The Dominican Republic is well-known as a fashion-evolving country; immersed with light manufacturing and hard labor, the designs and production equipment are only getting better.

With the increased integration of textile firms and manufacturing capabilities, several highly regarded brands are now manufacturing apparel in the Dominican Republic. There are currently 229 textile and clothing manufacturers in the region, providing about 50,000 jobs. In 2018, the exports had reached 1.1 billion U.S. dollars, 13% of the nation’s leading exports.

A few of the well-known U.S. and Canadian companies located in the Dominican Republic include American Eagle, Under Armour, Perry Ellis, Old Navy, Victoria’s Secret, Gap, Calvin Klein, and so many others. The country is only expected to succeed even further with excellent production skills, global connectivity, and access to delivery operations.

In this article, you will read about the seven leading apparel manufacturers in the Dominican Republic and how they are working to represent the apparel business.

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List of Clothing Manufacturers in the Dominican Republic:

  • E.B. Manufacturing
  • In Alert Manufacturing
  • Ignavil Industrial Clothing
  • V. Rags, S.R.L.
  • Trendisima Clothing Factory
  • Blue Country
  • Souri Industrial


1. E.B. Manufacturing

S.E.B. Manufacturing is a company located in the Clear Zone of the Dominican Republic. Working with high-level quality fabrics, the company is an affordable manufacturer.

The company works to produce apparel, specifically for ladies. This includes swimwear, casual wear, and winter apparel. They also partner with clients from JCPenney, LimiTed Tour, Hanes, and Sarali. S.E.B. is currently working for Va Bien French-New York to produce women’s trousers, beachwear, and undergarments.


  • Pantyhose
  • Bustiers
  • Brassiere
  • Beachwear
  • Body briefers
  • Girdles
  • Trousers
  • Shorts
  • Jackets
  • Skirts
  • Vests
  • Jogging suits
  • Tshirts
  • Polo shirts
  • Children’s apparel
  • Shirts and blouses
  • Tank tops


Address: Free Zone, Calle 1. Building# 2, Dominican Republic, EL Seibo, Do

Tel: 1-809-818-4307


2. In Alert Manufacturing

In Alert Manufacturing was established in July 2004. They specialize in the production of socks and are a well-known sock business in the country.

While competing at a global market sale, their instilled capacity for socks is 1000K per week. With 18 years of experience, the company has also developed anti-theft hard tags and supplies over 25 million of them a year.

Under their production operations, the factories consist of various services, such as:

  • The knitted fabric undergoes rows of loops called stitched
  • Seeming process after a training period of using ROSSO automatic machines
  • Bleach and dyeing process approved by the Research & Development Department
  • Boarding and pairing to give the socks permanent press
  • Finishing covers tacking, banding, bagging, and packaging


  • Socks



Address: Edif. 5, Manzana E, Zona Franca Industrial, La Vega, La Vega, Do

Tel: 1-809-242-5161


3. Ignavil Industrial Clothing

Ignavil is a dedicated manufacturer that works with embroidery and serigraphs to produce uniforms.

The company has the best machines and highest quality in the market. They are dedicated to producing embroidery designs of all materials and on any product from shirts to t-shirts. Additionally, they offer printing services and logos.


  • Hats
  • Shirts
  • T-shirts
  • Uniforms



Address: C. Francisco Villaespesa #221, Santo Domingo 10514, Dominican Republic

Tel: +1 809-422-8447


4. GV Rags, S.R.L.

G.V. Rags is a Dominican-American manufacturer that produces clothes for women, men, children, and housewares. With A-class material’s importance from the United States, the company has exceptional standards.

The country’s vision is to use second-hand clothing to produce creative designs and resell in the Caribbean. They work under four core beliefs: transparency, punctuality, commitment, and honesty.


  • Pants
  • Shirts



Address: Zona Franca La Armería, C. Máximo Gómez #25, Bajos de Haina 91000, Dominican Republic

Tel: +1 809-528-3000


5. Trendisima Clothing Factory

Trendisima Clothing Factory is a manufacturer that produces garments of the highest quality stitching.

The company has a wide variety and works with young women to produce all kinds of clothing for different occasions. This includes casual jeans and shirts, formal wear such as dresses and jumpsuits, and pajamas and nightwear.


  • Jumpsuits
  • Jeans
  • Belts
  • Leggings
  • Sets
  • Blouses
  • Pajamas
  • Bikinis



Address: C. Concepción Bona 51, Santo Domingo 10306, Dominican Republic

Tel: +1 829-650-5757


6. Blue Country

Blue Country is a company without borders; clients can have the freedom to be who they want to be. They specialize in men’s and women’s western wear and work with a diverse range of apparel.

They have collections for all seasons and follow the motto of being unapologetically raw.


  • Jeans
  • Socks
  • Shirts
  • shoes



Address: Av Nicolás de Ovando 508, Santo Domingo 10409, Dominican Republic

Tel:  +1 809-476-6407


7. Souri Industrial

Souri Industrial is a manufacturer located in Moca, Dominican Republic. They manufacture a wide range of products from athleticwear to undergarments and children’s clothing.


  • Undergarments
  • Children’s clothes
  • Athleticwear



Address: Antonio de la Maza, Esq. Colon, # 12, 2do.nivel, Moca 56000, Dominican Republic

Tel: +1 809-578-2793



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