Barcelona is a major tourist destination in Spain.

It is the most visited city in Spain and is considered to be the cultural capital of Europe.

The Catalan language, Catalan food, and Catalan culture are all part of Barcelona’s identity.

The city is also very famous for its heritage, food, and nightlife. 

There is a large number of attractions and landmarks in the city that you can visit.

While most tourists come to Barcelona to see the famous architecture, culture, and history, other attractions like beaches, museums, parks, and more can also grab your attention.

Having a few days off in Barcelona is an excellent opportunity to explore the city, meet interesting people and get some inspiration for your work if you are an artist.

It’s also a great way to experience the culture of Spain.

Barcelona spain

If you are planning a visit in December, it’s a great time to enjoy the winter season and celebrate Christmas with family and friends.

However, if it’s your first time going to Barcelona in December, you wouldn’t be aware of the weather conditions and the type of clothing you will need.

Fret not! We have provided comprehensive information below on what to wear during daytime and nighttime in Barcelona in December. 

Barcelona’s Weather in December

Generally, the weather in Barcelona is unpredictable. It changes from day to day and month to month. Sometimes it’s impossible to predict the weather for a specific day or week.

Although December is among the colder months in Barcelona, the temperatures do not drop below the freezing point. The average temperature in Barcelona in December is around 10°C. 

On a colder night, you can expect the temperature to drop to 5°C. The highest temperature you can expect on a sunny day is 15°C.

December is also among the drier months in Barcelona, with little or no rainfall. On average, the city experiences rainfall of 1.25 inches in December.

What to Wear for Daytime Activities in Barcelona?

Barcelona is a place where you can find thousands of attractions, such as museums, churches, and historical landmarks. The city is also home to many beautiful beaches and parks you can visit during the daytime.

With more than 4 million annual visitors, one of the most popular attractions is La Sagrada Familia Cathedral. The biggest benefit of visiting it in December is that you won’t face heavy crowds. 

So, you will have the opportunity to witness and observe the beauty and intricacy of this exquisite architectural marvel. 

Another excellent daytime option would be to explore Park Güell. Stretched over more than 15 acres of land, this park is a must-see place.

The lovely weather in December allows you to have a great experience at the park. Moreover, several attractions here are worth seeing, such as the Guardian House and the Dragon Stairs. 

Barcelona is also home to numerous museums that enjoy global popularity. You can pick a day to visit only museums in the city if you are into it.

If you are more interested in history, you can check out the Catalan Museum of Archaeology, Barcelona History Museum MUHBA, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, and many more options.

On the other hand, if you are more into arts, you go to Picasso Museum, Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, Fundació Antoni Tàpies, and more.

The city also has several cultural and historical landmarks. Visiting them would make for good daytime activity.

Some of the best options you can consider include Arc de Triomf, Barrio Gotico, Poble Espanyol, Casa Batllo, and more.

Your visit to Barcelona shouldn’t conclude without adding at least one beach to your itinerary. The options you can pick from are endless, including Barceloneta Beach, Sant Sebastià Beach, Bogatell Beach, and more.

Moving towards the clothing, you should know that weather will be cold but not freezing. So, you will need to pack winter layers.

You should wear full-sleeved cotton or linen tops as the base layer and top them off with sweatshirts or cardigans. You probably wouldn’t need it, but you should also keep a lightweight jacket handy.

For bottoms, go with jeans or thick cotton pants. Since daytime activities involve a lot of walking, you should only wear comfortable walking shoes, like sneakers.

What to Wear for Nighttime Activities in Barcelona?

December is a beautiful time to visit Barcelona. The streets are lit with Christmas Markets that are set up all over the city.

A good place to start would be to go for the Light show at Montjuic Fountain, which is performed 3-5 days per week. You can check out the schedule in advance to mark your calendar.

Another great nighttime option in Barcelona is to Explore La Rambla or take a stroll around the city to witness and absorb the beauty and culture of this place. You can also take guided night tours to explore the city.

Barcelona has a lot to offer for art lovers, such as the Flamenco Show, which is a beautiful music and dance show native to Spain.

The city also has a very active nightlife. So, if you are a party animal, you can explore the numerous bars and nightclubs situated all over the city, such as The Gothic Quarter, Las Ramblas, El Born, Port Olimpic, and more.

Barcelona also has fantastic food options, including street food and fine dining. 

Your clothing for nighttime must be warmer than daytime because it can get pretty cold. Full pants, long trousers, or skirts would do for the bottom.

For the top, go for a full-sleeved woolen top with a cardigan or sweater. Layer it up with a warm jacket or coat. You’ll also need a scarf, a hat, and gloves. For footwear, it’s best to wear thermal boots or warm sneakers with socks.

Additional Things to Pack for Barcelona in December

For an enhanced experience, pack these things while going to Barcelona in December.

  • Extra gloves, scarves, and hats
  • Raincoat and waterproof shoes
  • Swimwear
  • Beach towel
  • Flip flops
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks

Final Advice

The weather in Barcelona is going to be cold in December, so it is vital to have suitable winter outfits.

Make sure you have packed clothes that fully cover your body. Keep a mix of different fabrics, including cotton, linen, and wool.

Lastly, layer up. The weather can take a turn at any time, so it’s better to be prepared beforehand than to be sorry later on.