Creating your own fits and styles using normal attire is an art. Many fashion enthusiasts have started teaching the general public how to create the perfect styles at low cost with comfortable clothes. 

One of the core ingredients in creating your fits and designs is knowing the current fashion scene and then adapting to it. Some of the recent trends that are at the forefront of fashion are layering your clothes with fashionable jackets or coats, Shoes and stockings, accessorizing, and of course, headwear. 

The introduction of headwear in fashion has changed the game for many people. Statement hats, fashionable caps, and beautiful headbands have made fashion a bit easier and more fun. Caps are also a way of showing support to teams and more often than not, a part of uniforms. They keep us protected from the glaring rays of the Sun.

I don’t think anyone needs a better reason to invest in some caps and hats. So, here’s a list of the top hats and caps manufacturers in Australia. If you also want to know about the wholesale suppliers in Australia, click here to read about them. 

List of the top hat and cap manufacturers in Australia:

  • Mitchells Cap Co.
  • Quality Supplies
  • Barmah Hats
  • Avenel Hats
  • Headwear Professionals

1. Mitchells Cap Co.

Mitchells Cap company has been a caps and hats manufacturers since the early 90s. They have seen the advancement of fashion from the classic 90s style to the current more upbeat and vibrant 2021 style. 

With the changing fashion, Mitchells cap managed to stay up to date in the newest looks and styles of caps and hats. They have been manufacturing caps for decades and their quality and production techniques have only evolved for the better. They pride themselves on upholding the virtue of manufacturing and providing the best services in the industry. 

They custom manufacture various designs of hats and supply them to the customers through their many wholesale clients. Their collections are always better, colorful, stylish, and trendy. 

The company imports the highest quality of fabrics for the production of hats. They provide top-notch quality at market competitive prices. The company provides manufacturing and supply services to surf, skate, sport & fashion headgear markets as well as corporate and international clients. 

Their clients are completely satisfied with the services offered. They also love the unique designs, embroidery, and printing on the caps and hats. 


  • Straw hats
  • Beanies
  • Snapback caps
  • 5-panel caps
  • Trucker caps
  • 6-panel caps
  • Kids’ cap
  • Sports caps
  • Bags and wallets

Contact information

Address: Mitchell’s Cap Company Pty Ltd, 3/24 Taree Street Burleigh Heads, Queensland 4220, Australia

Telephone: (+61) 07 5593 5155

Fax: (+61) 07 5593 5199

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2. Quality Supplies

Quality supplies is one of the best caps manufacturers out there. Their prompt services along with the reasonable rates are one of the best duos in the manufacturing sector. 

Quality supplies offer custom manufacturing services as well as printing, embroidery, and consultation packages. If you decide to choose them as your manufacturer, the first step will be consultation and strategy development according to your needs and brand. 

Once the client is satisfied with the consultation, they can go ahead and book the orders. The company has some of the most creative designers that can create any design and style on the hats. Their embroidery services are impeccable too. The factory has more than 100 different methods of printing and embroidery. Each is specific to a different design. 

They choose the most suitable fabric for your caps and hats. They provide a 100% guarantee that the fabric is durable and sustainable. 

Oh, and they also offer production services for T-shirts, polos, outerwear, uniforms, sportswear, and so much more. They truly are all-rounders. 


  • T-shirts
  • Jumpers & Jackets
  • Polos
  • School Uniform
  • Activewear / Sportswear
  • Hat
  • Snapback caps
  • Baseball caps
  • Beanies

Contact information

Address: Adelaide, SA 5000, AU


Call : (08) 8310 0202

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3. Barmah Hats

Barmah Hats are one-of-a-kind hats that are famous for their flexibility and ability to fold without cuts and creases. They are Australian-made and most commonly found in the same country. The people have quite an attachment to these hats. 

Barmah hats is one of the few companies that manufacture this unique kind of hat. They use the highest quality of leather, suede, and other materials to create the perfect barmah hats. The company provides innovative hats at reasonable prices and great offers. 

Their hat collection is exclusive and different from what others offer. The crocodile collection is manufactured purely from genuine crocodile hides while the canvas collection is produced using the finest quality of canvas cotton.

The hats are not only flexible but long-lasting and affordable! 


  • Barmah hats
  • Crocodile collection
  • Kangaroo collection
  • Oiled/Mossed hats

Contact information

Address: 12/59 Hudsons Rd, SPOTSWOOD, VIC 3015

Phone: +(61)3 9399 5266


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4. Avenel Hats

Two young men with a sound knowledge of hat manufacturing and passion for its fashion came together and founded Avenel Hats in 1966. Ever since the business grew and now they are one of the leading companies dealing with everything hats and caps.

Avenel Hats comprises top-quality manufactured hats that are no less than the designer hats that are sold at outrageous prices. The company isn’t just manufacturing and selling hats. They combine their love and passion for hats and use them to save the heritage and the history of caps. 

The company’s inventory is filled with fashionable caps and hats for women and men. They stock all kinds of hats and caps from, beanies to visors, cloche, beret, and fedora. They provide their services to national and international brands. 


  • Hats
  • Fedors
  • Caps
  • Visors
  • Breton 
  • Cloche
  • Beret
  • Gloves
  • Scarves

Contact information

Address: 44 – 48 Star Crescent Hallam VIC AUSTRALIA 3803

Phone: 03 9702 4783

Fax: 03 9702 4793


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5. Headwear Professionals

Headwear professionals is a branch of the world-renowned company headwear stockists. The company has been in the manufacturing business since 1974. They certainly know what pleases their clients and they have never been seen to compromise on the quality of their products. 

They manufacture top-quality headwear at surprisingly low prices. Their designs and styles are wonderful and their customer services are even better. The company has a large stock of caps and hats but they are always willing to manufacture new unique stock for their clients. 


  • Beanies
  • Brushed cotton caps
  • Camouflage caps
  • Chino and washed caps
  • Flat peak styles
  • Golf caps
  • Hats

Contact information

Email: Email:

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