Out of the many trends that have re-emerged in the pandemic era, fanny packs are one of the headlining ones. And why not? They are comfortable, classy and most importantly, they are useful because they don’t have Fake Pockets! (yes, I am salty about women’s denim jeans designing).

Dominating the fashion scene, fanny packs have evolved into waist packs and have been rocked on by many of our favorite celebrities. However, what should we do when we just can fit the right size that appreciates our body type? Well, that’s why this article is here for you!

To make it easier for our lovely audience, we researched and found out 7 Plus-size Fanny Pack products that are tried and tested by the plus-size community and they cannot stop talking about it.

From minimalistic aesthetics needs to space needs, here are our top 7 choices of Plus-size Fanny Packs (in no particular order) that will not only appreciate your body type but will also leave you dominating the fashion scene.

JECIMER Plus-size Fanny Pack

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What is better than a fanny pack that is spacious, fashionable, and lightweight all at the same time? This fanny pack from JECIMER comes in an extremely beautiful deep green color with silver holographic geometrical outlining that has made it a public favorite.

It comes with 5 zipper pockets but that is not the secret that has made people rave about this product. Made with artificial leather, this beautiful fanny pack can hold a humongous load of items without making it uncomfortable and heavy.

Being a unisex product, this item can also be utilized in multiple ways. You can wear it on your waist, on your chest as well as on your shoulder in a classic style. Its adjustable belt not only makes it perfect for plus-size women to wear but also aids in styling.

Costing at an affordable price of $13, this item is a perfect choice to buy for multiple occasions. It can serve as a perfect gift for a loved one and with its extremely detailed Craftsmanship, it can be a durable and long-lasting travel buddy..


WATERFLY Plus-size Fanny Pack

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If you are looking to experience nature in all forms the next time you go for a hike, we just might have the accessory for you! The WATERFLY’s unisex fanny packs come in floral designs that will accurately represent the dendrophile in you.

Made with high-quality nylon, this fanny pack has 4 separate compartments that will keep you from the hassle of organizing your items. So next time you want to keep your water bottle in your pack, you won’t have to think about potentially getting your phone wet.

With a separate hole that can connect your headphones to the cellphone, you would not have to worry about taking out your phone every 2 minutes to respond to a call or to skip a song.

With its adjustable strap ranging from 17 to 59 inches of waist, this item comes at an extremely affordable $8.99. feel the nature around you with this item next time you go for a hike..

RedOrbis Plus-size Fanny Pack with Extender

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Are you a holo maniac obsessed with holographic items like us? Well, we have just the right item for you to include in your holo collection. RedOrbis’ fanny pack comes in two holographic shades, silver and gold, and will put you right above in the elite section of the fashion scene wherever you go.

With an extender strap, this holographic beauty can be worn as a bum bag, a cross-body bag a sling bag, or even a shoulder bag. The extender strap allows an extension of 30 inches from 31.5 in. to 61.5 in.

Not only the fanny pack is stylish, but its wider strap allows for a firm hold and grip. You would not have to worry about the bag slipping off of you when taking out your phone from it.

Marketed at $11.05, this fanny pack is perfect for traveling as it can hold various personal items like a passport, cellphone, wallet, a water bottle, a hand sanitizer, and a pair of sunglasses all at once in its compartments.

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HYC00 black Plus-size Fanny Pack

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If you are a stickler for durable items and chic designs. HYC00’s black large fanny pack is just the right item for you. This fanny pack is an ideal friend to people who want to care less about items falling out of the bag and more about the task at hand.

The pack has 4 sturdy compartments with 2 hidden compartments that can ensure the safety of your phone and cash while you enjoy your time at parties and concerts. And don’t worry about spilling your drink onto the bag and ruining it, because it is WATERPROOF!

The fanny pack also is a great fit for plus-size individuals with its strap adjustable up to 50 inches and easy-to-use quick release buckle. The buckle secures the bag effectively but does not feel uncomfortable on the body.

The item is placed at $12.99 and comes with a free replacement in case of quality problems with the item. It also comes with a 3-month guarantee. What is more durable than that?

Hebetag Motorcycle Canvas Drop Leg Plus-size Fanny Pack

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If your aesthetic is more vintage-based, then you will lean towards this khaki-colored leg bag from Hebetag. Based on military fashion, this bag is ideal for wear during activities like cycling, biking, camping, and running.

The design of the bag allows it to serve multiple styling approaches. It can be worn as a leg bag, a fanny pack, a thigh pack (to bring out your Lara croft moment), and a crossbody bag. The strap of the bag can stretch up to 50 inches of the waist.

Made from 100% cotton canvas, the bag has an anti-theft affixed sandwich back which ensures that no thrifty individual can try their luck on your stuff. The bag comes with one big compartment for your iPhone to go into and a smaller compartment to store tools in.

Designed to attain comfort while still fitting into the stylistic trends of the fashion industry, this fanny pack is sold for $19. Even though it is the priciest of the entire list, it comes with a money-back or replacement guarantee of 3 months in case of quality hazards.

Everest Signature Plus-size Fanny Pack

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Everest is a company that was one of the headliners of the waist pack trend and now their signature waist pack is a classic in the industry with a sleek finish made up of high-quality 600D polyester.

Appropriate for a festival or a stroll around the local vicinity, this fanny pack allows you to keep all your belongings in one place and keep it safe without being constantly anxious. The long straps allow you to style it as a waist pack or a crossbody sling.

The item comes with 3 zipped compartments. the compartment on the front sports an additional key ring, a large one in the middle, and a 3rd one on the backside to keep valuables in. The fanny pack also has a snap waist buckle that can stretch up to 46 inches suiting plus size people

This classic item is up for grabs at a very convenient price of just $9.68 and comes in a variety of colors.

Disney Mickey Mouse Double Pocket Plus-size Fanny Pack

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It often happens with plus-sized individuals that they try to find merch for their favorite Disney characters only to end up being disappointed. But today that disappointment ends because we present to you the Disney “Mickey Mouse Fanny Pack”.

The item comes in a classic monochrome scheme reminiscent of the initial black and white cartoon character. The character’s face printed on a durable fabric promises a long journey with the pack.

The pack has two roomy compartments with zippers. The back compartment allows for more secure storage of cellphone, wallets, and credit cards. The pack is a favorable company for travel to your favorite theme parks.

With an adjustable strap that extends to 46 inches, the fanny pack is a great deal for plus-size individuals and is marketed at $14.30. Not a bad deal for our favorite mouse (sorry Remy from ratatouille)

How to choose a Fanny pack that will not only fit the occasion but also compliment your body type?

As you can probably judge from our top 7, fanny packs come in diverse designs, materials, and sizes. Hence, you need to choose the right one for your body type. Here are the things you should consider while buying a fanny pack.


Fanny packs can either make it or break it when it comes to comfort according to the material. Some fanny packs come in water-resistant nylons and are best suited for sporting activities. However, for a concert or stadium activity, you might want to get a transparent plastic fanny pack for security purposes. Similarly, canvas-made fanny packs are light and breathable which makes it comfortable to wear them for prolonged timings, perfect for your daily activities.


Size is a big factor in deciding on fanny packs. You might want to get a sleek and small fanny pack for sporting activities to just keep the essentials. However, for prolonged travels and festive activities, you should opt for a fanny that is bigger, more spacious, and will keep all your belongings organized.


Compartments are important in terms of organization. If you prefer every item to be at a designated place in the bag, you should opt for a fanny pack with more compartments. Single compartment fanny packs are favorable for people who want all their valuables in one place and incorporate fanny packs in their daily life activities.


The strap is the most important factor for plus-size women when choosing a fanny pack. It is very hard to find plus-sized accessories with beautiful designs. Plus-sized individuals should look for fanny packs with extended straps that can fit around their waist or chest without compressing their bodies. They should also look forward to buying adjustable straps so they can use them for a longer time. Looking for a strap that has more grip will make it more stable around the waist as well as the shoulder.

On what occasions, sporting a fanny pack is probably the best accessory choice?

Fanny packs serve efficiently on occasions that make it difficult for an individual to carry big bags due to exhaustion and/or security reasons. Such scenarios include occasions such as

  • Hiking requires an individual to keep their snacks and essentials on them so that they don’t slow down. An occasion where wearing a backpack will weigh you down, fanny packs save the day.
  • Biking requires an individual to be free of anything that may weigh them down. Hence bikers keep their essentials in lightweight fanny packs.
  • Travelling often requires travelers to keep a concise number of valuable items that are easy to keep an eye on. Instead of big bags, fanny packs are much safer and effective.
  • Festivals and Sporting events often don’t allow large bags to get into the venue due to security reasons. A transparent fanny pack serves its purpose in this context by keeping the person within size restriction and providing more room for enjoyment.


A fanny pack is an essential item that makes your daily life easier and lighter. In 2021, the trend of fanny packs has re-emerged amidst people opting for hiking and other sporting activities to deal with quarantine. And a plus-sized person should not hold back from all these amazing occasions just because of a fanny pack. Amazon provides a wide range of fanny packs for plus-sized people and ensures a quality shopping experience. A fanny pack can serve as a statement piece or a storage device depending on the intention of its owner and investing in buying 1 will prove to be a winning game for a lifetime.



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