
  • Every step of the production occurs inside the brand’s own manufacturing facilities. Even the movements are made in-house.
  • Being an innovator, the brand has had a huge and notable impact on watchmaking history. Numerous other watchmaking companies adopted Zenith’s movements.
  • Although Zenith’s watches are mainly popular for their movement complications, most of the watches by the brand still have elementary chronometers.
  • The prices of its products are moderate to high. In other words, we can say that the brand has something for everyone as per their budgets.
  • The brand’s resale value is not very impressive.
  • Unlike its early days, the brand is not independent anymore and is owned by the renowned French luxury brand Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton.
  • Unlike other popular watch brands, Zenith doesn’t have a very dominant market share.

Based on comparing these aspects of Zenith with other globally renowned watch brands, I am ranking it as the tenth best luxury watch brand on the market.

Are Zenith Watches worth it?

Many things about Zenith watches make them superior to numerous other brands. Although it’s difficult to jot down all the characteristics that the best watch brand should possess, I have listed some of the crucial facts regarding Zenith which make its watches worth buying.

  1. Chronology

The brand was a forerunner in introducing the famous and classic El primero chronometer. The status of makingthe world’s first automatically programmed watch movement resulted from seven years of sheer hard work and dedication.

In addition, El Primero was the first-ever HF chronometer that could measure one-tenth of a second. To date, this chronometer is considered to be one of the most accurate ones on the market.

  • Sturdiness

No matter how precise the watch is, if it is not durable enough, you cannot rely on it. And an unreliable watch is as good as nothing.

Fortunately, this is not the case with Zenith, as its watches go through the most arduous quality tests, ensuring quality and sturdiness.

All of its watches are made of premium-grade steel with a water resistance of up to 1000 feet.

  • Innovation

Over the years, the brand has proven its excellence in bringing innovative products to its clients. With its remarkable technical triumphs and inventive skills, the brand has introduced above 300 chronological patterns so far.

Zenith keeps updating its signature movement with slight twists every now and then while keeping its quality intact.

A prime example of such innovation includes the brand’s Chronomaster II, featuring a ten-second full swing dial-in, which is six times faster than a regular clock.

  • Accolades

Zenith may not be as popular as other luxury watch brands, but it has several accolades to its name in celebration of its excellence and accuracy.

With more than 2000 awards from various categories, the brand surely exudes supremacy and class. Though minutely, I strongly believe that it is superior to Rolex and other notable brands in terms of performance.

  • Value for Money

Although luxury and affordability don’t coincide, not in the case of Zenith. The luxury watches by the brand do not cost an arm and a leg but are as good as other high-end watches.

In terms of quality, no other brand of such stature sells anything for less than ten grand. Yet, here we are with Zenith, which offers nothing but quality for every budget.



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