San Diego is a city bustling with life, with a rich history and exotic beaches that promise you a good time. 

If you’re planning on visiting the city in December, you might be having a hard time deciding what to pack for your trip. 

Plus the weather might be giving you second thoughts about your wardrobe.

Well, it’s really not that hard to decide just make sure you’ve got an idea of the weather and keep in mind the advice given below for packing the most stylish wardrobe, yet.

San Diego’s Weather In December

December is the second coldest month the city experiences in a year after January, where the temperature range falls a little below November

However, compared to the rest of the US, the temperatures remain fairly mild where you’re able to enjoy Christmas activities in peace. 

The days remain sunny and bright with a minimum of 8 hours of sunshine. But, we won’t lie to you and say that there aren’t any dark hours and wet days. During such times it would be best to plan your day’s activities indoors.

December is the fourth wettest month in San Diego, falling into the midrange where the city will experience precipitation on an average of 5-7 days. 

There’s not too much to worry about your day plans getting ruined thanks to the rain, but it’s better to be prepared beforehand.

Avoid going to the beach during December in San Diego, because the temperatures will be low enough, and you might get sick due to the cold.

There’s also a risk of shortage of breathing, when the temperature of water falls below twenty.

Contrary to common belief it actually does snow in San Diego just not at the lower regions.

If you’re willing to see snow in San Diego, then pack your hiking gear and venture into the mountains with your family. 

The average day’s temperatures will be around 11-17°C, normally fluctuating between this range throughout the month. 

What To Wear During Your Day Time Activities In San Diego

It’s the month of December, the Christmas spirits are high, so make sure you have picked a few of your Christmas items to get into the festive spirits of the city.

Since the weather won’t be too cold, in the lower regions it would be best to pack basic items that you can layer according to your needs. 

These include neutral-colored tees and two or three pairs of denim. Opt for varying styles like wide flares, straight pants, and skinnies, and adjust them with fun outerwear. 

Athleisure is also pretty much in fashion, giving you a good excuse to stay comfy, warm, and on your feet during your trip to San Diego. 

However, try to avoid such clothing in smart casual events where a little more effort will be required.

Cardigans are a must-have for San Diego winter weather, where they add swag to your outfits. Puffer jackets, leather jackets, long coats in black, beige or even red colors are all acceptable and highly encouraged in San Diego winter wear. 

Denim Jackets are also nice to have in your backpack, however it can get cold so the use of layers must be emphasized. 

Good thing denim jackets are versatile and can be worn with sweatshirts and hoodies so you might be grateful for packing one in your bag. 

Make sure you have comfortable walking shoes, mostly opting for water resistant ankle boots and cute sneakers to walk around, because there’s so much to see and explore in the city.

Don’t forget to add bling to your outfits with fun accessories, and jewelry to add fun to your basic outfits. Colorful scarves will be useful in getting into the festive spirit, so make sure you’ve packed those. 

What To Wear During your Nighttime Activities In San Diego

San Diego has many famous lounges, nightclubs, and five-star restaurants and hotels awaiting your visit, so make sure you’ve packed an outfit for such occasions as well.

Maxi dresses, and low-cut gowns will also do but it’s better to opt for cocktail attire in your San Diego to adjust to all occasions. 

These include mini-midi dresses, with some added bling or dressy separates like a nice blouse and skirt paired with cute heels or sandals to pack the whole look. 

Add leggings to your packing list, where you can wear them with your miniskirts and cocktail dresses to protect you from the cold and avoid you looking awkward.

If you’re thinking about hitting a bar, then it would be best to stick to the basics. A nice top and dark wash jeans will do, along with a leather jacket and ankle boots to create an edgy look.

Christmas activities will also be on a rage, so pack a festive sweater or two. Venture around the city at night where there will be many activities for you to join and enjoy.

Guys should also pack their suits for formal and semiformal events along with some slacks. If you want to keep it low profile during indoor nighttime activities, especially at the nightclub or bars, then go for a long sleeve button-up shirt, dark wash jeans and boat shoes. 

You could always add a leather jacket to add an edge to your profile.

Additional Things You Should Pack For Your Trip To San Diego

  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Socks
  • Make up
  • Wristwatch
  • Scarves
  • Pyjamas
  • Umbrella

Final Advice

San Diego’s weather in December will be mild enough for you to enjoy your outdoor activities in peace, and cool enough to get you into the Christmas spirit. 

While you can experiment with your outfits in trendy pieces, it would be best to keep your wardrobe basic to cut down extra burden in your luggage. 

At the end of the day, it’s really your choice what you opt to wear in your stay at San Diego in December.