Alaska is one of the 50 states located in the United States of America.

As said by Wikipedia, it is the northernmost and the westernmost state in the US.

Alaska is home to nature. Its beautiful snow-peaked mountains, the lovely green grass, and icy glacier waterfalls are heavenly.

This state is also famous for its dense and enchanting forests.

Alaska is known for its cold weather and its 18 hours of sunlight. In such a cold climate, it’s imperative that you put tons of layers on.

If you want to visit this beautiful place, make sure you pack some warm fuzzy jackets!

We recommend visiting Alaska during summer, from June to August. These months are the state’s peak tourist season.

This state is a nature resort and hence is the go-to place for a therapeutic adventure and a relaxing vacation.

Alaska’s Weather in June

In June, Alaska’s weather is between 60 F to 70 F. That is, 16°C to 21°C.

Alaska is a host to a number of glaciers, which means that the state remains pretty cold throughout the year.

The only way to overcome the cold in the winter months is to wear Omni heat jackets.

Omni heat jackets have thermal heat technology that keeps your body temperature constant.

June is a month with an average of 20% to 23% chance of rain so make sure to pack at least two raincoats if you’re traveling to the state in the summer months.

What to wear for daytime activities in Alaska?

Alaska is a beautiful state. There are many places you can visit during the day.

Waking up to such a view would feel therapeutic. So why would anyone want to stay in and not explore nature?

You can start your trip by going to Denali National park. Denali National park is the world’s third-largest National park.

Denali can be interesting because of Mount Mckinley. Mount Mckinley is the 20,320-foot highest peak in the States.

Denali Park is easily accessible from the Alaska Railroad.

When you visit Denali, grab your comfiest sneakers and go hiking. The tundras, river valleys, and Alpine ranges are worth the hike.

Then, there’s Tracy Arm Fjord. Tracy Arm is a fjord surrounded by glaciers and green hills.

Waterfalls fall from mountains and glaciers, creating small icebergs.

This popular tourist destination is famous for cruise and boat tours.

The cruise calls for fancy dresses and stylish party wear but while you dress fancy, remember to layer up thrice as much as you normally would.

Alaska is still a chilly state, so you need hoodies, jackets, and warm thermal dresses- anything that suits your style but also keeps you warm.

If you’re a fan of skiing, you should go to Alyeska resort.

Many skiers ski in Alyeska before heading to the Chugach mountains for the deep snow.

You don’t have to dress up for skiing.

As long as you have turtlenecks, jackets, and insulating pants to wear under your winter jackets and snow pants, you’ll be fine.

Throw a glove in, too, to prevent frostbite.

What to wear for nighttime activities in Alaska?

Nighttime in Alaska can be very interesting. The sundown is not before midnight. Hence, there are 18 hours of daytime.

Camping at night can be very entertaining.

Although camping is allowed in Alaska, you can’t camp just anywhere.

According to the state rules, you must understand to ask for permission to either set up a camp, a tent or to even sleep in your car.

In the city of Anchorage, you can go to concerts, restaurants, bars, parties, and so much more during the nighttime!

As most of the events are indoors, you can dress as classy as you want.

Wear a body con dress or a long silk dress. Dress up or down a classy playsuit. Wear a sparkly sequined blouse with a mini skirt and stockings.

There are a thousand different ways to flaunt your dressing style. Remember to carry a jacket for when you step outdoors.

If you’re going to dinner, you can wear a beautiful dress with leggings on, your comfortable pair of heels or even boots, and a piece of fancy jewelry.

Or, you can wear a collared shirt with a nice pair of jeans and sneakers for a more formal look.

That is, only if you remember to bring a jacket along.

Other things you should pack for a June holiday in Alaska:

  1. Layering Jacket
  2. Water bottle
  3. A backpack
  4. Portable charger
  5. Socks
  6. First aid
  7. Spare pair of shoes
  8. Extra shirts
  9. A compass (just in case)
  10. Rain gear or Waterproof Jacket
  11. Waterproof shoes
  12. Your Camera!

A trip to Alaska is getting in contact with Nature. These are things to keep handy when you’re out camping, hiking, or even just admiring beauty.

Who knows what you might need and when.

Final Advice

If you are planning a trip to visit Alaska in June, there are many places you can visit.

If you’re planning for a glacier hike, you must wear your waterproof shoes with sturdy soles.

Anchorage has a few restaurants, hotels, and bars and is the best city in Alaska, but we recommend that you don’t spend your entire trip in the city.

You can’t enjoy the true beauty of this state if you stay in only one city.

It is important to do your research. Gather information about the places where you want to go. Pack many layers, grab your backpack, and enjoy your trip!



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