Hermes is a French luxury fashion brand that quickly became known worldwide due to its history, tradition, and high-quality products.

The brand was a family-owned business that started during the 1800s and went on for five generations.

It is most popular for its leather handbags and a wide range of other accessories.

They have come a pretty long way in the past centuries, and today this brand has more than 200 shops located all around the world.

Many famous celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham trust this brand and swear by the quality of Hermes bags.

It can be pretty tough to compete in the ruthless world of fashion and luxury, but Hermes, through its combination of attention to detail, excellent craftsmanship, and rich heritage, beats every other luxury brand.

What is Hermes Known for?

Hermes specializes in leather goods, handbags, lifestyle products, watches, perfumes, and other items.

All Hermes items are made with love and are finished with unique and excellent needlework.

It is also mandatory for Hermes workers to be trained for two or more years before they can put work together.

This shows how Hermes prefers quality over all else.

The brand’s motto has always been to sell top-quality products and maintain exclusivity.

The brand is deeply connected to refinement and quality.

This is the reason why Hermes does not produce in masses or do outsourcing.

According to the brand’s ambassador, each and every Hermes products come out and reflect the hard work that is put in by the artists.

The creative director of Hermes even signs off every product before it leaves their workshop.

This only shows the commitment of Hermes to producing the finest quality products.

Is Hermes the Most Expensive Brand?

Hermes is not an expensive brand if we consider other high-end brands, but it definitely is a little costly.

The main reason behind the prices of Hermes products is that most of these products are handmade.

The pride of Hermes is in its exclusive products, and due to this, the whole process of manufacturing these products has been considered art itself.

The fine craftsmanship and their attention to detail make Hermes products cost a little too much.

Their Birkin bag is one true example of this case.

The bag is rare and exclusive, and there are no other dupes of this product.

It takes a single craftsman up to eighteen hours to finish one handbag.

The wait time to buy Hermes can differ on what products they are.

Some products can take up to 2 or 3 years while you can get others in 6-7 months.

In the end, the wait time and cost are all worth it.

Is Hermes More Expensive Than Louis Vuitton?

Hermes and Louis Vuitton are both among the most famous and valuable luxury brands.

They both represent high-quality designs, and they maintain a pretty good brand history.

However, Hermes is more expensive than Louis Vuitton.

The brand has a good reputation for diversity and exclusivity.

Compared to Louis Vuitton, they sell rare gems that are both unique and of greater value.

Both these brands are popular for their bags, so if we look at both their pricing, the Louis Vuitton charges above $1000 while the Hermes bags start from $1800.

Louis Vuitton spends a large amount on its marketing firm and mostly focuses on expanding its brand globally and becoming recognized all over the world, while Hermes focuses on maintaining its scarcity and exclusivity.

They do not focus a lot on advertising because the brand is already well-known due to the brand value.

Louis Vuitton is also widely accessible all around the world.

Its products are sold in a lot of countries, while the Hermes products are pretty exclusive, and not many people can get their hands on them.

Hermes is a more authentic brand, and this factor is the reason for their expensive product pricing.

Is Hermes Good Quality?

Hermes bags are one of the most popular and show-stopping luxury bags in the fashion industry.

These bags are most famous among bag collectors since these bags are rare and have a great resale value.

Hermes bags are so iconic that even for celebrities, these are the must-haves.

The Kardashian sisters even have their own Hermes collection.

At one time, the Hermes Birkin bag got so famous that everyone wanted to get their hands on it. This resulted in a huge waitlist for the bag.

The brand also uses a wide range of rare and exotic leather, which they acquire from all around the world.

Some of these leathers include ostrich, alligator skin, lizard, calfskin, and many more. They also vary in color.

Their popularity is also because of their wide and colorful range of leather.

These skins are mostly dyed to offer the customers different colors to choose from.

Most Popular Hermes Bags

Two of the most popular Hermes bags are the Birkin and Kellie.

Both the exteriors of these bags are made of calf leather, while the insides are lined with goatskin.

The bag is also scratch-resistant, so any scratch or mark won’t show up.

They are lightweight and pretty comfortable, so you can wear them daily.

These bags also come in different colors, so they would go with all your outfits.

Apart from the usage, these bags make a great display for your bag collection.

Hermes bags also have great reselling value. Depending on the usage and popularity of the bag, you can sell them for almost the same price which you got them for.

People are willing to pay anything and everything to get their hands on these rare pieces.

Final Verdict

Hermes is a luxury fashion success without any doubt.

Incorporating limited designs, exclusivity, and great value, the company is running better than ever.

The company has kept it alive and strong all throughout its history only because of its unique craftsmanship and superior quality.

It is also considered one of the most innovative luxury brands among all others.

It strives to maintain its authenticity and continues selling rare fashion gems that only a few people have access to.



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