The laundry room isn’t the most exciting of places. This is why technology inside the laundry room is often overlooked easily.

However, things aren’t how they were before. Gone are the times of strenuous manual labor. With advancements in technology, the simple task of washing and drying clothes has never been easier.

Modern models are equipped with many convenient features that allow its user to save time and energy and even remotely do their laundry.

A quality dryer wouldn’t damage the clothes, it won’t overdry or under dry, and it won’t leave patches or shrink your clothes. Many dryers work by different mechanisms.

Most dryers have a tumble dry setting. This proves pretty useful in effectively drying clothes in a brief period. But it can damage your clothes too. That is why there is a low and a high setting on this feature.

This article is going to help you in a situation where tumble-dry low isn’t an option. So read on to eliminate any inquiries you have about this drying doomsday.

What Is Tumble Dry?

Tumble dry is a process of drying by your dryer machine. It works as an alternative to waiting and drying your clothes on a line or rack.

This method is called such because clothes are made to “tumble” inside the belly or drum of your dryer. Here heated air is released, due to which the clothes dry quickly.

However, not all clothes can be tumble-dried. Look out for the care tag on your garment first and see if it can be tumble-dried. Otherwise, you’ll just be damaging your fabric.

When To Tumble Dry?

Tumble drying was invented to save time. But many people don’t understand when to use and how to tumble dry. This results in their clothes being ruined.

To get the best results out of your tumble drying feature, check the care tag on your clothing first.

It should have a tumble-dry symbol.

It is a square with a large black circle inside it.

Some garments require a specific heat setting. They have different symbols for each heat level.

Each one is a square with a circle. One dot inside the circle means low heat, two dots correspond to medium heat, and three dots indicate high heat.

What If My Dryer Doesn’t Have A Tumble Dry Low Setting?

Tumble dry low, also called delicate or gentle cycle on some machines, is best for more delicate fabrics.

This includes loosely woven fabrics, activewear, silk, and items with beads or embroidery.

It generates a medium level of heat for the clothes. This helps to prevent the material from overstretching and decoloring.

Although it takes a longer time to process and dry your clothes, this setting doesn’t ruin your clothes. The recommended setting should always be used to remain on the safe side.

If a low tumble dry setting is unavailable on your machine, then the best alternatives include using less heat so that the fabric quality is maintained.

The clothes can be dried the traditional way, without the use of a machine.

A rack or line can be set up on which the clothes can be dried naturally with the air.

This is good for the clothes. The natural air does not damage the clothes in any way and maintains the quality and color of the garments. The process is time-consuming, but the end result is good.

Alternatively, you can opt for the air dry or air fluff setting. This setting uses no heat. It tumbles your clothes inside the drum of the machine using air from the surroundings to dry them.

This setting makes your clothes fluffy by removing dust. It is best for blankets.

What Setting Is Low Heat On Tumble Dry?

The low heat setting is the “delicate cycle” or “gentle cycle” on the dryer machine. It produces a lower heat to dry the clothes.

Is Tumble Dry Low The Same As Less Dry?

Tumble Dry Low refers to the amount of heat content the machine will produce when the clothes are in the belly of the machine.

Many dryers have moisture sensors to stop the process automatically. Each setting has its own degree of drying.

Air drying or Air Fluff setting produces no heat. A delicate or Gentle Cycle generates low heat. Regular/automatic/timed dry produces the highest amount of heat.

Permanent Press or Wrinkle-Resistant setting generates medium heat first and at the end of the cycle circulates room temperature heat to cool your clothes down. This is less damaging.

Is Tumble Dry Low The Same As Air Fluff?

Tumble Dry Low produces low heat. It corresponds to the “delicate cycle” or “gentle cycle” on the machine.

The air fluff setting produces no heat. It uses room temperature and pulls air from the surroundings to dry your clothes.

If your dryer doesn’t have a tumble dry low setting, then you can use the traditional method.

Dry your clothes on a line. You can also use the air dry or air fluff feature on your machine.

Using less heat is better than using a higher heat setting. You don’t want your clothes to be damaged.




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