Buying clothes from South America has unrivaled advantages. It can be cheaper, even with import costs; you can find more and different sizes, and you can get hold of designer clothes no one else has.

And to diminish your costs, we have compiled a list of the top 10 clothing manufacturers in South America. So, let’s get right into it!

Let’s take a look at 10 top clothing manufacturers in South America:

  1. Peruvian Clothes & Style
  2. Urth Apparel
  3. Pimacoc EIRL
  4. Texgroup
  5. Peruvian Dress
  6. Cusco Stores
  7. Miocotton Peru
  8. Kuna
  9. Nettalco
  10. La Vicuñita Factory

1.      Peruvian Clothes & Style

Peruvian Clothes & Style is a Peruvian manufacturer! They began developing cotton garments in 2007 and have been exporting to a variety of countries since 2014. They are proud of their color and fabric heritage and wish to share it with all of their customers.

Now you can easily get clothing made of pima and tanguis cotton. In addition to that, they can even provide a certification of origin.

To achieve high quality manufacturing, Peruvian Clothes & Style has standardized their procedure. As a result, it’s reasonable to say they’re a full-service apparel maker!

They are part of the apparel and textiles industry in Peru. From premium fabrics to packing and shipping they can help you develop your brand.

Contact Info:

Address: Jr. Hatun Colla 1777, Urb. Mangomarca, San Juan de Lurigancho, Lima, LIMA 36, PERU

Number: +51 (1) 459 4058



2.      Urth Apparel

Urth Apparel has been and will continue to be a leader at the forefront of change, always employing cutting-edge technology to invent and design the highest-quality clothing, all of which are made with industry-leading sustainability and environmental advancements.

Urth Apparel, in my opinion, is not a production plant, but rather a university. Every day, their team works together to develop and innovate innovative ways for garment manufacturing.

Urth Apparel’s goal and crew are at its core. Together, they pledge to work more than any other firm in the industry to help you grow and thrive, building a relationship that will hopefully endure many decades.

Contact Info:

Address: Jirón de la Unión 704, Cercado de Lima 15081, Peru

Number: +51 (1) 7481569



3.      Pimacoc EIRL

PIMACOC EIRL is a textile firm based in Peru that was founded in 2007. They create high-quality garments using the highest-quality materials available, such as Peruvian Pima Cotton, which is the highest-quality cotton in the textile and fashion industries.

Knitted garments, sport garments, woven garments, and knitwear are among the products they can make.

After working in the textile sector for several years, they have accumulated a thorough understanding of how the fashion market operates and what the primary needs of the world’s most demanding customers are.

Their employees are well-trained and have extensive industry experience. They collaborate with the best local services and suppliers of the highest-quality materials to manufacture and sell a final product of the greatest quality around the South American market.

Contact Info:

Address: Calle Crisolita 171, Santa Aurelia, Santa Anita Lima 43, Perú

Number: +51-1-566-9563
Mobile: +51-983-452-996 (you also can contact us via Whatsapp)



4.      Texgroup

Texgroup S.A. was founded in 1995 as an exporter of high-end clothing for the most selective customers. They are recognized for ensuring products of the greatest quality, which are backed up by a quality assurance system that involves ongoing improvements in their processes throughout time, benefiting both the customers and employees.

They specialize in providing a “Full Package” of knitted garment products to their consumers. Their service begins with product creation and finishes with garment finishing. To ensure quality in their various production processes, they rely on a competent and interdisciplinary team of specialists that get ongoing training and are dedicated to satisfying their clients’ needs with dedicated commercial assistance.

Contact Info:

Address: Jr. Sucre # 281 Urb. Vulcano Lima 3 – Perú

Telephone: (511) 618 0430



5.      Peruvian Dress

They are a company where the broad family experience is consolidated in the clothing of clothing. Recently, Peruvian Dress launched another clothing line called Ralston, where they manufacture and supply top-notch T-shirts and shirts for Men.

Contact Info:

Address: Calle Belén Mz. B Lot 8 Psje. Jerusalem, Mariano Melgar Arequipa, Peru

Telephone: 958133948



6.      Cusco Stores

Cusco Stores SRL is a Peruvian company founded by local artisans with the requisite experience and expertise to provide their clients with the highest quality products created entirely of baby alpaca natural tanned hides, yarn, fabric, or a combination of these materials.

Cusco Stores are confident that all of their alpaca items and apparel catalog will meet your expectations in terms of quality and best pricing. They have specialized in the creation of alpaca clothes and garments, alpaca fine handicrafts, home accessories, wool toys, and alpaca fur babies of the finest quality.

Their craftsmen have been trained and have the proper training to ensure that their final products meet international quality standards. All of their products are made of the finest materials. Best part about them is that they offer free shipping.

Fur bedspreads, baby alpaca fur rugs, fur pillows & cushions case, baby alpaca blankets, yarns, tanned skins, wool fleece, throws, baby alpaca accessories, fur garments, fur accessories, toys, and much more are among the home-made products available in their inventory.

Contact Info:

Address: Larapa Grande H4-10 Urb. Larapa, San Jeronimo – Exhibition and Commercial Office Cusco – Peru P. O. Box 808 Cusco – PERU

Number: +51 984 786 317, +51-984 786317, +51-084-586553



7.      Miocotton Peru

Miocotton Peru specializes in designing, developing, manufacturing, and exporting 100% Peruvian Pima Baby Clothes. Hand Embroideries, Hand Smocked, and Print Custom Designs are their specialties.

Their story began with birth of their first daughter, Francesca, in 1993. When she was born, they realized that there were no alternatives for decorating baby rooms in the country (Peru), so they decided to start selling quilts, decorative paper, and other accessories to decorate children’s bedrooms.

Their first baby bedroom decoration brand became known for the great quality of its items, and they launched their first Decoratif store in 1998, after the birth of their second daughter Antonella. Their second store opened in 2000, a year after the birth of their third son Alfredo, and the third store opened in 2002, a year after the birth of their fourth son Rodrigo.

Contact Info:

Address: Segundo Minchán 164, Urb. Aurora, Miraflores, Lima 18 – Peru

Tel: (511) 2731872 / (51) 956022983


8.      Kuna

KUNA Is more than just a name; it is the meeting of two eras and worlds: the past, through inspiration drawn from ancient Andean cultures’ rich aesthetic expressions and techniques; and the present, through the hands of highly skilled designers who choose each color and design to breathe new life into our roots.

Contact Info:

Address: Av. Miguel Dasso No. 166 – San Isidro, Peru

Phone: 012221453



9.      Nettalco

Nettalco is a vertically integrated textile manufacturer based in Lima, Peru. They create knitted outerwear for the export market for customers who are market leaders in their respective areas. They serve as “contract manufacturers,” creating clothing according to designs and specifications provided by customers.

Nettalco was started in 1965 and has been focused only on the export market for cotton and cotton blend knitted clothes since 1987. Their exports have recently accounted for 6% of overall Peruvian exports of this sort of goods.

The company’s manufacturing mills cover 250,000 square feet and have currently employed around 1,800 people. Product Development, which includes colors, fabrics, and patterns, Yarn Dyeing, Knitting, Dyeing, and Finishing of Fabrics, Printing, Embroidery, Cutting, Sewing, and Finishing of Garments are all part of the manufacturing process.

Nettalco has established long-term relationships with clients that demand high-quality clothes and service standards, as well as a prompt response to their needs.

Contact Info:

Address: Ca. Cinco 115 Urb. Vulcano. Lima-Ate por Lima 03, Perú.


TEL: (+511) 3480264, (+511) 3480264


10. La Vicuñita Factory

La Vicuñita Factory is an old school company that proudly retains history and culture in all their garments. Everything they offer reflects the millenary legacy. Raw materials such as alpaca wool, baby alpaca, and vicua, among others, are used to create products of the finest quality.

Their organization was founded on the principle of fostering millenary art, which symbolizes everyone in Cusco. They also want to improve how a textile garment is perceived by the general population.

Contact Info:

Address: C. Saphy #818, Cusco 08000, Peru


TEL: +51 989769510



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