More than often, it becomes really hard to find the right clothes – but if you are someone who wears plus sizes clothes, it is no secret that it becomes much harder to look for the right dresses. Summer is the longest period of the year in most parts of the world, and many people look for dresses that are not only airy but also have summery designs and styles.

What is better than getting hands-on a romper that allows you the perfect comfort in summer coupled with summery designs that will look amazing on anywhere who wears it? The fashion divas have predicted that rompers and overalls will be in fashion again very soon, so we decided to help you pick out some of the best rompers that you can get this summer without denting your pocket a lot.

If you are someone who would love to wear some overalls but do not find your sizes very often, you need to keep reading because we will help you get hands-on some of the best plus-sized sunflower rompers.

Let’s get started! We know you are thrilled. Keep reading to find handpicked plus size sunflower rompers:

1. Relipop Women Summer Floral Romper

The Relipop Women Summer Floral Romper is the perfect pick for your summer wardrobe; it is cute but very comfortable. If you plan to go to beaches and cruises this summer, you MUST get hands on this one. The summer floral romper is available in all sizes ranging from Small, Medium, Large, Extra-large, and Extra-extra large. It is good news for all those who wanted to get hands-on these pretty rompers, but even better for those who don’t usually find their sizes (Read: plus sizes).

The romper is made up of polyester and is in only one color that is black. The length of the dress is above the knee.

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  • Small: Bust 32.0″; Waist 30.4″; Length 27.7″
  • Medium: Bust 32.8″; Waist 31.2″; Length 28.5″
  • Large: Bust 33.5″; Waist 32.0″; Length 29.3″
  • Extra Large: Bust 34.2″; Waist 32.8″; Length 30.1″


  • Vibrant
  • Airy
  • Reasonably priced
  • Comfortable
  • Available in a wide range of sizes


  • Not the best material for summers
  • Not available in extra small size

2. Bluetime Women Rompers

If you are looking for the best-plus-sized sunflower rompers then we know you will be glad to come across this one. The Bluetime Women Romper is one of the highest-rated rompers on amazon, which already speaks a lot about its quality and demand. The romper is available in all sizes, such as small, medium, large, extra-large, and extra-extra-large.

The dress has an extremely soft fabric, so if you are worried about drenching in sweat because of the think fabric, you no longer have to worry. The dress comes in a white color that is a plus point since it won’t absorb a lot of heat and rather reflect it, making you stay cool at all times.

The romper has side pockets so that you can keep your phone, money, or a scrunchie in your pocket – and even if you don’t, it looks very chic anyway. The short romper is perfect for casual wear, beachwear, cruising, or just lounging in your house. The best part is that it won’t cost you a leg. it is hands down one of the best plus size sunflower rompers.

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  • Small: Chest 33.5″; Length 12.2″
  • Medium: Chest 35.5″; Length 12.6″
  • Large: Chest 38.5″; Length 13.0″
  • Extra Large: Chest 41.5″; Length 13.4″
  • Extra Extra Large: Chest 44.5″; Length 13.8″


  • Made up of really soft fabric
  • Available in all sizes
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Great design


  • It comes in only white color.
  • Not available in extra small size

3. LONG YUAN Women’s Summer Casual T-Shirt Sundress

The LONG YUAN Women’s Summer Casual T-Shirt Sundress makes it to our top plus size sunflower rompers. The romper is made up of really soft material, which makes it easier to wear it in summers. While the dress is available in many colors, all of them have different flowery designs, so if you are interested in any other flowers than sunflowers, then you can try them out as well.

The dress is available in Extra small, small, medium, large, extra-large, and extra-extra-large sizes, which totally a plus since no one will have to be deprived of this beauty because of the sizes.

The dress costs between $18.99 – $33.99, which is totally a steal for the quality it is offering. You can wear this dress at parties, work, hang out, beaches and what not – it is perfect for all occasions.

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  • Extra small: Chest 30.5″; Length 31.7″
  • Small: Chest 32.1″; Length 32.1″
  • Medium: Chest 34.1″; Length 32.9″
  • Large: Chest 36.4″; Length 33.7″
  • Extra Large: Chest 38.8″; Length 32.1″
  • Extra Extra Large: Chest 41.1″; Length 35.2″


  • Available in all sizes
  • Perfect for summers
  • Made up of 95% Rayon+5% Spandex
  • Vibrant design


  • Black can often absorb heat.

4. PERSUN Women Sunflower Spaghetti Strap Romper


If you are looking for a breezy, chic, and comfortable romper in plus size, then your hunt ends here – now you can grab the Persun Women Sunflower Spaghetti Strap Romper. The romper is available in all sizes, which is one of the reasons why it made it to our best plus size sunflower rompers list.

The romper has a spaghetti strap, which makes it look extremely chic. Moreover, if you are looking for a perfect tan on your arms and legs, then the romper will be an awesome pick. The romper has ball tassels that make the dress look prettier.

Black is one of the favorite colors of all, but when black and yellow come together, all other combinations start looking bland. The dress romper comes at a steal price.

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  • Small: Waist; 26.77-41.34. Bust; 37.4
  • Medium: Waist; 28.35-43.31. Bust; 39.37
  • Large:  Waist; 29.92-45.2. Bust; 41.33
  • Extra Large: Waist; 31.49-47.24. Bust; 43.31
  • Extra-extra-large: Waist; 33.07-49.21. Bust; 4.5.28


  • Great price
  • Breezy and comfortable
  • Available in plus sizes


  • Unavailable in extra small size


We know buying plus sizes dresses can be hectic because there are very limited options available, but this summer, you do not have to worry about getting some vibrant rompers. Refer to our top picks above to find the best plus size sunflower rompers.



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