Usually known for its charisma and landscape, what the majority of the people don’t know about Spain is its quality clothing manufacturing industry. Businesses all over the world turn to Spain when they’re looking for a quality yet affordable manufacturing solution.

And, if you, too, are looking for reputable clothing manufacturers in Spain, you’ve landed at just the perfect place!

We have gathered valuable information about the top 10 clothing manufacturers in Spain and have listed them below for your convenience. Also, be sure to check out our article on clothing manufacturers in Portugal.

List of Clothing Manufacturers in Spain:

  1. Nextil
  2. Finatex 61
  3. Repunte
  4. SKM
  5. Estilmar
  6. Textiles Campillo
  7. Quart Textil
  8. EVLOX
  9. Kidolphin Organic
  10. Cowest


In the fashion industry, Nextil is one of the leading firms in the invention of knit stretch textiles and garment manufacturing.

They provide a personalized and personalized solution that vertically combines all elements of the manufacturing process, from fabric design to garment production. With over 65 years of experience, Nextil blends craftsmanship and know-how with ongoing innovation. The goal is to develop more environmentally friendly, effective materials that are tailored to current trends and lifestyles.

They have a commercial presence on five continents at Nextil Group and make textiles and garments for clothes, swimwear, sports, lingerie, and medical apparel in three production centers in Portugal, Barcelona, and the United States, providing clients with a wide range of options.

Having worked with many fashion businesses for a long time, Nextil has built a history of joint progress and growth.

Their beginnings can be traced back to 1954, when Dogi established its first factory in El Masnou, Barcelona. Since then, SICI93, Playvest, Greendyes, EFA, RITEX, QTT, TREISS, and Anna Llop have joined the project and given all of their knowledge and know-how.

They continue to innovate and improve as a consolidated corporate group to become more sustainable and reach the highest quality textiles and clothing.

Contact info:


Address: Carrer Teià, 08320 Barcelona, Spain


Finatex61 has created a strategic structure centered in Spain since 1980, where it provides optimal solutions based on new production methods and experience.

FINATEX61 has managed to stay ahead of the industry in the previous two decades, offering solutions based on quality, innovation, and lead time, and producing over 1.000.000 pieces each year (and growing).

The factory now serves as a supplier to a number of well-known international corporations. It is conveniently located in Toledo (near Madrid). It has more than 3.000 square meters and employs more than 80 industry experts to provide an integrated solution from design to quality control.

FINATEX61 has also reached an agreement with its employees, who are the company’s most valuable asset.

Apart from ongoing investment in I+D+i, the corporation pursues a long-term strategic vision for the planet, adhering to all E.U. requirements in this area.

FINATEX61 is fortunate to have a large and devoted customer base.

Contact info:


Address: Carretera Nacional 401, Km 94A, 45110 Ajofrín, Toledo, Spain

Phone: +34 925 38 20 20


Repunte S.L. is a Spanish-owned corporation with a strong presence in the highly competitive textile industry. They make shirts from start to finish, from cutting to ironing and folding.

Quality is a cornerstone of Repunte’s S.L. structure, both in terms of preparation and procedures. That is why they hold the AENOR of quality UNE-EN ISO 9001 accreditation.

Repunte manufactures shirts with cutting-edge technology in their Management and Production Departments, with unique software and an industrial park that are regularly updated to meet market demands.

From the pattern to the delivery at the destination, Repunte’s motto is “we manufacture shirts for the entire world.” Canclini Tesstile, Thomas Mason Bespoke, Thomas Mason David & John Anderson, Cotonificio Albini, Sidogras, Jaba Textil, Loro Piana, and others provide Repunte with raw materials.

Contact info:


Address: C. Almendros, 22, 45700 Consuegra, Toledo, Spain

Phone: +34 925 48 18 24


Skm was founded in 2003 as a knitwear design and manufacturing company in Spain. With their specialization in R&D and the production of knitwear collections for men, women, and children in the past two decades, they’ve been present in Spain since then.

Most of their products are supplied to many reputable knitwear companies including Nanos, Armand Basi, Purificación García, María Mariño, Vitivic, Pepco, The First and El Corte Inglés.

Recently SKM has launched a private brand of knitwear products for girls named “REBEL SISTERS,” which turned out to be a huge success and now is sold off online at high prices.

Contact info:


Address: 419Worcester Rd. Framingham, MA 01701
Phone: 508-309-7758


Estilmar was formed in 1981 in El Masnou, Barcelona, and is now based in Mataro. Grupo Moda Estilmar Italmare has been selling high-quality elastic fabrics for swimwear and lingerie since its inception.

They create materials for swimwear (for women, men, and children), lingerie, and activewear.

More than 80% of their products are exported and sold to more than 40 nations worldwide.

They provide an integrated production system, which includes everything from design development to printing and finishing. Their entire line is MADE IN SPAIN.

Contact info:


Address: Ctra. de Mata, 115, 08304 Mataró, Barcelona, Spain.

Phone: +34 937 41 90 10

Textiles Campillo

Textiles Campillo was established in 1977 in Cuenca. That was the year when they started this amazing journey from designing to manufacturing knitwear garments and accessories for both men and women.

As of today, Textiles Campillo owns a factory of 4,000 square meters, which is well equipped with all the latest technologies. When it comes to knitwear cloth, they ensure the usage of all the local products.

Currently, Textiles Campillo operates three brands: David Jorda, Caña de Azucar, and Caña de Azucar-Kids.

David Jorda is specifically created for targeting middle and upper-middle-class customers, offering them their top-notch knitwear garments.

Caña de Azucar, on the other hand, is a women-only brand that was made in 1989, with young and urban women as their target audience. They market the knitwear with the best designs and trendy styles on Caña de Azucar.

Lastly, Caña de Azucar-Kids was founded to offer high-quality knitwear products to children of all ages.

Contact info:


Address: Camino De Las Pedrizas 1 16210, De Altobuoy Spain.

Phone +34-969337071

Quart Textil

The foundation on which Quart Textil was built was founded in 1958 under the name Generos de Punto Textil Cortés. Quart Textil SL, the third generation, was founded in 1995 with the goal of fully entering the world of fashion and creating collections and designs for today’s ladies.

All of their textiles and accessories are tested in independent laboratories to meet the client’s specifications. The Quality section monitors the entire production process continuously, thoroughly, and on a daily basis, examining measurements and finishes. In addition, quart Textil manages the order’s logistics in a variety of methods, including electronic data exchange (EDI).

Confidentiality: Each collection is created for each client, and the information shared between the design and development teams is completely private and confidential.

Ethics in the workplace: Each order, for each client, is made in factories that respect human rights. They are serious about adhering to international labor laws that protect workers’ human rights and ensure fair working conditions.

Contact info:


Address: Carrer Pacheco, 86, 08301 Mataró, Barcelona, Spain

Phone: +34 937 57 52 70


EVLOX has been manufacturing denim for more than 170 years. Being one the oldest clothing brands to exist, they have a wide set of equipped factories with up-to-date technologies that assist them in making high-quality and exquisite denim for both men and women.

Since 1846, Evlox has been a top-tier Denim manufacturer. For over 170 years, they have specialized in denim manufacturing, recreating classic and developing new solutions for the world’s most prestigious brands.

They are passionate about their work at Evlox, and as a result, continue to lead the industry. Evlox is now linked with improvement, innovation, and leadership, with 15 million meters of Premium denim manufactured each year, over 500 workers, and a commercial presence in 50 countries.

Contact info:


Address: C. de Téllez, 54, 28007 Madrid, Spain

Phone: +34 913 91 13 50

Kidolphin organic

A terrible earthquake struck Sichuan (China) a few years ago, killing thousands of people and leaving many children orphaned.

Kidolphin’s founder went there to provide psychiatric help for the children and ended up adopting two siblings who had been so severely traumatized that they had lost their capacity to communicate. However, she persisted in her research and eventually identified a novel therapy based on interaction with dolphins. She made the decision to attempt this new strategy right now.

She made plans with a national aquarium and quickly realized that dolphins may be an excellent form of therapy for these kids. Every time they interacted with the dolphins, their perspective shifted, and they began to break free from the pessimism that had followed them since the catastrophe.

One of the children eventually began to speak, and her first word was “mama.”

Everyone in the room was taken aback. The therapy yielded better outcomes than anyone could have anticipated. The children’s transformation was quite remarkable. The method required a large number of individuals and a lot of effort, but the end outcome was well worth it.

Our founder’s commitment to those children, combined with her passion for fashion, inspired her to establish her own clothing line. KIDOLPHIN, a combination of the terms KID and DOLPHIN, was born as a result.

Their objective is to embrace the future of fashion ethically, prudently utilizing resources and selecting natural raw materials from which to create the best products possible, all while designing from the heart.

Contact info:


Address: C. de Alfonso X, 5, Local Kidolphin, 28010 Madrid, Spain

Phone: +34 910 12 95 68


Cowest is a Spanish brand based in Spain that produces high-quality clothing for women. The company has been producing athletic and casual clothing for over 30 years, specializing in DENIM and JEANS.

Pantalon Cowest, S.L. is a well-known firm that was established in 1983 and has gained a reputation for specializing in the design, pattern, manufacture, and distribution of the best-fitting jeans and pants for women and men.

Contact info:


Address: C. Albacete, 59, 02141 Pozohondo, Albacete, Spain

Phone: +34 657 04 42 15


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