Paris is a major European city and the capital of France. It is also regarded as the global center for fashion, gastronomy, art, and culture. 

Apart from its extremely famous landmarks like the Eiffel tower and the Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris is also known for its cafe culture. 

As it’s the fashion capital of the world, you’ll also come across many designer boutiques and luxury brands.

The city also has a reputation for being romantic and cultural. 

Doesn’t a vacation to Paris this fall sound amazing!

Summer and spring are considered to be the best times to visit Paris. 

However, planning a trip during Fall might just save you from the tourist crowded streets, which you’re bound to experience if you go in the peak months. 

Now because Paris is a city known for its rich fashion, one should try and dress their best when visiting. 

If you’re curious to know what to wear in Paris in November, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll be discussing how one should dress in Paris. 

We will also take a look at what the weather situation will be in this city during November to help you prepare better for the trip. 

So let’s get right to it!

Paris’ Weather in November

As November is the last month of autumn in Paris, it is a cooler month that has an average temperature ranging between 10.6°C and 5.7°C.

Many travelers often look for a place to visit at the end of fall. Therefore, I’d suggest visiting Paris during November.

The autumn traditions and less crowds makes November the most perfect time to visit this city.

Not only that, but there will also be lower airfares, shorter lines, and people will start preparing for Christmas.

The city has most of its calm moments during this time of the year. You wouldn’t have to spend hours in lines to visit the iconic landmarks that the city has to offer. I mean these lines can bore you and ruin the experience of vacationing in Paris.

Moreover, the day temperature in Paris would usually be 8.7°C during this month and the night temperature would be 8.5°C.

If you’re visiting Paris during November, you should keep in mind that there are always 15 days of predicted rain during this month. 

Therefore, there’s a 50:50 chance everyday that you might come across rain, which is why you must be prepared.

However, you shouldn’t worry because the rain in fall is less violent, gentler, and only adds to the beauty of Paris.

What to wear for daytime activities in Paris? 

There’s a lot one can do during the day in Paris. This includes visiting museums, galleries, taking bus tours, etc. 

Therefore, one should dress accordingly when doing such activities during the day in Paris. 

This means that you should wear something comfortable that’ll allow you to walk without getting exhausted. A good pair of walking shoes is recommended for your trip. 

Although, one should keep in mind that the city’s style is chic, has an edge, but is also conservative. The people of Paris like to keep it classy! 

Parisians love wearing neutral colors, therefore, you should try and pack monochromatic outfits. This would allow one to blend in with the locals. 

Also remember the “no more than 3 colors” rule as this would help you avoid being flashy. 

However, according to the weather in November, wearing solid colors like pink and red wouldn’t be such a bad idea. 

Moreover, it is suggested to keep ankle boots for Paris in November. These boots will be the best as they’ll not only be comfortable but also edgy and chic. 

You could also wear mid-dresses during the day as you might get a hint of summer leftover weather at this time. Otherwise, jeans and cute tops will work as well!

What to wear during nighttime activities in Paris? 

Paris is known for its nightlife and is even regarded as the city of lights. Therefore, I believe that one will have more to do at night rather than during the day. 

The weather during November at night will be a little chilly, which is why dressing accordingly will avoid you from shivering while eating at an open-air restaurant. 

People in Paris always dress in the most trendy, chic, yet classy outfits. The nighttime in Paris is for formal dresses and heels. 

So don’t forget to pack your most fancy dress and wear it at night while going for a lovely dinner. 

But as it can get a little chilly, you might want to keep a thin cardigan or a scarf would be the best to help you cover up when needed. 

Plus, November is a rainy month in Paris. Therefore, keeping an umbrella at hand will be a great idea. Although it might irritate you to carry something, it’ll help a lot too, trust me!

Moreover, I’d also suggest accessorizing your outfits, regardless of day or night. Most people don’t realize it but wearing chunky gold jewelry or even silver can amp up your dressing so much. 

Additional tip: If visiting boujee restaurants at night, you could also wear a bold red lipstick with your fancy dresses. It will help elevate your look!

Additional things you should pack for a holiday in Paris: 

Here’s a list of few essentials you shouldn’t forget to keep in your bags: 

  • A pair of blue jeans 
  • Black pants (Flared, bootcut, etc.)
  • Fancy dresses
  • Long sleeved tops (Solid colors preferably) 
  • Cardigan or shawl 
  • Leggings 
  • Travel umbrella

It is important that you also keep layerable tops. The weather in Paris during this time is unpredictable, therefore, it can often get chilly. 

Final Verdict 

In conclusion, November might be the best time to visit Paris. The city will be less crowded and the heat waves would’ve passed by then as well. 

You will definitely enjoy the warm days and chilly nights during this time of the year. Wearing something classy yet comfortable will be my pro tip for you. 

Paris is the most picturesque city and your outfits will truly add to the experience of your visit. I mean imagine getting the most on-fleek pictures in this city of lights. 

I hope my suggestions helped you out regarding how you should dress when visiting Paris in November!