Going to Universal Studios is not only included in the bucket list of every kid, but adults also love to go to universal studios.

The main reason for the popularity of Universal Studios is that it has themes related to different movies and TV shows which are widely popular among the public.

Although Universal Studios is headquartered in the US, there are 5 universal studios in different parts of the world.

When you’ve planned your trip to one of the Universal Studios in December, your next plan would be to pack things and you would be worried about the outfits that you should wear.

Since there are five Universal Studios in the world and every Univers Studio is situated in different parts of the world, the weather can be different in all Universal Studios.

Since the weather would be different in different Universal Studios, you can not wear the same clothes to every Universal Studio.

December is one of the best months to visit Universal Studios as the place would be decorated with festive themes.

However, this place would be very crowded as many people go to Universal Studios to celebrate the holiday season.

In this article, we’ve described what you should wear for your next trip to a Universal Studio.

We’ve described the weather and given some outfit ideas since December means the peak of the winter season.

What to Wear at Universal Studios Hollywood in December?

The first ever Universal Studio was opened in California. Universal Studios Hollywood is situated in Universal City in California, which is a state in the US.

The weather at Universal Studios is average in December as it does not snow here. 

The days of December have a mild temperature but during the night and in the early mornings the weather gets very cold.

The average temperature of Universal City in December stays between 68°F (20°C) and 44°F (7°C). This means that you’ll have to add some layers, especially during the nighttime.

It might rain for some days during December so be prepared for that. It rarely snows in Universal City so the temperature stays bearable.

Now considering the average weather of December, you should wear winter attire to Universal Studios Hollywood.

You can wear a long-sleeved sweatshirt or a turtleneck during the day, but you’ll have to add layers of warm clothing during the nighttime as the temperature drops during the night.

If you want to wear a dress then make sure that this dress is made of fabric that’ll keep you warm and carry a jacket with you.

No matter which universal studio you’re visiting or whichever time of the year it is, comfortable shoes are important.

Since December has chilly weather, hence wear comfortable sneakers with warm socks. Carry a rubber band or a scrunchie to handle your hair while taking a ride.

What to Wear at Universal Studios Orlando in December?

Orlando is situated in Florida. Florida is known as the Sunshine State. Even the name suggests that this state remains hot.

The weather in Orlando in December is not as chilly as in many other states of the US. It usually does not snow in Orlando so the weather remains bearable in December.

The daily average temperature stays between 75°F (23°C) and 50°F (10°C) which is mild and bearable.

Considering the weather, you should wear a long-sleeved shirt during the day. Carry a jacket with you so that if it gets chilly you can use it.

During the nighttime, you’ll have to add more layers of clothes to keep you warm. To enjoy the experience, wear comfortable shoes and clothes so that you can move around easily.

What to Wear at Universal Studios Japan in December?

This is the first Universal Studio that was open outside of the US. Universal Studios Japan is located in the Konohana-Ku district which is present in Osaka, Japan.

The average temperature of Osaka stays between 54°F (12°C) and 42°F (5°C) in December. This means that the weather is very cold so you’ll have to add different layers.

Since you have to walk a lot around Universal Studios, you’ll have to wear shoes that are not only warm but also comfortable. 

To deal with the cold environment, wear warm socks and warm and comfortable shoes.

Although long coats look pretty and keep you warm, avoid wearing them to Universal Studio as taking rides with long coats can be uncomfortable.

You can wear a hoodie, sweater, jacket, or mini coats. Pair your outfit with a scarf to be safer against the cold weather.

What to Wear at Universal Studios Singapore in December?

Universal Studios Singapore is situated in Sentosa, which is an island in Singapore. Singapore has hot and rainy weather throughout the year.

In December, the average temperature of Sentosa is 89°F (32°C) to 77°F (25°C). Hence the weather is warm as compared to other Universal Studios.

Because of the warm weather, you can wear light clothing. Wear a t-shirt or a light dress during the day as the weather is very warm here.

You can wear a t-shirt with shorts or a crop top with a flowy skirt. Consider wearing light sneakers or comfortable sandals to walk around comfortably.

Keep a poncho, raincoat, or umbrella because December is the start of the new monsoon season in Singapore. 

Although it doesn’t rain a lot in December, it’s safe to keep your protective gear with you. 

During the nighttime, the weather is mild so you don’t have to wear different layers of clothes.

What to Wear at Universal Studios Beijing in December?  

Universal Studios Beijing is the most recent Universal Studio that was opened in 2021.

Beijing faces extreme cold weather in December so be prepared for the freezing weather.

The average weather in Beijing in December ranges between 4°C and -6°C. It also shows a lot in Universal Studios Beijing in December.

In November 2021, Universal Studios Beijing was closed due to the heavy snowfall which shows the intensity of the cold in Beijing 

Because of the extreme weather, you’ll have to wear many layers of clothes. Start with a shirt or turtleneck then wear a sweater or hoodie and top it with a coat or puffer jacket.

If it’s snowing then carry an umbrella with you. If the weather is cold then add more layers. Wear warm socks with warm shoes. Also don’t forget to carry a scarf.

Final Words

To conclude, there are five Universal Studios in the world and each one is situated in different areas so the weather varies.

Because of the variation in weather, you’ll have to wear different types of clothes in all Universal Studios. 

For example, Universal Beijing is very cold so you have to wear warm clothes and add different layers to be warm. 

While the Universal Studio of Singapore faces mild weather in December hence you can wear light clothes